Transfer Target Comes at a Premium Price

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West Ham United’s summer transfer plans for a new striker have been met with a challenge as their target, Simon Banza, reportedly has a much higher price tag than initially anticipated.

The 27-year-old Congolese forward has been on fire for Braga this season, netting 23 goals across all competitions. With Michail Antonio nearing the end of his career, Banza is seen as a perfect fit to lead the line for the Hammers in the long term.

While there’s no doubt that Banza would be a significant upgrade over Antonio, West Ham might need to reconsider their approach due to the inflated price tag. According to a new report from calciomercarto, Braga now wants £34 million for the striker, a staggering £13 million increase from earlier estimates!

This new price point adds a layer of complexity to the deal. Banza’s lack of Premier League experience makes the hefty fee a riskier proposition for West Ham. We really have to get the striker signing right this summer, considering the club’s history of underwhelming acquisitions in this position.

On the other hand, Banza possesses the qualities West Ham desperately need in a striker. His blistering pace, impressive strength, and knack for bullying defenders are all a perfect match for the club’s playing style. Furthermore, his goalscoring record of 23 goals in 40 games speaks volumes about his ability to find the net.

There is an element of risk involved due to Banza’s unproven record in the Premier League. However, despite the high price tag, Banza’s skillset and potential make him a good fit for West Ham. The final decision will likely depend on the club’s willingness to take a chance on a player who has yet to be tested in England’s top league.

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  • ResultsMatter says:

    I think the issue of Premier League experience is often oversold. What experience did Bernardo Silva or Bruno Fernandes have in English football when they first arrived? None. And look at them now.
    You either have quality or you don’t. The pace of the game is a bit higher than in some other leagues and defences can be more physical, but the issue is often the quality of the player and whether they are playing in their usual position.

  • Archie Andrews says:

    Please can you tell me how you know what west hams playing style is going to be for next season or are you secretly the new manager

  • Phil Baker says:

    Lopetegui , the Spanish ‘ Moyes ‘ will likely play a defensive low to mid block with a little more possession . Westham mustn’t get stuck on buying particular players with inflated prices . Steidten will unearth the gems and make the right deals so long as there is no interference from the manager/head coach .

  • Paul says:

    get what you pay for and i do believe that we were moved to the BOM so we can compete on the transfer front…funny eh

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