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Tuesday night may show how well that “break” turned out

A November night in Cambridge isn’t exactly the usual place for friendlies to be held but of course we all know why we are in this scenario!

However, it will at least allow us to make a judgement on how well the manager’s decision to give the players and himself worked out.

That was always the plan – a fortnight’s holiday before returning to training – and the big question we want answering is whether the players remain fit and firing.

The decision to hold a World Cup in the middle of winter has seen the football loving publicĀ  dis-engaging from the competition.

The lack of St George’s flags hanging outside houses and from cars despite England;s successes makes it clear that is the case.

It will be good to see the boys back in action but what we don’t expect is to see them going through the motions.

Given the apparent lack of energy in performances before the break it is to be hoped that we see the lads really demonstrating they are bang up for it – rested and re-energised.

This is not like those pre season get fit affairs. We need to see a team fully fit and firing.


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8 comments on “Tuesday night may show how well that “break” turned out

  1. Just under 19 milion people watched England v Wales so i dont think ‘the footbal loving public are disengaging from the competition’. More will watch on Staurday against France. Us much as people like yourself want to try and portray the WC as a failure, it quite clearly hasnt been in terms of worldwide viewing figures and the quality of football.

    • Can u give me the link for your world wide viewing figures and I’d be happy to retract along with the 19 million. Thank you. Of course it’s a failure . It was before it started. The disgraceful behavioyur and huiman rights record of the host country could never make it anything else. Many things are bigger than football and football viewing viewing figures people LIKE us believe.

  2. https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/england-wales-world-cup-qatar-2022-tv-ratings-viewers-bbc/


    I’ll throw in the link for the 18m that watched the match agsinst the US which is only three million less than voted on the 2019 general election. It hasn’t been a failure. You know it and everyone else does. Their record is obviously a disgrace and the competition should never have been held there, bit it is and people have watched it. You have reported on it multiple times every day despite your cousin’s it’s a failure.

    • The point we made was that there were no flags anywhere and thus disengagement. U chose to decide we were talking about the thing being a failure. Your word not ours. There are many who feel the same as us and quite why, given your apparent dislike of their record in nothing more than a throwaway comment- somewhat more important than ball kicking, you choose to use an attitude towards us – is your concern. It’s a failure for football that it was held there at all. We do not report on it multiple times a day just when it affects west ham as we said before the thing started. Your posts and their tone are clearly more of a dislike of us than anything else as we gave the issue of which you complain just one sentence. Perhaps you can show us daily CandH multiple links since it started. There are none. And because of that I have had second thoughts and won’t retract as it gives you and the event more unnecessary oxygen. At a personal level I am stunned that you should spend so much time and energy defending an event of which every nation disapproved but didn’t have the courage to boycott.

  3. Well you’ve just posted an artie on Vlasic and i look forward to your article on Paqueta as he’s just scored. Add that to a couple on Rice yesterday. I could post links, but I’m sure you can find them yourself. I agree saying it was failure was my words, but should have stuck to the fact that you’re comment that they public was disengaged because you can’t see any flags is hysterical.

    • I said at the start off my last reply we have only ever reported on West Ham players. That was always our stated position. Rice on leaving etc yesterdfay. You can’t posy linnks because none other than WHUFC links are there. to describe the ord hysterical is hysterical given there are none anywhere despite usbeing in the last eight. Your comment is nonsense

  4. The lack of flags/interest in WC is more likely down to the economy is in severe decline and we are on the cusp of a serious war.

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