TV cash hike hits Hammers transfer talks

MoneyballWest Ham’s hopes of landing top players  this summer are being handicapped by the massive influx of TV money next year.

The club has admitted through Jack Sullivan’s twitter account that they are struggling to find value for money in the market place.

With, for example, around £100 million available to the bottom placed club next season the financial inducements to players to ply their trade in the Premier League are huge for players globally.

And ClaretandHugh has been told that already demands on transfer fees and wages are on a “big inflationary upward spiral.”

A top insider told us: “The new TV money aailable is great in itself but I would estimate that t has already put around  10 – 15 per cent on prices for players but we have a list of around 25 and we will be sorting things as the summer progresses.

“The attitude of selling clubs is understandable – it may be a seller’s market but we won’t be held to ransom.”



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18 comments on “TV cash hike hits Hammers transfer talks

  1. I want the club to go all out and sign Lukaku this summer hands down, above any other player!! Tell me if you disagree but I would pay $75 million and $185,000 a week, for him too join the mighty hammers. If anyone else thinks that money would be better spent on another player please let me know. Our biggest let down is our striking department, Lukaku has proven to score an avarage 20+ goals over three seasons for Everton, hungry for success and trophies and would solve one huge problem come next season. COYI!!!!⚒⚒⚒

  2. Won’t move on Wilson and Luluka won’t come near us with a barge pole,
    We can’t pin our hope on one player any more like Everton,We need options, Bony would give us the presence or Luluka for a third of the price while Wilson and Barahino would give us other options and if our 1 super star gets injured we are back to the AC problem,
    Batshuayi would be great if Barahino or Wilson did not come as would Sakho if he stays,

  3. Berahino 7- 10 Million…is good value for money and guaranteed goals. then take a punt on some Brazilian or Argentinian wonder kid

  4. Lukaku has turned us down on more than one occasion, for that reason alone I wouldn’t want him. If we can, i would love the club to sign a player who buys in to the plans & not just for the money (more chance of buying rocking horse crap).
    It is no great suprise that transfer fees & wage demands will go up for PL clubs. The whole footballing world know that every team have huge amounts of ££ to spend. The increase TV money will cancel it self out by next summer.

  5. Everton reportedly want £65mill for Lukaku,aint sure exactly what that is in $ but it’s more than 75m.I can see him moving to one of the CL qualified teams.I like Icardi,but that’s personal preference.

  6. Right now id just like to see the Tore transfer get across the line, berahino and bony wouldnt be a bad combination and we could probably get them both for less than the 31m we offered for lacazette…both proven in the prem but not had good seasons due to different reasons, i would be really happy to get them both in

  7. With all this extra money that seems to be raining down from TV next season will see even more surprises than last season . Oh , the top 7 or 8 places will stay virtually the same , but the order in which they finish will be distinctive . Money can’t guarantee success but it goes a heck of a long way towards it .. Whom ever we manage to sign and what ever the price it will be down to the Managers to make it work . Expect to see a lot of early sackings next season ., especially around Christmas and new year .
    But Slaven Bilic will be safe because West Ham and our fans don’t over expect . To be playing in the Europa League whilst maintaing a top 6 finish would be enough for us .
    But there are clubs that want a lot , lot more , unrealistically . You must tender a garden gently to make the flowers grow and have patience , not dump a load fertilizer on it and expect it to grow and bloom overnight .

    • There will be some who will be calling for his head if we don’t fly out of the box again. There are one or two of them on this site who go OTT & like to moan fot the sake of it. Mention no names but one is a grumpy old c…. (sorry i mean git) & plenty on another site who will spew out countless lists & stats to prove why they are right, what Bilic has done wrong, who should be playing & where…………etc etc.

      • I hear what your saying Kevin but when you mention patience you were the one who retracted your support of him after three games.How patient was that.You didn’t even give the flowers a chance to poke their heads out of the soil of Slavs new garden haha
        Anyway you should go to Wetlands today,they are having a tiny bit of a Sam love in 😉

        • Not everyone Rad :-p

          • Lol Essex,i know,thats why I said a tiny bit of a love in,not the full monty of all love ins.Some have seen the light,others a flicker,a few still licking his hairy ar#e for his amazing achievements 🙂

          • OK I just clocked your comments on there Essex,hadnt been there today.You will be back in Coventry again now for p#ssing on the Hippo parade haha

        • lol I got a chill when I read the first word of the title of that article… STABILITY … reading some of Wetpants comments, you can still see their deep gratitude to the Genius… and one day, I’m sure the OS will have a stand named “The Stable Hippo Stand”, he deserves it… 😀

        • Did you read and memorize like a floppy disc when I wrote to say I was wrong and admitted it ??

          • I wasn’t around so know nothing of this retraction issue Kevin.I was however here the other week when you were throwing toys out of the pram about our team,bilic & such like.Apoligises or putting your hand up to admit you were wrong mean little when you then go back to type.I saw little patience in your tantrum last week I must say.

  8. Is it me or does anyone else not impressed with us going for Wilson. Does not excite me one little bit. Would rather sac and Valencia than him all day long.

    • Valencia looks like a player who doesn’t want be here.cash in on him this summer. Wilson is a good player who will score goals, maybe not a top draw star but people said that about Vardy not so long ago.
      for what ever reason there have been alot of South Americans who don’t adjust to the PL & imo Valencia is not going to get any better.

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