Twitter verdict: Sullivan slaughters Goldstein

David Sullivan last night took on talkSPORT’S Andy Goldstein as the radio presenter did his best to slaughter the West Ham chairman over the Olympic Stadium deal.

In the end quietly spoken DS – refusing to rise to any of the inflammatory and OTT interviewing technique – made his point with great force.

Here’s some reaction from Twitter:



                                                                               Image by 


David Sullivan just absolutely ruined Andy Goldstein

  David Sullivan, a very humble and honest man. Didn’t rise to any of Andy Goldstein‘s sniping. Good man.

Andy Goldstein is the biggest mong in the world

Does Andy Goldstein buy anything?

Andy Goldstein on TalkSPORT: “Why are taxpayers paying everything?” DS: “We’ll use it for 25 days a year. Why should we pay for 365 days?”

Andy Goldstein giving it large onOS deal.

Blimey as if Andy Goldstein wasn’t enough of a plastic bore fest already. Give it a rest dumbo

wow Andy Goldstein still exists?I thought he disappeared after his failure on SoccerAM


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47 comments on “Twitter verdict: Sullivan slaughters Goldstein

  1. Lol,funny pic & tweets but we need fear nothing,the Wetpants are on the case.Everything is going to be fine once the Wetpants Legacy Committee have reviewed & sorted everything out,lol 😉

  2. Well done DS now can I suggest popping onto deludedtillidie and having a chat with the other 50 managers that think they work for you or those that know more about the deal than the people that actually attended the meetings and say the same thing?

  3. Suppose while they are being experts on the move it stops them telling Slaven how to do his job.

    • That will never end Stan, they know everything you should know that by now they are the site of choice where all the managers of the world visit to pick up their tactical knowledge!!!

  4. Haha,I hold my hands up & have no defence as an ex Wetpant about the joke comments about Slaven & the team on the match thread the other night.Only just read it this morning.Some of the comments were horrendous,lol.Really embarrassing reading them.Was there a single player who didn’t get it in the neck,lol 😀 😀

    • Don’t think so 45,lol.Loved how they were telling Slav he got his tactics wrong & were telling him what he should have done,Lmao.They really rate themselves as top class managers.Watch out Moaninho,Guardiola & Slaven they are coming for your jobs.The Wetpants are far more qualified it would appear,lol

      • Haha,I think Slav is safe for now until they complete their coaching badges in the summer,lol.Simple fact is Manure were better than us & we didn’t play to even half our normal standards.End of story,lol 😀

  5. Thou shalt not have a go at AC our braided God or you will be subjected to countless stats on how he is greater than Sacko or any forward who is deemed to be better than him. Rule 1 of the WHTID Bible I’m led to believe P45?

    • Haha,not really GW,there are plenty who are fed up of him on there when he is always injured.It certainly ain’t no Andy lovefest.Only from RO who sleeps in an Andy Carroll onsie,Hahaha.I owe him that one,hope he sees it,lol 😀

  6. ahah… My question is this: are the 50 managers of the other site paid to write their cunning comments? They write all the time, every single second of the day… Currently, they are little busy planning the perfect formation to defeat Leicester, that’s very reassuring, I know Slav really appreciates it… lol 😀

    • They are paid per click Matte currently some of them have amassed over 50p simply from one man clicking who’s based in the north east of England who doesn’t have any ideas about tactics and has pretended to be a manager for the last 30 years!!

  7. How did you lot put up with being on a site with that for so long,
    Never mind they will all be in mourning when Norwich turn there hero over this week,
    3 points against Leicester,Payet MOTM,Carroll destroys their defence and they will all change their ideas again,
    The 2 Daves and Slav are showing the way forward on how to handle the idiots that work in the news and sport industry,
    Getting to be proud that our club is starting to lead the way forward in so many aspects of our game,

  8. Haha,there are some good guys on there actually.I’m sure we would all get on well in a pub.You just have to accept some think they are master tacticians who could easily tell Fergie how to manage,lol 😀 😀

  9. Bilic is safe this morning public enemy number one this morning is Brady. She lied to us all over ground share………

    • Hahaha,good old Johnsey the Red,any opportunity to dig out Tory Brady,lol.Crafty old fox,lol 😀

    • There are a few that will be polishing their pitchforks and amassing a small posse to March towards Brady’s home as we speak ,no doubt some of them will be bemoaning the fact that the posse will be marching in 4321 formation instead of a 352 or a 4411 but will remark on it on their Posse March day thread?

      • Lol,just been reading WHTID.Run out of ways to run down the playing side of things now it’s time to move on to the board.They do take things too seriously.1) No they can’t manage or play better than Bilic or the players 2) We are moving get over it.

  10. Well done D S mugged off a true mug. He didn’t really want answers just to shout you down and get his own biased opinion aired. You didn’t allow that. Bravo!

    • At last… after 20 posts *****ing about another site that, ironically, they all read – a post on topic! I agree mooro66uk I though Dave did really well and largely avoided the baiting that the moron of a presenter kept throwing at him.

      • that only said b1tching

        • Apologies Oldgit yes it was good to see DS put him in his place and it’s also good to see C+H remain a site that reports what’s going on and those that comment have a sense of humour and are allowed to have one without the prospect of being barred or tarred and feathered.

        • Lol,well it doesn’t take much working out you’re one of the tactical geniuses then,lol

          • Not me Gobby lol I was run out of town by the enforcers after the ” Dung beetle ” wars at the end of last season apparently lol

          • Lol,didn’t mean you GW,ment oldgit. I was banned as well for doing nothing.Even the guys on there didn’t have a clue why I was banned.No big deal after reading the tactical Kings recently,lol

      • Really sorry OldGit that you thought I was b1tching.I’m afraid not.It’s called taking the p1ss actually 😉

  11. What do the media etc think we were going to do, pay the whole 272m ourselves so we can use it for 25 days ayear.? Then pay for everything else as well?? The deal was agreed by the Gov & I would have thought that making the stadium fit for football would have been pretty much at the top of the clubs conditions. Of course the stadium could have sat empty & cost the tax payer millions each year or let spuds have it & watch them demolish it & build a new one. Spend £500m of tax payers money to build it & pull it down a fews years later. Value for money…. mmmmmm not sure on that one. Well done DS for putting this jerk back in his box. There will be a long line of idiots waiting to say the same bollox over the next few years.

  12. Oh Brady lied to us,oh my eyes are tearng up.She lied to ‘her own’,lol,no she didn’t like to ‘one of her own’ because she ain’t one of us,she is a business woman employed by West Ham.
    The ones moaning about Brady on Wetpants & making a drama out of it are the labourites who are using it as an excuse to attack Tory Brady.People ain’t thick they can spot their transparent angle!

  13. You have to be pretty naive,stupid or gullible to believe that Karren Brady has ever been one of us or that she has lied to her own.That is just worthy or ridiclue if you believe that for one moment.But as a few have mentioned I see it as fans who favour one political party turning it into an attack on someone from the opposition.If that’s all it is then leave it off a football blog.

  14. Haha,what I want to know is how the feck Johnsey managed to read all 207 pages,lol.He must spend hours sat on the bog 😀

  15. she’s one of our own
    she’s one of our own
    Baroness Brady of KnightsbridgeCBE Business Woman of the Year
    she’s one of our own

  16. Haha like it Mikey,lol.Don’t post that to Johnsey or Steve though,haha 😀
    Yeah I did mate,disappointing result,just never turned up did we.Fair play though Manure played pretty well.Had a feeling they might turn up & play well.They aint the force they were,far from it but they are still above us in the league so we were never going to roll them over like some fans seemed to believe..Thats life.Liked that kid they have Fosu Mensah or however it is spelt,he looked the part 😉
    Tell Johnsey to stop spending so much time sat on the kharsi reading crap,lol 😀

    • They have still got a few good players for sure, I was one of many that thought we could just turn up and win 3-0. lol shows how much I know!
      I was going ballistic when Kouyate scored, cheering and shouting at the mancs, bloke behind me tapped me on the shoulder to tell me it was offside, I was distraught.
      still a good night.

      • Don’t worry Mikey you wasn’t alone,I was jumping about like a loonie as well.I think that most the ground was apart from the eagle eyed who saw the flag.Yep,I still had a good day out,just a shame about the score 🙂

  17. Im sorry p45 & Hammertime,I know you both used/use Wetpants but this ‘one of our own lied to us’ sh#t on there from some geezers is a joke isn’t it?? Surely they have never considered her as ‘one of our own’ but now they have a chance to take a swipe at her they want to use this term.It’s total BS.Yesterday they would never have considered her as such but now,with the chance to call her a liar they now want to use it.Used to be a racehorse who won the National named after the game they are playing…Party Politics 😉

    • I don’t get it personally, Brady is an employee that’s all.

      • No offence taken Ex,I happen to agree with you actually.If she had been called one of our own before today they would be shouting people down saying no way is she one of us.Now to get at her they are using the one of our own line.I like the guys on there but this time they are talking sh#t.Never has been,never will be one of us.She is an employee as Mikey says.Simple as that in my book 🙂

        • Sorry P45, where on earth is Rads??? he was abducted by aliens? lol… I know he’s a friend of yours, hope he’s fine 😀

          • How can I see him,some woman on WHTID said me & him were the same person,Hahaha.Seriously though I don’t know Matte,I have only had a beer with him a couple of times with a group of mates of mine & his friends..I will see if I spot him at the next home match at the station or in the pub.If I do I will tell him you are wondering where he is.Perhaps he is in his temple being a Lama,lol 😀

          • ahaha… ok, thanks P45, say hello to Little Buddha… lol 😀

          • You deserve a medal for putting up with the tactical experts for so long 45.Maybe a knighthood would be appropriate,lol Sir 45 😉

          • Haha,MBE would do Billy,maybe an OBE if there is a spare knocking about,lol.They can talk tactics all they want but stick them on a managers perch for a PL match & they would be like a fish up a tree…useless,lol 😀 😀

  18. Andy Goldstein is a Londoner who supports a team situated 200 miles from London, nothing more to say really but i hope Gouldy puts him in his place tonight, if he’s on with him…

  19. Sully did well lastnight when he could finish what he wanted to say without Goldstein steaming in with his bullsh#t.
    So when did Brady suddenly become one of us & that she is lying to her own.What a load of pony.She works for the club,thats it,that’s all.She never has & never will be one of us.She is a wage slave like most of us.Lied to her own.What a massive pile of sh*t that is.What do they think they are part of the Sopranos,lol.Horses head on the Brady pillow tomorrow 🙂

  20. You would think Goldstein had some connection to the snooker on TV the way he bleated on about poor Leyton Orient last night. Get your tongue out of Hearn`s ring piece mate.

  21. Maybe he is potting Hearns brown.

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