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Ultra defensive Hammers torn to pieces – thanks DM

Irons 1 City 4

Masuaku – not injured, left out and brought in to attack at 4-1 down SIGH!

Well at least the two team have something in common – they play in the same division but for how much longer is now anybody’s guess!

Look I am really sorry to labour the point and I took plenty of stick for saying so last week but when a manager  shows his game plan by bringing on a not injured attacking left sided midfielder in Arthur Masuaku to help save a game that’s dead at 1-4, you know this is not the man to take you forward.

Joining him were Chicharito and Mario -for Fernandes and Lanzini – with Arthur have been dropped for Evra.

Why hadn’t Moyes started this way? Because he was playing for the point, something which rarely works and reminds me of the Allardyce philosophy of respecting it.

We had imagined he’d gone as defensive as he could in the three previous games but nope he managed to take things even further.

And even when he made his supposed offensive subs he decided to leave the chief threat – Andy Carroll – who was seen on streams puffing his cheeks and raising his eyes skyward.

City are brilliant of course but then most other teams are when they play us aren’t they. It’s not that hard when you

I hated BFS football and I hate this stuff.

The only time we looked likely to get something was then we attacked them at 2-0 and saw Cressie smash home a great free kick which should have been a penalty given Fernandes was fouled a yard inside the box.

Declan Rice had a bit of a ‘mare but could do nothing about what looked like an own goal which some have put down as Zaba’s.

Adrian was brilliant pulling off some remarkable stops but having no chance with a deflected shot off Evra for the first.

Second half saw everything going through Raheem Sterling with Jesus and Fernandinho banging in the final two nails to what may yet be a relegation coffin.

With Southampton now boasting a goal difference six better than ours we are under serious pressure although I still believe Huddersfield are unlikely to gain another point from their three final games.

Oh and just one other thing – if we do stay up we need a completely new team anyway!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Ultra defensive Hammers torn to pieces – thanks DM

  1. In all my years of following West Ham that has to be the most embarrassing defeatist performance I have ever seen. The manager is a farce way out of his depth in the league. The one thing we have is forwards but they never play. If we don’t go down it will be from default, Moyes is the worst manager we have ever had. Sack him now the tea lady would pick a better team!

  2. After all these years i can usually take it on the chin,but that today was truly awful, and an insult to all West Ham fans.Moyes thought he could steal a point and we were shredded.Ultra defensive again against a team that has taken everybody apart this season.Evra starting ?.Poor Arnie all alone again up top.We just need to get something from these last 3 matches and the others around us nick points off each other whilst Hudds have a dreadful last 3 matches.Its all that will save us.Come the Summer the whole squad needs rebuilding by a progressive manager and not this relic Moyes.

  3. We will survive by the skin of our teeth, providing the big teams don’t rest over half there teams like Arse did against Swansea or let the players holiday early and simply go through the motions. If they do Hudderfield will I suspect finish on the same points as us and then our goal difference could well send us down. Why on earth are the board considering keeping Moyes, and giving a decent war chest. All he will sign is defenders and we will be in the same scenario next season. The man is a dinosar who went to the same school of tactics as BFS, parking the bus in his parking space don’t work as the wheels always fall off and they leave all the doors open. We need a manager who is not the boards yes man and understands that you have to at least have shots on target in order to get anything. Then he blasts Lanzini for not defending or keeping the ball, I’m told he is off at end of season after getting a gentleman’s agreement to stay in January window. Jesus Moyes is living in the past and former reputations.

  4. Disappointing yes, but lets be realistic about this game, Man City have stuffed the best this season all over Europe, we have a poor team but anyone in this league who goes for it against them will get royally thumped by 7 or 8.
    I watched them take spurs apart two weeks ago, and they are by far a stronger team than us.
    They are going to break all the records in the next couple of weeks, so sometimes someone is just massively better than you.
    Disappointing yes, but our season is not down to today, its other woeful performances earlier in the season.
    Lets remember this isn’t Moyes team, he’s inherited a poor squad and not given any money in January. I remember going to Goodison when he was manager and getting stuffed regularly by 3,4,5 goals so he can do it given the tools.
    Just not these tools !

  5. Hugh – You moaned all week about Moyes treatment of Rice compared to Arthur. Well Moyes dropped Arthur and retained Rice, yet you skip over that?
    Today was a free hit but Moyes frankly bottled it. Had we gone out with two up top and had a go, I’d give us far more credit, even if we had been spanked. But no, Moyes is as defensive as BFS and set us up to protect our goal difference, and where did that get us? Spanked anyway.
    I still reckon 36 points keeps you up this season and we will get one point from either Leicester away or Everton at home. Man U will spank us if they need anything from the game to secure second.

  6. Oh please Jimbo…he dropped Masuaku because he didn’t want to attack – it was utra defensive. He wasn’t punishing him for his Arsenal issues.
    He has no other central defender but Rice to play and if you look at his comments after he makes reference to not having great central defensive in an oblique way. Rather than popping in my direction and I really don’t mind btw how about considering getting a manager who will have us playing like WEST HAM UNITED again. I’ve been here with the Irons many times probably like you but the only time we looked like secure was when we had a go, still the best form of attack my friend

  7. Any team that can only attack when they are two down has a manager problem in my view.

  8. Just want to say as well that the level of debate is great since we took the moderators came off – much more like it. Great stuff lads

  9. Our odds against the drop (ladbrokes) have hardly changed- 16-1 to 14-1. Clearly bookies think that was a fairly meaningless result. If we had lost 1-0 it probably would not have changed,since cold logic would have predicted us losing to City. So It was always going to come down to the final three games.
    I will be interested to see what that Euroclub index results predictor thing that somebody put on here a few weeks back comes up with. As of yesterday they were still predicting 38 points for us. I would not be surprised if we get nothing but I can’t really see the point of moaning about Moyes. He is not going to be sacked before game 38 & obviously will be if we go down. So why not just all stay together & back the team & the manager for two weeks?

  10. “Rice had a bit of a mare”.You must be watching in some kind of parallel universe if you saw this as an issue today

  11. I agree entirely Hugh that we had a free swing today and Moyes blew it big time with such a defensive structure. As I said on another string, it reminded me of the fear factor under BFS.
    Still think youre view on Moyes criticising Declan is wrong buddy! More dopey individual errors again today, including the Rice and Zabba fiasco which is pure comedy gold. It needs to stop and quickly.
    Now I hear AC walked out when not brought on today. Bloody cheek of the guy. Unfit for 80% of our games but gets paid anyway, then behaves like this. Yes Moyes could/should have thrown him on but this behaviour is indicative of all that’s wrong at West Ham currently.

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