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Unbelievable call from Mr Richard Keys

banterNow I know Richard Keys is a total numptie but a tweeted suggestion of his this morning beats all.

We perhaps need to bear in mind this is the same Keys who was ‘calling’ West Ham’s progress under Slaven Bilic during the early part of the season.

He regularly reminded us that we were very little better off at certain stages of the season than we were under his friend Sam Allardyce until we started to leave those years and the comparative points tallies way behind.

With little to support his pal on since we have heard nothing much from him UNTIL NOW when he may have come up with his most ludicrous suggestion aver.

He doesn’t like the result of the Cheik Kouyate which will we see the midfielder escape a three match ban after a display of incompetence by referee Mark Clattenburg.

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In an extraordinary tweet which appears to show an entire lack of realism he declares: “Mixed feelings about Kouyate’s appeal success. Red was harsh but we can’t keep undermining ref’s. They get 1 look. Solution? NO appeals.

The grammar isn’t so hot either with an apostrophe involved for the plural use of referees. Incompetence it seems is his standard yardstick.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Unbelievable call from Mr Richard Keys

  1. Saw one of his tweets once before when he replied to someone & he said he just loves winding up West Ham fans.Guy is a *****!

  2. If you have nothing to say Keys
    The Ref made a howler if Hippo was still in charge you would moaning on his behalf,you need to start going to church to,pray with your mate,
    You probably need to go twice a day because anything else will not be good enough,
    No more refs for me until the weekend when I am sure the next blunder will hit us,
    If refs don’t want to be undermined then get the decision correct,if they are not quite sure
    because they only have one look then give a yellow and a serve warning that then iffy tackle will be a red,

  3. ahahah… poor man… he should be locked up inside the empty trophy cabinet of his best friend and throw away the key… lol 😉

  4. The man simply has…no appeal.

  5. Now then Hugh, baring (sic) in mind the frankly awful level of grammar and spelling by major contributors on this site – the phrase ‘people in glass houses… blah blah blah’ comes to mind.

    Terry Palmer, GCE English Language (failed).

  6. Lol,Terry must be one of Keysies illegitimate offspring defending dad,lol.He came out through the Key hole 🙂

  7. Why do you keep giving this Pr*ck the oxygen he so craves ?

    Ignore this excuse of a man and he will crawl back under the stone where he belongs

  8. Numpty inne?

  9. The geezer is a total, ignorant d1ckhead without a team, without friends, without knowledge of football. Leave it that way. Ignore the pr@t.

  10. If you don’t like what the idiot tweets, don’t read them..

  11. Have to agree with you telboy, keys is still a **** though

  12. Hahaha,great to know we have Irons so conscientious when it comes to grammar. I’m well impressed 😀

  13. Apostrophe of omission, as contraction from referees to ref”s. Seems unnecessary, but not wrong.

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