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Unhappy West Ham fans urged to boycott Man City

West Ham season ticket holders have been urged to boycott the West Ham v Manchester City match on Sunday 29th April. In the latest range of protests on an online campaign on social suggests a half-empty stadium live on Sky TV would send out a powerful message.

The statement from an unknown source which been shared thousands of times online says:

“Get on board BTCG. Boycott the city game. If you wish to show your dissatisfaction with the current investment in the club both on and off the field and you believe you have been misled by the current owners then at the Man City game just don’t go in. Send them a message that they and the whole of the country can see by showing what it would like to sit in an empty stadium every week and that they need to invest in our first team, our youth teams, our scouting operation and the stadium. The message is clear we are West Ham but enough is enough.
BTCG. Boycott The City Game.”

Over the weekend Sir Trevor Brooking said “That atmosphere must never come back in the last five games otherwise the club is in serious trouble and the players won’t be able to deliver. So the fans have to understand — just don’t come to the games at the moment until you try to allow the players to get the points to stay up. Between now and the end of the season, anyone who has that aggressive frustration, just don’t come.” 

Other groups plan a static demo outside the stadium at the Southampton game or a vote whether to reinstate the march at a future game yet to be decided.



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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

20 comments on “Unhappy West Ham fans urged to boycott Man City

  1. Perhaps they can stay away from all future games. We won’t miss 200 morons.We only need real West Ham supporters who want the team to win every game.

    • Think your find it’s more like 25000

    • Perhaps we should rename all fans that want to get behind the team THE REAL REAL WEST HAM FANS ACTION GROUP ?

    • Voting with your feet is the only effective way to protest in such a multi-faceted sport (business).

      “Real” West Ham supporters?

      By definition, a supporter would want the team to win every game

      Effective protest does equates to being a real supporter, minus such interminable emotion as demonstrated above and in other counter-productive actions, such as running onto the pitch, throwing coins etc.

    • absolutely agree, why should I?

  2. I fully agree though its sadly a few more than 200 – ban all on the pitch for life and also all those on the concourse hurling abuse at the board and scaring women and children – they aren’t fans anyway, they weren’t even interested in watching the game. Sick of all these louts and idiots moaning about everything – if you don’t like it then just don’t bother coming – the team are struggling, the pressure is extreme and yet we have to watch this appalling behaviour which makes life even tougher.

  3. The funny thing is, all it will show is 200 less in the stadium. fine by me they can boycott all the remaining games, then actually watch and support my team, with out having to worried about it be ruining by some idiots who would rather throw coins and disrupt the game then support the team.

  4. be great if they could stay away as trevor said, especially against man city where the odds arent great and when we will need our most positive and loyal fans. would be better if they just handed in their season tickets and didnt come back ever.

  5. This ‘idea’ sounds about as well thought out as the current ownerships transfer policy!

  6. Any more disturbances at our Home games will certainly put the breaks on any Leniency the FA may have been considering . Real West Ham Supporters and the club in general would suffer a severe backlash we may not recover from . If we stave off relegation the most likely result would be a massive fine + a points deduction for the start of next season .
    If the troublesome fans want to continue demonstrating Thier discontent it would be better to do it outside the Stadium or not turn up at all . A boycott won’t happen . Too many decent fans that want to see Thier team Win .

  7. Playing in an half empty stadium will only help opposition teams. We need to get behind the team & try to make the stadium bounce for the last few games. Repeat what happened on Saturday every game & we will go down. Time to be fans again do what we do best & show our support. Leave the protests until we are safe.

  8. Can’t explain how much hatred I have for the idiots causing troubles at the game. They think they are doing it because they love their club, but it has the complete opposite effect.

    They don’t realise the consequences of their actions. THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR CLUB, far more than anyone else. They are just too blind or too stupid to see it.

    Unfortunately I fear the battle is already lost now, there is nothing I or anyone else could say to change their perspective. They don’t want to listen to reason, they don’t care for the majority of fans at the games who just want to watch and support their club.

    The only thing what matters to them, is their own agenda, it doesn’t matter who they hurt in the process.

    • You’re having a laugh, surely? This has been coming for over a year now, and the board just keep on ignoring the fact we’ve only net spent 29 million since the move, and consistently spun us lies. And I shouldn’t have to remind you of the debacle of the Carvalho transfer saga and basically selling Ayew to relegation rivals and Fonte when we at bare bones as is. Not forgetting Sakho. So, I don’t blame them for protesting the way they did. Frustration and anger boils over, but it seems some fans can’t see that. The board are the real villains here, not the minority of supporters who got carried away. The board need to be held accountable. We all want whats best for our club, except it seems the board. Perhaps a boycott is the next stage. But it will never happen because too many would still go……

      • Look i get they are frustrated with the amount of money we have spent. That’s still no excuses for what I witnessed at the weekend, there is never an excuse to behave like that.

        There was kids sitting next to me, and they were extremely scared. They just wanted to watch their team play. They didn’t understand why every one was shouting, and in some cases throwing coins.

        They also didn’t leave the team with a chance to get back in to the game, they was waiting for a excuse to cause trouble, not to support the team.

        We had chances to score in that game, we wasn’t playing terribly, not at our best but we still had a chance. We went one goal down and chaos broke out, the game was lost at that point, there should of been 10 min extra time, but it was called of because of the chaos. rightly so.

        It’s never acceptable, what good will honestly come from this now? OK they want the owners out, who will want to take over us now any way, what sane investor will look at this and think, it would be a club to take over with fans like that.

        I’m sure no one on this site would be involved, in what happened at the weekend, but I just pray that its out of their system now, the world has seen they are not happy. now move on support the team for the remaining games, or don’t come to any of them.

  9. Their own agenda as you put it is to see a team that actually tries,to see a competent manager playing players in their correct positions,for the board to admit they lied to us about the stadium and world class players arriving

  10. I hope this boycott is true. The atmosphere will be much better without the negative fans in the stadium. You never know, perhaps they will prefer missing the game and they will be tempted not to renew. Protests against the bond scheme happened before it was introduced. Fans apposed to the move should have protested before we moved DOH! too late!

  11. No one protested because we were told we would have a world class team in a world class stadium, we’ll they lied didn’t they.Are you telling me E20 your happy with the performances this season and even though the stadium ain’t that bad it could be soooooo much better

    • We finished 7th and things were looking good. The board spoke like fans and made statements that they believed at that time. Who knew that Bilic would turn into Fat Sam with his tactics? who knew that those tactics would upset our best player? who knew that the fans would fight amongst themselves over standing? this was that start of the negativity and the downward spiral that we’re now in. Players tell us every week that ‘we’ll do better next week’. Are they lying too? people make statements of intent and its the fools that believe it. Of course I’m not happy with anything at the moment but the worst part of the new stadium and West Ham are the negative know nothing fans. Listen to some of them – they are embarrassing.

  12. All this we were promised this, blah blah blah, come on we are West Ham, if we bought a few top players when we had Payet maybe we could have pushed on, the chairman screwed up it’s hardly the end of the World we have won a handful of trophies in over a 100 years time to grow up for some, if we go down so what ? Hardly the end of the world either the ground will still be full because we are loyal to the point of stupidity (certainly in my case) none of us are entitled to see a winning team but some seem to think they are and imho they should remember who they support, is it the team or their own opinion of what they deserve ?

  13. So lets all be very grateful that we get mediocrity or worse for our money every year, eh? Are you for real? We have been jank in the main for as long as I can remember but it doesn’t mean we have to accept it, be very humble and not crave for better.

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