United destroy Irons: Report and verdict


Manchester United 4 West Ham 0

Slaven11The sum of all our fears came to past as Mourinho’s mob took us to the cleaners and back again.

Ok, we didn’t expect much but we certainly didn’t believe that we would be second or third best to every ball and manage just one shot on target.

Yes, United are a highly athletic and skilled side but but it was the brawn of Romelu Lukaku who came back to haunt us with a couple of goals before Martial and Pogba put a very sad look on the  scoreline with 87th and 90th minute strikes.

It had all gone so well for half an hour when our defensive formation held up well against the slick moving Reds but when Zabaleta pushed forward and was caught  out of position, Rashford went forward at tremendous pace to supply a great pass for a goal which began the slide.

The Hammers could never get any sort of foothold in the game and after Lukaku added a second there was no way back.

United were first all over the pitch and again we saw the Irons surrendering position far too easily when they were on the ball along with some sloppy passing.

Hernandez provided our one shot on target but De Gea stood tall and palmed the ball to safety before the United centre forward added home from close range from a Matic free kick.

At that stage there was no sign of the collapse to come but the Hammers did look as though they were chasing shadows all over the pitch before Pogba and Martial made it four.

VERDICT: It leaves us bottom of the table and United top although with the return of Antonio and Lanzini likely next weekend and Diafra Sakho enjoying a decent run out, this would be no time to over react. There were many average performance notably from Zaba, Reid, Masuaku, Obiang, Noble, Fernandes, Artaunovic and Ayew. Hermandez was by far the best looking player on the team.

Whilst not looking for too many excuses, this is an exceptional United team but some big names have arrived at the London Stadium this summer and we need to start picking up points and performances unless Slav en isn’t going to feel the heat. Southampton, however, will be a very different game! 

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • jj61 says:

    What worries me most is lack of any creativity,it can’t be that we depend on one player in that department(Lanzini)..and when he’s not around,we are lost.

  • Neilyoung says:

    One positive I would say was Declan Rice, very assured n the ball and for me should start against Southampton.

  • hammers64 says:

    The fact is we had 3 arguably 4 players out injured who would have started today and what today proves again is that money rules.Our strongest 11 will give anybody a game but take away a third of the team and we simply cannot compete.In Pogba,Lukaku and Matic alone Utd have 200 mill and its the nature of the beast with the odd freak season ie Leicester winning the premiership.Dont expect to see that again in my lifetime.Top 8 will suit me just fine.

    • English says:

      Top 8? Are you having a laugh. I’ll be happy with 10th-12th. I just hope we don’t flirt with relegation again.

      • hammers64 says:

        I know but i am just an eternal optimist English.Things can only get better i hope when Lanzini,Antonio and kouyate are back.Spend some serious dosh on Carvalho and we might have a real gem.

  • kcockayne says:

    Early days, & Man U are a very good team & we are still finding our feet. So, hopefully, we should get better. But, I saw nothing today that would suggest that we will be anywhere near a top ten finish. Of course, we have time to make the necessary improvement; but if we don’t, we are going to be in serious trouble.

  • English says:

    The brawn of Romelu Lukaku who came back to haunt us? He didn’t need his brawn to breach our defence he just walked through it, it was an absolute shambles of a performance. I know its only the first game, but all that anger I had from last season has reemerged. I can take getting beat but that was far to easy for Utd. A newly promoted team would have put up a better fight than us. I know we’ve got players missing, but this result shows us how weak our squad is.

  • schuauthing says:

    Very poor indeed. They’re a very good side and will be there or there about s the top but the concern is lack of creativity and we now have no one who can take deadballs with Snodgrass and Fehgouli both on the way out. Carvalho would not help this team. The money needs to be reinvested else where.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Well Adrian and randy can’t be b lamed for their countless mistakes can they ?
    Same as same as again! Defensively we are just pish poor and a manager and coaching staff who were class defenders have failed to deliver the basics again! Makasaku needs dropping into the u23 s along with Fernandez who is simply not ready for this league and zabba and Reid have no pace and are being done with amature defending , knife through butter comes to mind !! That’s bilic fault !! Midfield of noble obiang and Fernandez was always going to struggle with matic , pogba and mata , obvious to say that was a understatement! Noble was non existent as a captain and couldn’t lead a donkey on a beach!!
    Hart ! England #1 will sort out our defence 😂 I laughed then and I still am 😂
    61 spot on mate been saying it for months ! But bilic can’t see it and I pray carvalho don’t change his mind watching that crap today 💩
    A full side we will cope but its not what I expected when we moved to the Queenie!
    Long long way to go and mucho dollars needed which ain’t going to happen soon ?
    The thing that got my goat was Neville giving it large about how great the mancs are how shyte we were bringing nothing to the game ! And the tackle was OK on Arnie from the valencia assassin but the one last year by us was disgusting 😈 I fekin hate that manc more than his paedo dad !! Rice must start in place of noble and ayew needs to live up to his 20 mill tag or sell him on? Just not good enough? Well peed of 😬😬 Adrian starts next game 👍

    • Hammerman6 says:

      A pretty good appraisal Lazarus, the midfield we started with wouldn’t have coped with Dagenham & Redbridge. No creativity, flare or imagination. I would still start the Ginger Pele at the moment puts everything on the line. Obiang, Fernandez, Ayew, Masuaku not good enough and as for England’s No.1. Carvalho (if he even considers coming after that debacle) isn’t the answer to our lack of ability in creating goal scoring chances. Sadly disappointed after that performance not even sure Arnoutovic is a great buy. However Antonio will definitely improve us but If we don’t keep Lanzini fit it’s going to be another long season in the lower reaches.

  • Hammerkip says:

    Don’t care who ur playing or whatever injuries u have first or last game .that was pathetic new players but same old rubbish. You could tell! They didn’t believe they could getva result straight away and once the first one went in they gave up u or Accrington its don’t matter that was just utter rubbish once again.. I’ll give it 5 games but to me I can’t see how were set up to play ..I’m no manager but the pea up front on his own Jesus ffs we all know he can’t p!at that role… One gamecand I’m doubting our tactics if their is any ?

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    If Feghouli hasn’t definitely gone offer them Ayew instead for the same price, I recorded the match and just found out it only recorded the first 39 minutes of the match. What I saw in that time was encouraging, we looked physically tougher than last season, without Lanzini or Feghouli there is no one able to hold onto the ball in midfield Noble and Ayew are like headless chickens we need Carvalho alongside Obiang to cut down the space in the middle and Antonio to replace Ayew asap then with Lanzini to replace Fernandes we should be more than good enough. I didn’t see the end of the first half or second half yet but we need to shore up central defence and central midfield, Reid isn’t very good at right cb so either play Rice there or if Collins is fit play him there and we won’t get dicked 4 0 by theee teams, City and now Utd have shown us where we need to improve so it’s up to Slav and the players to up their games, COYI!!!

  • JRS says:

    Horror Show.
    And yes Rice should start and Laz agree with u about Hart should have made himself big on first goal and got lucky on punch out into box that Masuaku got it surprised at his rating I didn’t see a 10.
    Honestly Ogbonna saved us from 2 goals when Hart was off. Rice looked better in mid.
    But some many turnovers
    Can’t believe Chelsea sold Matic to Man U he ran that game so it shows we need a proper DCM and this will get them moving on Carvahlo.
    And Snodgrass not on Bench is ifd off too if so we need RW cover tho Fernandes looked good tho mid is his spot.
    Should have been a back 3 I think

  • TRB says:

    One game in and all I’m reading is the usual negative doom and gloom. West Ham had their three best midfielders out today – Lanzini, Kouyate and Antonio. If they and Carroll had played, the scoreline would’ve been different.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    BILIC OUT not enough quality in & Zabaletta too old give Byram a chance im sick to death of our club being a oap home for other teams has beens we are supposed to be the academy of football more like the academy of shyte

    • Hammerman6 says:

      I agree Zaba lacks pace, but as an old head which will give experience. Sadly Reid looked to be off the pace and that emphasised Zaba’s weakness. It is time us to build a defence around young Rice and get Byram on after 60 mins and for goodness sake get Cresswell starting again.

  • Hammerman6 says:

    It is time for a new approach, samo ol, same ol yesterday.
    We will struggle with this system who ever is fit, it’s time for 3-5-2 and kick the 4-2-3-1 out.
    Get forward not sit back and let the opposition batter you like yesterday. De gea had to go for a 10 k run last night to get warm !
    My team would be
    Rice Collins Reid
    Antonio (Byram) Kouyate Noble (Carvalho ? ) Lanzini Cresswell
    Hernandez Arnoutovic

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