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Unprofessional Communication Upsets Star Striker

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West Ham striker Michail Antonio has revealed the surprising way the squad learned of David Moyes’ impending departure. According to Antonio, they discovered the news through Sky Sports, not directly from the club or manager.

“We had the day off on the Monday,” Antonio explained on the High Performance Podcast. “I found out the same way everyone else did. Looking at Sky Sports saying that the club and him are parting ways. It was a weird one.”

While a direct address from Moyes never happened, Antonio did mention a later conversation. Moyes reportedly emphasised his desire for continued strong performances despite his departure. He reportedly expressed his enjoyment of his time at the club and lack of animosity towards the management.

Antonio clearly believes Moyes deserved better. He highlights Moyes’ legendary status at West Ham and his right to personally inform the players. The lack of control over the information leak reflects poorly on the club’s communication strategy.

While leaks are common in football, Antonio’s comments suggest West Ham could have handled the situation more respectfully and professionally. Moyes’ contributions to the club warranted a more dignified farewell than learning his fate through the media.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    What a load of old cobblers

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    If moyes leaving West Ham after the Man City game is as amicable as we are led to believe then why wasn’t moyes the one to inform the squad yes the games since the start of the year has not been acceptable moyes deserved to be treated with dignity and respect not the poor way that things have been done as a club and us fans we should be showing our gratitude for the conference league win bringing a trophy to the club for the first time in 40+ years

  • Dasai says:

    Antonio you like Moyes are an employee your job is to be fit and ready to play not worry if you are going to be given notice the manager may leave……in my world of work i have had upteen managers go and not once did i ask the big boss why wasn’t i consulted!
    Grow up and get on with YOUR job.

  • Sage says:

    When you’re verbally offered a new contract and you go in front of the media to let everyone know, you’re noncommittal, it sends a lot of mixed messages. There’s f**kery afoot…
    Looking back, this spanks of Moyes waving goodbye to management and embracing a new career in the media – oh! And who’s on TalkSport for the Euros?
    I’ve wondered why the team have had a dramatic drop off since that magical night at the Emirates. Sitting sixth, the festive season mood would’ve been good upstairs in Sully’s – time for a chat. No doubt a derisory verbal offer was made and Dave’s answer was not, what was expected.
    It also makes a bit of sense that the media have taken to side with the manager, even when the facts/stats and metrics clearly show a team in free fall. But back at the beginning of March, poor old Pochettino was being served up for sacrificial duty by the same “experts” as for West Ham – they need to be careful for what they wish for.

  • Richard James says:

    Did he really not know what was going on or did he take his eye off the ball? Not realising what was going on seems very naive.

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