Valencia has an eye on Chelsea

Screen-Shot-2015-06-01-at-12.18.09-1024x739Enner Valencia has opened up the possibility of a move to Chelsea this summer.

In a highly unusual move he has used his facebook page to issue what appears to be a ‘come and get me’ message to Jose Mourinho.

He will be involved for Ecuador in the Copa America this summer, but certainly appears to have his eyes on a possible move out of Upton Park before the new season starts.

In his Facebook status he explains that he knows of Β Chelsea’s interest and would consider a move if it was right for both him and the Irons.


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32 comments on “Valencia has an eye on Chelsea

  1. Fuxk it,let him go,if he doesnt want to stay i dont want to keep him.He was hardly a raging success anyway.Get a good price for him cash in & spend it on someone else.If a player doesnt want to stay or makes noises about leaving then bounce them out of the club.I want people who want to play for us,if he doesnt he can jog on!

  2. He’s not been all that impressive, a couple of good goals but very little else to write home about – if there’s a good offer why not use the money to get what we need!

  3. Just another South American mercenary.One in a very long list of them!

  4. Sadly the days of most players wanting to be at any particular club because they actually felt any loyalty are long gone. It’s about nothing but money which has destroyed the game as many of us know it. I’ve been pondering lately how teams, even up to the 80’s and early 90’s, used to keep a squad together, regardless of any relegation or promotion. One club players just don’t exist any more.

    Then we moved into a phase where players moved around a bit more but generally cared about the club they were at. Now I think we are at a point where unless they are either getting paid a lot or winning something players generally have one eye on the next best thing.

    For me it makes it very difficult to be as emotionally attached to West Ham as I used to be. I know that a good number of the players out there don’t give a damn about the club and certainly not me as a fan. I think this behavior by Valencia is incredibly unprofessional though, especially as we gave him a chance in the Premier League and frankly he still owes us a lot. Just as managers can’t tap players up players should not be allowed to do this. But let him go I say. He’s a diver and a baby anyway; the slightest knock and he’s laying around feeling his head for blood etc. I know we’ll never see true loyalty from most of our players but anyone that publicly expresses a wish to (possibly) leave should be waved goodbye. This is on the same scale, albeit not as extreme, as what Ince did.

    • Mark Noble……….

      • Unfortunately the size of contracts these days means we will never know how truly loyal a player is. No other club in the Prem would have offered him 15 million over 6 years so it’s no wonders he stuck with us. That might be slightly unfair but don’t kid yourself that the money had nothing to do with it. The money cannot help but test any player’s loyalty.

  5. i think that this article is very unfair to Valencia, because it is based on a MISTRANSLATION.

  6. He does not say that he wants a move to Chelsea. he says that he is aware of their interest however is just concentrating on playing football.
    ironically, the fans so quick to call him a mercenary wouldnt take the time to give any player the benefit of the doubt, are the same fans that have caned him all season as being a flop. fickle fickle fans some of you.

    • Sorry Iron Giant but you are wrong. He is a mercenary, he is a flop and mistranslation or not, he should not be doing it period!! He is only one year into a 4 year contract and this is not the first time he has said something like this in the last month. Just the other week he was saying “I never promised to stay at westham” In essence he only came to the hammers to put himself in the shop window. Quite frankly I don’t know why Chelsea want him. He has been crap! Other than his pace, everything else has been substandard. Sakho cost us virtually nothing and Valencia cost over 10 if my memory serves me well and I know who would be first on my team sheet every week and it aint the lightweight Enner ” I fell over” Valencia thats for sure. Our 18 year old academy boys do a better job of staying on their feet. Either burn him in the reserves or ship him out to the highest bidder with a clip round his ear. Job done!

  7. Whether it is or not i would still flog him.He aint been worth what we payed for him.

  8. *paid

  9. I was going to say who translated this,Yoda? IF he were to go the figures spoken about would make the pot a lot bigger for a new manager. However I’d like to see him stay I think he was hard done by and never far from the hippos blame list.

  10. He has been a flop,no fickleness involved.It is a fact.

  11. Thats fair Baz, and i’d cash in too if Chelsea came in with good money, but the point im just trying to make is that he is unfairly being called a mercenary & a traitor, which he isnt. he may also not be good enough for us, but thats a different question.

  12. I never trust the bloody translations.Just look what happens when you put something into google translate,the sentences or script come out almost totally unrelated sometimes πŸ˜€

  13. thats why i like you guys Tyson, Quickdraw πŸ˜‰ the translation is bull **** like they are 99% of the time. did he justify 12-15mil – no, but will he improve next season? of course. he looked good up top with Sakho. while he may not be what we’d hoped individually, as a pair they are. Henry scored way more than Bergkamp, didnt mean Bergkamp was ****…
    if he goes, he goes.we’ll make good money for our new manager to spend. its a win/win if you ask me.

  14. Sorry lads but i want him to be given another season.Without the hippo about i think we will see many players rejuvenated,thats my belief anyway,maybe im wrong.Want to at least give him the opportunity to prove himself.Hippo was on his case a few times last season,idiot.If he doesnt cut it next season,fair enough,flog him πŸ˜‰

  15. Spot on IG when I saw “If it is for the good for mine and the West Ham,welcome it is” I didn’t have to be Rafa Nadal to know it was wrong. These stirring stories always come up I think there’s more to be had from him but like you say if he goes considering his contract and probable fee then it is win/win…….if the money’s spent wisely.

  16. Bollox why even mention Chelsea? They have nothing to do with the Copa America or his concentration on football. He’s sending out a message plain and simple- Sell him. No there isn’t much loyalty in football now days but that is taking the ****ing **** miss translation or not he name dropped. **** off lost a lot of respect for him

  17. its worse than that because ‘ y de otres equipos ‘ means and the other teams. ( interested teams )

  18. Sorry Essex, youre wrong on that.
    This isnt his personal facebook account, this is run by managment/agents and this in particular is a quotation from a response to a question about the move to Chelsea. this is a quotation from that interview, which is then out of context. That is why he mentions Chelsea – because it is in response to a direct question about Chelsea.
    Yes, he does say “and other interested teams” but he also says that he is happy at West Ham, and that if any deal was suitable for West Ham, that he would then consider it.

  19. it would be sad though if his agent does arrange something for him because he has done his learning at our expense and should give us at least 1 year of goal scoring to repay us.

  20. Basically he is saying then that he is happy with us,but if we accepted an offer for him he would naff off if it was acceptable for all parties i guess.But he is saying this by way of answering a question,not issuing a statement about his future plans πŸ˜‰

  21. completely agree Sleeps, hes been wasted out wide or up top on his own. give him a good run of games with a partner, and i gaurantee he’ll get us 10+ next season.
    youre spot on Rads. unfortunately the translation was done by someone whose only knowledge of Spanish is a weeks all inclusive in Benidorm.

  22. Interesting some are calling him a flop when our best football was at the start of the season when he and Sakho were great played as a front two, we were on the front foot an creating chances etc etc.
    Must be tough playing in a team with 36% possesion (at home)and creating very few chances. On that basis you would probably fancy a move to Chelsea!

  23. I like Enner, under the Genius he was often used out of his natural position… I hope and I think with another manager Valencia could be a different player showing us his true potential… if he wants to go, well, that’s different… ahah… anyway poor Enner, BFS put often the blame on him… maybe he’s the reason Nolaninho didn’t score his 100th goal… lol

  24. What the **** is wrong with that wetpants lot,they are moaning about no manager,no players,playing in europe,no pre season if we get knocked out.Fuxk me they are like the end of the world is coming.They make my eyes bleed reading their negativity.Thank fuxk i dont have an account on there.I would top myself within a week through manic depression πŸ˜€

  25. ahah.. Chicken, their pants are full… and they are looking forward to the chosen one.. then, as I wrote before, the bomb will detonate (along with their pants) and you’ll see the fireworks… stats, comparisons, rethinking, warnings… it’s gonna be beautiful… lol πŸ˜€

    • Matte,honestly i know we are being nice to our friends from fellow sites & it is a love fest,lol,but some of them are so negative,lmao,they are starting to shake like terrified dogs in a corner.Im sure some of them will have had heart attacks before the season even beings πŸ˜€

      • ahah… I know Chicken… lol Anyway I like these parallels beetwen human beings and animals: rabid dogs, ignorant pigs, monkeys bellend, terrified dogs, hippo, horses… Today I feel like a hunting dog… lol

  26. Slow down lads the problem with Spanish is there is a big difference between natural which is used in Spain and South American Spanish,many words differ in how they are used and some words have different meanings,as you read the English translation it does not make sense,Chelski and other equipment?
    I listened to the recording last week and it made no sense in the way question were asked,
    At no time has Enner said he wants to talk to or is interested in Cheski,and has laughed every time some reporter tried to get him to do so,
    I am not stupid to think he will not listen to Chelski or that the 2 Daves will not sell if they make a profit but let’s give him a chance before we cut his head off

  27. Off with his head.Traitor!!!! πŸ˜€

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