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Valencia? Koeman is nobody’s fool!

Britain West Ham ValenciaWhen you hold on to your best and lose one who really hasn’t been doing it for you, then it’s fair to say West Ham United have enjoyed a good transfer window.

Dimi Payet stays… Enner Valencia goes – that sounds great doesn’t it but before progressing the thought I will take a breath and stop.

Toffees boss Ronald Koeman is nobody’s fool. He enjoyed a great season – his first in the PL – at Southampton, sufficiently good for him to get the gig at Everton so he’s seen something in the player presumably that nobody else has worked out. Something he needs for the team he’s shaping.

And I for one will be following Enner’s progress over the rest of the season very closely because I remember his early days alongside Diafra Sakho whenΒ he looked the real deal.

Back to Koeman! It’s difficult to see that a manager of this quality would be interested in a no hoper although the Ecuador international does not look like either a winger or out and out striker to me or anyone else.

I believe he is a poacher – an in the hole operator getting on the end of things and it will be interesting to see how he is used.

ToΒ describe him as “useless” and “rubbish” is firstly wrong and secondly of no use to the boy’s confidence and I for one am glad he is getting a chance at a decent club particularly as I believe it will result in a permanent deal.

Like everyone else I’m pleased that he is on his way both for his sake and ours but don’t write the guy off – this could be the start of an ideal move not only for us but him!

In circumstances like these Ronald Koeman’s judgement should be trusted.


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

70 comments on “Valencia? Koeman is nobody’s fool!

  1. Sorry Hugh you believe what you want,good luck but he is sh*te imho.He is a kitten with a ball of wool.I ain’t going to blow smoke up his ass now he has gone.Every manager can get something wrong,even great ones & Koeman has dropped a b*llock with this one imho.It screams of desperation because their other targets went t1ts up.

  2. couldn’t agree more. He’s a frustrating player but one who i’ve been reluctant to see go as could easily look world class elsewhere! Just hasn’t worked out for him at West Ham despite glimpses of what he’s capable of

  3. Does that make Everton a bigger club than Southampton then or didKoeman go there cos he knew he’d have mega money to spend?Seems that if you buy enough at least one of them will come off.Fraid it won’t be Valencia.

  4. The best performances I have seen from Enner have been when he cuts in from the right or poaches in the middle. We kept playing him on the left.

    • Agree Dusty and the amount of work he did running back to defend has never been taken into account, whenever I watched him play I saw someone that reads the game well, is not a winger was better through the centre and on the right hand side, Bilic played him out of position, I think he does the same with Payet also who should for me spend a lot more time in the middle of the pitch than out wide but hey we don’t have to live and die by our decisions so what does it matter, back on topic I wish Enner well he gave 100% for us and for me that’s all you can ask, much better than a Ravel type who has the ability but is work shy.

    • Well we aren’t a rightwing club mate ?? And secondly if he didn’t poach eggs in the middle of the park ? Maybe just maybe he would have scored some goals which is what he was bought for. Ffs, BIGGINS has a new role to play , the same role he played here !! :-).

      • He played on the left for us Johnboy I won’t be defending his goal tally and this season he has been poor in most games, anyway it don’t matter because he is gone now so that’s upto Koeman to sort out now isn’t it:-) ?

  5. Ain’t buying in to this one Hugh,apologises but he will be just as frustrating there as for us.Biggins aint no poacher,no way.Poachers are clinical he fluffs his lines far,far too often to be classed as one of them.For me he was a last minute thought by Koeman.If he wasn’t & Koeman rated him why didn’t he come in before,everyone knew Biggins was in the shop window.

  6. I think he may just bring out the best in Valencia! okay he is not been at his best but that is the same for a few players, good option for them the season loan and option to buy, I also think James Tomkins will do well for Palace and I wish them both the best, except when they play us.

  7. If he can bring out the best in him then he is a miracle worker.Im not aboard the Koeman love train anyway.I think he will get found out this season.

  8. It amuses me that someone can rate Valencia who has been poor for a long long time but slate some of our new players who have barely played a few games for their new club.

  9. Have I missed something? Ain’t Biggins played in 60 games and scored 8 or have I been in a parallel universe for the last couple of years and he’s scored in every other game? As a wise person once said “Sometimes you can’t polish a turd” πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve got to be honest and say my heart sank when I saw his name on the Teamsheet, I can’t really understand how he continued to be picked in this seasons early games. So it’s Bilic as well as Koeman who see something in him that the rest of us don’t.

    I’ve read that West Ham’s counter-attacking style didn’t suit him, the ball was coming up to him quickly and his first touch and poor control were letting him down. The crowd start getting on to him, and if he’s not a confident character that can get to him and it becomes a vicious circle.

    Obviously, he had lost his way, and when the crowd turn against you it’s very difficult to get them back on-side, the same thing happened to Maiga.

    I must admit I’m glad he’s gone, I’d lost patience with him and really can’t understand what Koeman and Everton see in him – he was originally signed on the back of a decent World Cup, maybe he’s being judged on his performances for Ecuador rather than what he did with us – who knows?

    A good result all round – we’ve got rid of a player who’d lost his way, Everton see something in him that we don’t, and he’s got the chance of a new start – good luck to him except against us of course!

  11. Anything’s possible, but there are some unlikely things and some likely things. That’s like saying I buy a ticket, then I can win the lottery… So, long story short, Enner has as much chances of success as mine… lol πŸ˜€

  12. Lol Matte.You have it about right there.Koeman is apparently nobodies fool but in this instance he is somebodys fool πŸ™‚

    • hahah… πŸ˜€

    • Koeman now has Bolasie Lukaku and Valencia that’s a lot of pace up top and could really pin teams back, Everton pass the ball better than we do at present, I say that with the caveat that when we put our strongest team out we might look completely different, but based on last year and the start of this, the moment Song stopped playing for us we seemed to lose control of possession around the centre of the pitch.

    • Norman wisdom comes to mind ! Lol. πŸ˜‰

  13. you make many good points. good luck to him as long as the deal means he isn’t playing against us & lukaku is injured or something.

  14. Can’t stand the way people just want to trash players who they don’t rate. Enner has had a few great moments in claret and blue and I wish him the best of luck with his new club & manager.

    • You better go to the bluescouse pages BB they are crusifying him before he’s chased a ball of wool ? Lol. He’s fukin crap , the stats don’t lie ?? Only us on CnH.!!!

  15. Well you ain’t going to trash someone you rate are you lol.Get off your preachers podium,it don’t gain you extra ‘Im an ultimate Irons Supporter’ points.If I think a player is sh*te I will say he is,if I think a player is the dogs bolloxs I will say he is.So we have to say every player is the real deal or maybe we should not comment on players negatively or positively just for you BB

    • Don’t forget to give every player marks of at least 8 for every match this season.Anything lower might be considered trashing their performance…Boleyn Boy…killer of freedom of speech Ha ha

    • “Get off your preachers podium” Classic RL: You don’t even realise it when you are so aggressive to others….

      • Oh here we go,Sh1t n Flush has turned up.I never wrote it angrily.Could have guessed you would turn up though. .

        • haha.. Yeah Rads, don’t be so rough… you’re grounded in the corner and say 100 times “I was a bad guy and Enner did his duty” loudly. Then you’re free to go… lmao πŸ˜‰

    • You sound very angry

      • Maybe…doesn’t negate the above!

        • Light bulb moment, BB: My comment was directed at Radai who I see as bullying, along with his girlie friends at the hairdressers!
          They are just a bunch of hypocrits IMO…

          • Haha ! You’ve got an admirer rads ! Watch it mate he likes a bit of bullying ?
            The human codpiece is talking in a negate way , I think its serious ?
            If he starts ending his posts with buddylurv emojis you’re in deep batter mate ?? πŸ˜‰

        • You really are a piece work ain’t you FNC.Always in the thick of things with your big mouth.I have been here for maybe three months & I can categorically state you are the biggest sh#t stirrer on here.Go take your agenda somewhere else will you.What Rad said to BB was nothing to do with you so shut it.

          • Hmmm…3 months eh? Careful: If they are true to form, they might just disbelieve you about that….Effectively call you a liar etc…

          • Don’t try dragging me in to your games fool.I have had not one minutes problem with these fellas.Try looking in the mirror,either that or take your game playing elsewhere.Now that would be nice.

      • Since when is writing a sound ! It maybe a perceived tone ( no pun tone ) or a dislike ofa comment that ddoesn’t match you’re comment and feels like you’ve been insulted.
        Or maybe people are just fed up listening to perfect punters who talk utter bolloxs ,
        And do not need telling how to act in a poncy way that is outside the norm of blokes who see and tell it as it is in their own special way, πŸ™‚ so not being aggressive in any way , if you don’t like the free speech on this site , fukoff and find a different one ?

  16. Wow I am not normally one to make a post about this or how to choose my words, the more of us that post here the better, I am certainly not speaking to anyone individual on either side, it does seem like a lot of heated emotions on both sides of the argument on these subjects and some personal attacks going on, I am not sure what Daphne’s council would have to say, maybe live and let live ?? Who knows anyway wouldn’t want us to turn into a site that excluded those from either side whether negative or positive, we have a great site supported by Hugh Sean et all and if we are not careful could just turn into a bitter squabble fest of a site if things continue, am sure it hopeful it won’t but felt rightly or wrongly worth commenting on, no hard feelings with any of it just my two pennies worth

    • As long as its not one of Daphne’s fest’s 32. It is all well under control !
      And as usual you’re comments are perceived in great adore ! But that was at least 4 pence worth , but am honoured to say it wasn’t a 2 Bob effigie ? Its all handbags at 23 keys, which FnC is more than accustomed to , L/V is his favourite ! Lol, pinch of salt , ;-)!

      • Lol I know mate I am occasionally over generous with the two pence contributions one week Daphne had to get help carrying the offertry box I had made such a large deposit, Daphne does like a large deposit in her box πŸ˜‰

  17. I liked Valencia but injuries and a change of system which didn’t suit him…he’ll do well under Koeman…

  18. It seems to me, people are saying that Koeman is stupid. Well, I agree with Hugh; he’s incredibly shrewd; on little money and losing his best players, he Soton finished above us. So was that just a fluke??
    Maybe Koeman has looked at old clips of Valencia and feels he can get the best out of him, and when you look at the clip Pauljs7 above posted, Valencia is pretty damned good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1VScqSg_1E
    You don’t become a bad player over night. WHU have to take some responsibility in that. It can happen. It happens LOADS at Man City! (It’s like a graveyard for many good players).
    Over the last couple of seasons, for whatever reason, Valencia has been light weight IMO, and frankly I’m massively relieved to see him move on. I hope Koeman kickstarts his career again. Valencia was a good pro, and I wish Valencia all the best…
    As for Hugh’s article, I’m gobsmacked many found it so offensive (for the want of a better word). I agree with it all…which, I know, isn’t saying much (blah-di-effing-blah).
    Incidentally, I thought Sean spoke very well about Sak on Hammerschat last night. makes me feel a bit guilty for being so anti-Sak…Sean; why don’t you do a piece about it? Sure the pink rinse curler brigade will have a go at you with their clenched gold glitter gloves, (and then go giggling to the loo for some catty cacking in girlie giberish), but the rest of us might appreciate it.

  19. Hugh is right about Ronald Koeman being nobody’s fool…….Only time will tell if the signing of Enner Valencia has been shrewd. I have a feeling Enner will do well for Everton

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    • Your cup of kindness, as ever, overfloweth. I really appreciate your understanding in what is a difficult time for me…sob…sob…Now which of you ladies has retreated back up against the wall?….
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  26. Moving on ! It appears Slav has admitted defeat and is playing Antonio as a winger according to sully after abeolla came on board as a mentor for byrum !! Back on track .
    Gonna watch the french game v Italy tonight , anyone know if Oggy and Zara are with the Italy squad, let’s see if dechump plays payet ? πŸ™‚

  27. Zaza ain’t I don’t think Johnboy,not sure about Oggy

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