VAR: Fans say we won’t be attending as many games!

A new survey has presented a damning effect of VAR on the game.

It shows that nearly a half of those interviewed have made it clear they will be attendng fewer games as a result.

The poll  has been conducted by the Football Supporters’ Association seeking fans thoughts on the VAR experience, both in-stadium and on TV.

And in the largest survey yet conducted  95 per cent of all supporters who had experienced it in-stadium and 94 per cent who had watched matches on television said it had made watching football less enjoyable.

The major complaints were spontaneous joy of goal celebrations (95 per cent), and the impact of delays, with 86 per cent of TV viewers and 91 per cent of match-goers complaining decisions were generally not resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

More than a third of those respondents (39 per cent) who had season ticket holders and Premier League clubs before the coronavirus crisis said they were likely to attend fewer games in future as a result of the impact that VAR was having on the game, while 44 per cent of all regular match goers said they would be attending less due to VAR.

FSA vice-chair Tom Greatrex said: “There is a clear feeling among fans that VAR has ruined the spontaneity of goal celebrations, and taken away a big part of our most enjoyable matchday moments.

“With four in 10 fans saying that VAR is likely to lead them to attend fewer matches in the future, we hope that the Premier League and referees’ body PGMOL will hear the fans’ voice and take urgent steps to improve a system that isn’t delivering clear and understandable decisions in stadiums.”

Only 26 per cent of those polled said they supported the use of VAR, compared to 97 per cent who said they were in favour of goal-line technology.

Claretandhugh says: This was a big and much needed survey which should be noted very strongly by the game’s administrators. There can be no question that VAR has sanitized the game to a point which is entirely unacceptable and that fewer say they will be attending games as a result is a sobering moment for clubs who have been losing money via covid and may eventually lose season ticket holders further down the line. The explosion of joy when a goal is scored by our team has been destroyed and that is basically what this game is all about. Well done to the Football Supporters Association for holding the survey. Now the administered need to take a lot of notice and FAST


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2 comments on “VAR: Fans say we won’t be attending as many games!

  1. Fewer regular attendees might make it easier for all those who haven’t been able to buy a ticket to watch games and fill the empty seats. VAR is not good. Perhaps the rules also need changing. Change of rules might just leave the goal line technology as the only assistant. Universality has to be a consideration. Almost all football games are played without the benefit of any TV coverage. Same rules should apply throughout the game. Get rid of the betting and give the game back to the people. Good to talk.

  2. Apart from the annoying ‘sanitisation’ of a goal decision in real time, I’ve found it annoying that suddenly new rules apply – handball if it hits you, offside if you are leaning forward, simulation has been dropped as an offence – linos not expected to run the lines – the refs are applying more interpretation now as a result and inconsistency is inevitable.

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