Video Blog: Fiery debate as Allardyce returns

It’s the debate which has run and run and run.

Sam Allardyce is back . He returns to the Boleyn this weekend with his relegation threatened Sunderland team looking for three points over the Irons.

Tis is going to be a spikey old afternoon with a section of fans determined to let him know exactly what they think of him, his refusal to accept a West Ham Way and his cupped ear gesture to them after a dreadful win over 10 man Hull City. Others will show their appreciation at what they believe he did for the club.

It’s fair to say that Sam Allardyce divides!

And in this video a red hot debate takes off between the boys on Hammers Chat – the ClaretandHugh video blog partners. Whichever side of the debate you are on – this one is not to be missed.


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12 comments on “Video Blog: Fiery debate as Allardyce returns

  1. Fans that have paid good money to watch west ham have every right to vent their dismay at what he served up.I could only watch west ham via internet,tv or listen on the radio.I often fell asleep or turned over with frustration but at least it was free and watched from the comfort of my home.I felt awful for those that traveled the country at great cost only to see such negative tatics and bland football.So no one slag off our fans who are going let him know how they feel on saturday…they have paid for the right to do so.

  2. Tell me about it exsoulie.I was one of those idiots that wasted thousands travelling the country watching his teams rollover when he didnt fancy our chances in his chosen games because we had a more winable game up next.Its all very well people preaching that we should respect him,give him a great reception but i bet they wasnt the mugs who were getting in at between 3-5am after travelling back from a game Hippohead had no intention of tring to win.Is great saying he got us promoted & stabalized us but that is just the gloss that covers a whole load of other deeper issues that got up peoples bugles..So no one preach to me about what i should or shouldnt f*cking do.

  3. I don’t understand why people think we owe him a round of applause? He had nothing but contempt for the fans. You look at the guys track record. Awful footy everywhere, and the only places he’s had any real success are aT clubs where he has been bigger than the club itself i.e. Bolton and rovers. Newcastle was a disaster, and he thought he was better than he was after 2 seasons at West Ham. He assumed we would all be in awe of his masterful abilities to carve out a 1-0 win at home to a team in the bottom 3. He thought his stock was higher than it was with us, and as soon as he realised we didn’t think he was the genius he thought he was , the toys came out of the pram. I won’t boo him, and I won’t applaud him, instead I’ll singing slaven bilic claret and blue army, something that Sam never achieved with the fans in his entire tenure. We have our West Ham back now, so sooner celebrate our progress rather than dwell on big sham.

  4. You’ve got Big Sam
    The clueless Big Sam
    I just don’t think you understand
    He’s known as Hippo-man
    He lags behind my nan
    You’ve got the clueless Big Sam

    Hi Bubs, Rads, Ty, and the whole C&H’s crew… how are you? You’re always in my heart… I saw the Hippo’s face and I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist… He brings back a lot of good memories… I miss him and his fantastic, spectacular and amusing football… the king of long balls… lol 🙂

    And yes, we were wrong, our team was much better under his leadership… Payet, Lanzini… nah, they are nothing compared to Mr Nolan… But fortunately we have reached 40 points, we’re safe, we dodged a bullet … lol 🙂

  5. Matte good to know your still out there pal.Your right though the days of Carrolls little flicks of his head to NoLegs were far better than anything I’ve seen this year and the skills of Pogatetz will never be surpassed. That’s why I shall be at the ground with party poppers, banners and champagne to welcome the messiah and I shall clap from minute 1-90 lol

  6. Hahaha or is it ahahaha.Matte,how you doing our little Italian figa chaser,lol.Great song,love it.Hope life is good mate.Bubs will pleased to see his buddy has reappeared 🙂

  7. Yes we must all welcome him wih open arms.Strange how all the Keep Sam Crew have now turned into the I wanted him out all along crew on some sites.I dont forget the **** this site got for wanting him out while othet sad b*stards where crying that we need fatties stablity if we want to stay in the prem.W#nkers,who even now are posting articles telling others how to behave towards their legend.

  8. Matty Matty how good to here from you,last 3 days it’s been great hearing everyone is ok and enjoying our great season,
    It was worth the 2 years effort fighting for our great club and it’s way of football,
    Ogbonna was not a bad import the same with Obiang even if he is Spanish,but learnt in Italy,
    Hope the Ladies are treating you well ?
    Good to here just drop a line every now and then so we know you are ok
    That goes for everyone don’t be strangers

  9. Hello everybody, happy to be here… I’m fine thanks.
    25 of February, “The day of remembrance”, not to forget the old sh*t… now it’s West Ham time and a bright future is awaiting for us 😉
    Bubs, now I’m living with a girl, my life is over… ahahahh … no more hottie figas, no more beer every evening… but now she is a West Ham fan… she gave me a week end in London and two tickets for a West Ham match, I’ll have to go to London soon.
    I can’t leave her before that day, she has the tickets… It’s a blackmail lol 😉
    She’s a prison guard (it’s her job) so I’m really fuc*ed… ahahah

  10. Hahaha,that made me laugh Mattefumi.She has you by the balls it appears 🙂

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