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Video: Full Time LIVE!


Joins us at the final whistle for full and biased analysis of this evenings game between Arsenal and West Ham.

Myself, Geo and Tom will go through everything from team selection, performance tactics, substitutions and of course our personal choices for man of the match.

Simply click on the link below a couple of minutes after the final whistle to watch live on Claret and Hugh.

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  • justcalmdown says:

    **** sake boys, calm down, I mean you all sound like a bunch of overly dramatic old biddies! A proud first first half, and a **** second half, were we going to win that game? No, anyone surprised? No
    Yes it’s not good, but we’re not in the relegation zone, 5 points off with shutter teams below us probably bar hull if late.
    I mean let’s get real, does anyone seriously think with 7 games left that we’re. It going to get enough points to stay up? As if! Look at Swansea tonight! Absolutely shocking how they through that away, think they’re going to be confident against on Saturday? Course they’re not!
    I don’t like it either, it’s been a poor season with some shocking transfers, but we’ll be safe starting with 3 points Saturday. You usually talk sense lads, but honestly you’re letting tonight’s result get the better of your reality.

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