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Video: Gonzo…’he’s bang out of order!’

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “Video: Gonzo…’he’s bang out of order!’

  1. Bang on Gonzo, there is no excuse for the behaviour for him and it is almost impossible to replace him, I disagree about getting a good price for him, I am pretty sure we can get £40 – £50 million and we should refuse to sell him to Marseille as they have tapped him up and already had a bid of £22.5m rejected supposedly or tell them to treble that and we will do business.

  2. The bottom line is that we live in a different age. There is very little loyalty from today’s players to any club they play for. The Mark Noble’s are few and far between. All that counts is money. That said West Ham have yet again managed to screw up big time, blowing all the potential benefits from last year. We all looked forward to a strengthened side with class players coming in, playing in front of 60000 fans in our new stadium. What did we get? Crap second rate signings that weakened the team. An awful transition to a Stadium that is devoid of atmosphere and few of us like, despite all the hype and promises. An embarrassing exit, yet again, from the UEFA. Embarrassing thumpings from Arsenal and Man City, the latter with maximum TV coverage. Awful home performances against, Warford, Hull, Swansea, Stoke and others. Now look at it from Payet’s perspective and you see most of his summer thoughts for the future and no doubt quite a few promises also broken! His career is going to time out quickly due to age and there’s no light at the end of the WestHam tunnel. We’re all loosers in this; fans, players, staff and the Board. Out of those the players have to take some responsibility, including Payet, but the biggest culprits are the Board. They called most of the shots, took all the big decisions and got most of them wrong. In doing so they have missed the greatest chance this club has ever had to become a real force in the footballing world. As fans we will all suffer for years but I’m sure at some stage they will say ‘oh well we did our best’ (it simply turned out to be crap despite our efforts) and walk away millions of pounds richer. So Payet could have handled it better for sure, but who can blame him for wanting out as quick as possible. Enough is enough!

    • Why should we look at it from Payet’s point of view, he hasn’t turned up all season he is part of the problem not the solution.

      • The simple answer is that to understand ANY issue you always need to look at it from both sides, not simply your own blinkered perspective!

        • Lol hahaha 😀 you are blaming everything on the Stadium move, the recruitment, the directors, if you removed your blinkers and watched Payet all season he hasn’t turned up, he doesn’t deserve any right to look at it from his point of view, he wanted to go when he came back from the euro’s despite having signed the biggest contract in the clubs history, I have watched games when I thought his delivery from free kicks, corners, passes etc was deliberately bad because he didn’t want to be playing in our team, there is no way to prove that and only he knows if it is true but when he played for France suddenly he was right up there again. If you think I am blinkered fair enough, I think he is a player that has let us supporters down and let his team mates down, I don’t see that as an excuse to give him an easy exit.

          • No it is all the boards doing WHU32.It has nothing to do with a frenchman skulking around for months trying to manipulate YET ANOTHER MOVE THROUGH FOUL MEANS.What is this now his third strike/refusal to play at a club???
            But yeah its all the boards fault.Yawn.

          • Hi 32. So if you could afford not to work unless you enjoyed it and your boss promised you loads of improvements but never delivered and you had another offer already on the table, you’d just carry on working out of your skin for him, would you?

          • If I was idolised at my work, they had gone out on a limb for me when no one else had and were paying me more than they had ever paid anyone I wouldn’t be going on strike ARH I would be trying to find a solution rather than letting everyone down that had helped me.

          • Well Payet is certainly idolised by the fans but the bosses have certainly let him down by asking him to play with players who just aren’t good enough to wear the club shirt, let alone be classed as real top players. I don’t condone what he’s done in any way- it stinks, but I can see how he got to make that decision rightly or wrongly and the Board certainly played their part in that.

    • Totally agree ARH The board are to blame with broken promises if he was that unhappy at west ham would he of signed a extension in the summer when he could of moved there and then yes its been evident that he didn’t want to be here and was expecting this but for example moving to a new job in an office working your socks off but only fetching the coffee then your promised a pay rise and and to move up yet the following year your still fetching the coffees but being told to fetch the paper as we’ll yes there wrong doing on both sides and payet has handled it wrong but in some sence he hasnt as f the minute he hasn’t handed in a transfer request we don’t no the actual details so maybe once everyone’s cooled off and the media make things ten times worse we may be able to rescue the situation and get him paying again maybe his using this as a threat to try getting his promises yes its still wrong but its one positive view on it

  3. Or all this is a ploy to trick allerdayce then come Saturday payers in the team allerdayce is shocked and we win 5-0 we can only wish

  4. Spot on Gonzo. Glad I’m not the only one who’s got to tell his boys at 3.30 about Payet.

    He’s completely used us. Let’s hope it’s made the players as angry as the fans and it galvanises us as a team. COYI!!!!!!!!!!

    • It did not go well Cas, my son cried and my daughter is questioning the wisdom of having ‘Payet’ printed on the back of her T-shirt.

      My son’s wall is plastered with Payet pictures too and he’s just gone onto his XBOX and sold him.

      • Poor little lad 😬
        I think you should do the right thing Gonzo,take them out for a mega pizza,cinema,new xboxs games.Its the right thing to do.I dont mind finding ways of spending your money for the greater good of your lads happiness 😂😂

  5. Gonzo,i understand we had an offer of 38 million from china ,forget Marselle,lets take the money and let him rot in the far east

    • Some reports are saying hammermolder Payet said he is not leaving for any club other than Marseille presumably to force the price down.

    • Yeah it was in the summer wasnt it.Im sure another Chinese club would pay silly money for him now though.
      But dont forget that he is such a man of principals his only love is Marseille 😁
      Seriously though its a shame he will he remembered for this crap & not for the pleasure he gave us last season.He really was a joy to watch.The ‘orrible little turd 😂😂

      • If we could get another chinese club for him and £100m, they paid £60m for Oscar afterall who is nothing special, then he can eat as many Kentucky Fried Chinese’s as he likes. I can’t see him ever playing for us again so now it is just a case of when we sell, if we can get a proper fee for him, maybe do a deal with PSG they have a load of players that they want to get rid of so might be able to sweeten the deal with some swap or another and a transfer fee. Anyway onwards and upwards am looking forward to the match Saturday COYI !!!

  6. No shock here, I have been saying since his third game this season he has not been trying, obviously actually wanted out in the summer and didn’t get it. In my opinion in a situation where a player refuses to play for the club the club should not have to pay them any wages as it’s the player breaking his contract and I would tell him to stay away from training, not put him in the u23 team just nowhere near the club and tell him he will start to get paid again when he turns up fully match fit and with an attitude to want to play, if that means him spending money on personal trainers to get him fit that is the players problem and the fa an FIFA should be backing the club to the full over it, to me the last about 8 games of last season he wasn’t interested either an you will see that from my tweets back then as well, hope Slav an the two dates stick to what they said on video and don’t sell him, let him rot

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