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Video: Gonzo speaks his mind!

Our partners Hammers Chat have rapidly become the leading video makers on the West Ham scene and we are thrilled that they have been on board with us almost from Day One.

In top man Gonzo they have a gifted producer who is passionate for this club and everybody within it – proud to have you with us mate.

In this latest video he makes absolutely no bones at all about how he feels as the media have a field day with our fans dubbing them everything from a pig to dogs over the London Stadium problem- assuming dog lovers will excuse us.

Here in this video he points out the faults that have been pastered all over the Press and makes it clear that we are decent people who don’t deserve what we’ve been getting.

He also addresses the errors that have been committed by the various parties to the London Stadium move but chiefly speaks up for you the fans.


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About Gonzo

ST holder, West Ham video blogger, www.hammerschat.com @Gonzobignose

6 comments on “Video: Gonzo speaks his mind!

  1. you can turn a blind eye in your own ground as we did at UP but Newham make the rules with their security company so we have to do as they say ans SIT DOWN and only then can you negotiate a safe standing area, until then sit down shut up and keep us out of the news.

  2. Views from a fan that actually attends a game not one from an Internet stream by the side of a Norwegian fjord? Good stuff Gonzo

  3. ‘Fans’ who its good to post videos on ****ter etc give the media enough rubbish to print about the club and its followers. You cant complain when sticks that are used to beat us are supplied by our own fans.

    • To true Jimmy very much like those that use the power of forums and the Internet to post every negative on a daily basis 🙂

      • But some of our fans love a good drama.What would they post on a daily basis if they had nothing to moan about lol.They would be totally lost if their nappies stayed dry all the time.
        Yeah we all know their are problems that need sorting,we know the stewarding is dysfunctional & needs sorting.We all know that without the same w*nkers talking about it every f*cking day lol

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