Video: Gonzo’s camera catches Watford mayhem


I took my camera to the game v Watford and got far more than I bargained for.

What had initially had started out as a very uneventful vlog actually ended with fans fighting, children crying and a number of inept stewards making the situation worse.

You know the game result yourselves and indeed although the video starts off well enough the sinister turn on the terraces coincides with the capitulation on the pitch.

I shall write a full blog of my match experience later today as there is far more than is just in the video and clearly some issues that need addressing.

I apologise in advance because I do usually try to keep my videos as upbeat, fun and family friendly as possible but unfortunately yesterday was none of those things.

I would say ‘enjoy’ but I doubt any genuine West Ham fans will

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  • HammerJeff says:

    All these goings on and off the pitch are making me incredibly sad and ashamed at the moment…. We should never, ever be turning on each other at games. Embarrassing enough to lose that way, but the behaviour by some is despicable – no excuses. Man up and hold it in 🙁 #coyi

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