Video: Live Review

As always we’ll be giving some biased analysis of the game moments after the referee blows his whistle for full-time. At the time of writing we are 1-0 down to Premier League champions Leicester City at half-time so join us straight after when we’ll hopefully be celebrating a momentous comeback.

The starting selection, Man on the match, tactics and substitutions will all be discussed by myself Geo and Charlie. . . .  . . hopefully we’ll also have a few goals of our own to discuss.

Simply click on the video link below to after 90 mins plus injury time and you can view live on Claret and Hugh. Alternatively the broadcast can be watched shortly after we’ve finished recording.



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5 comments on “Video: Live Review

  1. No momentous comeback but we definately deserved something today.
    Lady luck was not shining on us.Thats life.
    One defeat & a section of our fans are badmouthing most our players on matchthreads.
    Sad bunch of social inadequates.

  2. Well spoken Geo about Noble and Kouyate.
    Kouyate was not present today but Noble compensated for him very well.

  3. Im a bit long in the tooth & am well past the crying & sulking stage when we lose.I am disappointed of course but thought it was a cracking game of footie all in all…

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