Video: Live Transfer Talk

We’ll be hosting a live transfer chat at 8:30 this evening which will also be available to view later.

All the latest gossip will be discussed including Antonio, Fonte and the possible arrival of Β Michy Batshuayi as well as the clubs general transfer policy itself.

Simply click on the link below and you be able to view the live feed.


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32 comments on “Video: Live Transfer Talk

  1. Sooo…on the subject of transfers i read much about us being sluggish,farting about,amatuerish,yadda,yadda.
    Well since the TW opened i have read & seen much talk from managers in the bottom 5 saying they need fresh faces desperately & need these new players asap.Sooo..my question is how many players have these clubs signed.I think in most cases none or possibly one.
    Does this mean all their boards & negotiating teams are amatuerish or does it just prove that the January TW is a ******* to do business in until the selling clubs feel like they can get top dollar nearer the close of the window & the buying clubs reach panic levels.
    I was just putting it out there.I in no way wish to spoil the fun of our groaning fans who will be lost if they cant moan all the way through the TW.

    • Yeah you cant or couldnt say Julian Dicks on here without it blanking it or S****horpe lol πŸ˜‚
      I think Hugh & Sean brought in the swear filters because of the Allardyce articles πŸ˜‚

  2. LF in January if the selling club have an asset they dont want to or dont need to sell they will hold out for as long as they want.If fans think all we have to do is flash some cash & the likes of Defoe & Snodgrass will be sold they are well wrong.Why do you think the last days of the window get so chaotic but the first two or three weeks pass by with little movement,its always been the same.
    If we are ‘farting about’ as i see it put then 90% of the Premier League must be “farting about’ as well at the moment πŸ˜πŸ’¨

  3. There aint Gonz & there will probably be little real activity until the last week.The first two or three weeks are just free hits for the f*cking moaners to slag off our board or recruitment team lol 😁😁

  4. Gonzo wouldnt know what a swear filter is on his site.He is a right potty mouth lol

    • We gave up on the swear filter a long time ago Colin. I don’t swear on the videos largely because my kids are around during editing or filming but anything goes on the forum as long as its not nasty. It’s a futile task asking passionate fans not to swear following a 5-0 loss

      • Yeah sometimes you just need to let it all out Gonz.Hugh has got us gagged & bound but you always get some tosser who puts a * in the word to get round it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        • We had one particular plugin which would update itself and learn all the swear words as it went along and block them. Unfortunately in the end people couldn’t even type Julian Dicks and it all got a bit silly. I stopped it and just said “no racism or nasty stuff that get’s persona” and everyone has been good as gold since.

          I’m not even sure that our Allardyce thread would have existed without profanity.

  5. I see there is another C&H bashing session going on on WHTID.
    It really does amuse me coming from a bunch of guys who are so quick to say that the board act CLASS.They should look in the mirror i think.

  6. Who gives a sh*t what they think Col.They are two faced *******s who slag of this site even though they know Sean is involved then Sean does an article for them & they give it the ‘Great article Sean,’Nice One Sean’,’ Good to see you posting on here Sean’.Absolutely full of sh*t

  7. So will the german fella who lectured us on the if you dont like a site dont read it tell them the same thing or do his site cronies not get the same lecturers!!

  8. Look, personally I say ‘Live and let live’. I don’t like it when people insult others from the safety behind a keyboard, no matter which forum or blog they are from.
    But I also think we are all grown ups and should act accordingly.
    I doubt people will stop posting insults just because I ask them to anyway.
    I never got why you would want to get into name calling with fellow fans, I really don’t get it. Tribalism should be reserved for our rivals really.
    But then again, certain people on both blogs seem to enjoy the confrontation/rivalry.
    Again, we are all grown ups and have to decide for ourselves how to behave…

    • Hold you horses here pal.When someone writes That moron Hugh then thats taking it too a different level.Now a fan can call me all the names under sun & i will hit back or not care but when you start saying it about the owners of the sites ie Hugh or Iain Dale then thats going well beyond imo…

      • Agreed. Calling someone a moron is uncalled for, crossing a line.

        • Oh well H aint my problem it is them who have to deal with slagging off what Sean does here & then be all best buddies when he does something on your site.
          I might have many faults but i really hate two-faced people in life πŸ˜‰

  9. He has selective vision LF he only picks up on what is written on here about there.And thats only when he aint day dreaming about pie & mash 😁

  10. Well what a surprise the intellectuals are on the warpath again because they don’t like something! I wonder if I email Dale and complain he’ll remove a few? Doubt it though he’s probably happy being known as the Prozac site for manic depressive hypocrites πŸ™‚

  11. Right guys, I’m taking a little time out before starting today’s coverage to explain my position on things. I am doing so because I am chuffed to bits with your fabulous support (in the main ) towards myself, Sean and the site. You deserve some explanations.

    1/No swearing: That is a rule across this and the Facebook forum which I urge you all to join as it’s a whole lot of fun and has over 2k members all of whom observe it quite happily. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/
    It’s there because it is entirely unnecessary and when I see the filthy mouths on other forums and what relentless swearing can lead to I know exactly why I introduced it. This is not about being a prude or narrow minded. I do swear myself privately but to actually sit and write it down? NOOOOO.
    There are women, children and people here who simply don’t like it. I’m among em. So that’s the end of that as far as I am concerned. I won’t let the site’s forums sink to the level of so many.

    WHTID: Trolls appear everywhere. We even had an article written about us on another major site without our name being mentioned which attacked us generally and me personally on every front. I knew nothing about it until Sean pointed it out to me and it was simply laughable and wrong. Quickly forgotten. The WHTID guys can do and say whatever they like about me and the site. Simply don’t care guys although the way you rally to support me is amazing and I thank every one of you. However, honestly I have to tell you that neither Sean or myself give a flying toss about what they say. You have my admiration for even trying to wade through the welter of words on there. I gave up this morning after 3 minutes.

    DS and DG: We have been regularly criticised as being in their pocket. Just silly and an easy cheap shot. Remember who killed the paid for telephone lines, us, remember a recent blog in which I called for DS to buy big this winter and criticising the summer signings etc. I am a supporter of the board for various reasons and I am grateful they make themselves accessible but be assured we will dig em out when necessary. It’s just wise to choose the right battles.

    Thanks lads and once again my gratitude for your loyalty and support (by and large!). For those who don’t like the site or me personally but remain, stay within the limits please. Otherwise it’s a free country.

  12. I have never understood these pathetic click bait remarks..
    1) You dont have to click if you dont want to
    2) Even if you do so what,its 10secs out of your life reading the story,big deal
    3 )It is entirley free so it aint as if you have subscribed to read stories.

  13. Said with largesse and dignity. Well done Hugh.

  14. In the end fans vote with their feet so to speak.I have friends who though they are not signed up here read the articles all the time and thoroughly enjoy them
    That other site will die on its feet if the the small band of moaners continue to monopolize it.Others will give it a wide berth because it is so depressing.Thats no attack on the site owner there but the dirty dozen or so who dont know how to give it a rest.

    • LF it’s been going on for a year or two!! Used to get annoyed about it but now just think there sad pathetic nobody’s who crave attention and a pat on the head πŸ™‚

      • Well maybe if some of the mugs had kept their gobs shut in the first place no one would take the rise.What do they expect when it was them mugs who originally looked down their noses at this place & its users.References to Claret & Poo & the like,users on here being called rabid,illiterate,animals,savages from the high & mighty.
        So yeah it was simple,they was going to get some grief thrown back their way.
        I cant remember that bloody site ever being referred to on here until we were told what some of their godlike fans were saying about us.But of course butter dont melt in their mouths does it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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