Video: LVG makes himself a laughing stock


If you haven’t seen it yet this the hilarious video of Louis van Gaal defending Long Ball United yesterday which has make him the laughing stock of football!

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  • Knightley1985 says:

    Sean, normally I agree and enjoy the content on this site. This time however, I think you may have got it wrong.

    When Sam accused United of long ball play my first thought was ‘pot, kettle, black”. Then this video came to light and I think LVG has every right to hit back. If you look at the data he produces in full he actually makes Sam look a laughing stock, not himself.

    Granted his initial explanation is a little lost in translation but I bet his English is better than Sam’s Dutch.

  • Sam got under his skin, the first rule of media is don’t bite back. Sam said what he said to get LVG to bite and he did. Whether the long ball united comment was correct or not is besides the point. If you see the Manchester United’s press officer face grimace it says it all. PR disaster for LVG but it makes a change it is not us for once :;)

  • Willtell says:

    I don’t think Sam Allardyce was trying to get LVG to “bite” he was just trying to show that it isn’t just him that validates this long ball tactic when they need a result. Overall though SA is a self-promoting ego maniac and that works well if you are happy with mid-table mediocrity and survival with an occasional glimpse of success….

  • ammeral says:

    Sam’s point, made twice, was that “at the end” the long ball game of ManU undid us. Sam never misses the opportunity of tongue in cheek self promotion and the ‘attack’ on LVG re long ball was also a closet self vindication of the tactic – a free hit.
    I don’t think LVG gets the humour of this and it has played brilliantly for Sam. Apart from making himself look very silly, LVG has also not defended the point made – long ball tactics at the end of the game. 60% possession had achieved zip, so he went long ball – end of.
    LVG has shown himself to be thin skinned – something that I’m sure others will play on.

  • bubs says:

    It’s all stupid and both managers should know better,why try and get under someone’s skin who you will not plat against again the season ?
    Man Utd have now got a manager with arrogance and stubbornness just like us,
    They let a lot of pampered players push out a real manager with a real premiership CV,
    We need a new young manager who wants to take us to the next stage of witch BFS has no record as a player or manager.

  • conkerpot says:

    What is even funnier is the BFS brigade are just as wound up by it as van gaal.

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