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Video: Match Review LIVE!


We’ll be back as usual with our live review on what will hopefully be a victory against Sunderland.

Simply click on the link below a few moments after the final whistle and join myself, Geo & Tom whilst we dissect all the action from the Stadium Of Light.

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  • Richie says:

    Randolph v Adrian. Both are actually as bad/good as each other. The actual issue is we have two second rate GKs vying over the no.1 jersey. Either would make a decent back up to play a handful of games a season but we need a top goalkeeper to come in, establish themselves and give the defence some confidence. I hope Billic sees this, and I hope the board see this and don’t try and do it on the cheap by giving Adrian a new contract and getting these two bang average GKs to fight over the jersey. Let Adrian go and get in Pickford, Hart or an established GK from abroad and spend 10-15m to get them. We need someone to come in who is going to be a no. 1 for the next 5/6 years.

    • Richie says:

      I want the manager gone. He has put together a squad that isn’t fit enough or good enough in my opinion. Too many average journeymen in this squad now. He was starting to get it right but maybe, and Im going to struggle to say this, but maybe it he had a solid foundation from Fat Sam in which to work. We will stay up by the skin of our teeth but if we are being honest we have actually been pretty poor since the back end of last season. I don’t trust him to make the right calls in picking the XI, to make the right substitutions during a game, and i don’t trust him to spend the cash wisely in the summer. We need a fresh pair of eyes to look at this squad.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Can’t disagree with that. Leroy didn’t hold back on here the other day about how poor Sunderland are. He was right about that too. So what does that say for us? How many games without a goal but 2 against us. At least we scraped a point, but how embarrassing it is – yet again.

  • Thiucgshaun says:

    That was pathetic from Randolph. It’s a good thing Swansea and Hull lost today. I thought Leroy’s column yesterday was rubbish. It was never going to be a walkover and that was proved.

  • PopRobson says:

    Totally agree can’t for the life of me work out some of the bullish comments I read such as ‘nine points from the next 3 gsmes’ a few weeks back er we got none and as for us going up to the North East to spank them, seriously just who have these people been watching all season. I am now firmly in the Slav out camp because otherwise I think it will be more of the same next season. Listen I was a strong Bilic supporter but if he has lost me its not too hard the believe he could have lost the players as well.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Even if we win a couple now ( which I really do not think we will do) I cannot understand a lot of the comments assuming Bilic keeps his job as long as we stay up. This season has to be seen as a total failure & the manager has to carry the can. A big rebuild is needed but it would be too big a risk to give Bilic yet another chance. We would be in another relegation fight & would have to change managers in the middle of it. The Davids face a difficult job getting a new man, but they have to do it in May/June.

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