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Some days like Man City last Wednesday are just a complete washout. You leave work early, travel through London during rush-hour, witness a 4-0 thrashing then queue for ages only to miss your connecting train.. . . . . . . .  all part of being a West Ham fan really.

Other days however are an absolute pleasure and yesterdays trip to Southampton was the perfect antidote to the collapse against City. A 3pm Saturday kick-off (an increasingly rare occurrence it seems) found our new signings slotting seamlessly into the team and the fans in fine voice and good spirits in the sunshine on the South Coast.

Yesterday was an extremely enjoyable away day and hopefully the video reflects what was a fantastic result.


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6 comments on “Video: Match Vlog

  1. Fantastic away support lads..exciting vlog olso..

  2. I’m in Munchen right now,so for me watching this vlog gives me nothing but a pure pleasure,olmost like i’m in the crowd with you guys..thanks..

  3. Super stuff lads proper fans fully behind the team & manager.No clucking hens in site

  4. Sight
    Reckons someone has put an elastic band round the clucking hens beaks this morning

  5. Dont speak too soon SF.Turbo gob is on there acting like a chav to mention sites who run polls & SHOUT LIKE A KID AT THE YOUNG LAD WHO DOES ARTICLES ON SUNDAYS BECAUSE HE IS JUST A KEYBOARD BULLY BOY.

  6. Damn right H&P it’s just grown up bully boys targeting a young Asian lad. There are 4 of them and every time he posts they start the bully boy comments. Iain Dale condones it by not putting a stop to it. Shame on him.

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