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We’ll be hosting our new feature ‘Cup of Tea with Geo & Gonzo’ at 8:30pm tonight which can be watched live here on Claret and Hugh.

The topic for debate tonight is the now confirmed interest from energy drinks company Red Bull to try and gain ownership of our beloved West Ham United. The whole saga has thrown up more questions than answers particularly give their recent success in German football and the fact that they like to re-brand every club with their own name and logo.


It also brings into question the value of the club and what other potential buyers are waiting in the wings.

Is it a good or bad thing? Are we happy with the current ownership? Would we sell the family silver in order to compete at the top end of the table? Are the Saudi’s set to make a bid?  . . . .  . . We’ll try to cover as much of this as possible and of course answer any questions.

Simply click on the video link below to watch live or alternatively view in your own time once the broadcast has finished.

In short should we stick or twist?

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  • Richie says:

    I hope we can improve the squad in January but ultimately I will be watching next summer very carefully. According to SSN we spent similar to Sunderland and Southampton in the summer and were outspent by Palace, Bournemouth, Everton. We spent some 20/25 million less than Spurs. Now things will take time but if the board are serious about a ‘world class’ team in a ‘world class’ stadium they need to seize the moment and make things happen now – there is already enough discontent in the stands.

    Either the current board can take us on to that next level with the spending or they can’t. If we continue to get outspent by a band of clubs in the prem I think we should be equal to then that is an issue and we will never be the club that G&S have said we would be i.e. competing for top 4 or trophies.

    It doesn’t take much but we just need to level up. For instance, if we went out a spent 20m in January on 3 players that could be the difference between top and bottom half and put a gloss on our season. However, I feel they will try and do things cheaply.

    Why don’t we go and get Berahino. Surely we are a more attractive proposition than the likes of Stoke, Everton etc. I would like to sign Berahino, Long and a RB.

  • justcalmdown says:

    Great chatshow fellas!
    Thank you for bringing me the up to date gossip on our beloved hammers. Personally I’m loving our club, owners included, it’s never going to be perfect is it, so we should be grateful for what we’ve seen improve over the last 5 or so years.
    I for one have always taken a dig at my Chelsea and Man City mates, saying someone bought them success, which is a fact. Of course we would all love to see Westham win the premier league and go a long way in the CL. But if it happened next season, because of some super power buying us and bringing in a brand new elite squad, I’d personally hate that.
    Geo you said Red Bull are buying young players and building gradually, well then I’d be happy with for sure. Hate to say it but look at Arsenal and Wenger, now that’s how to run a club and stick with your beliefs. Building teams through youth, confident hardworking squad players with a FEW big money signings thrown in is how teams SHOULD be trying to be the BEST. I love it that we’re known to have a great youth academy, an entertaining way of playing now and one of the strongest fan bases in the premiership.
    It would feel wrong for our club to be bought and turned into the new Chelsea/Man City in a couple of seasons. Everyone would know the only reason why we won anything was because of MONEY, not through honest ways. I’d love to see our owners stay and become a super power, watch them and us grow as a TEAM. If it takes 15-20 years before we get to really compete with the big boys then so be it 🙂

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