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Video: Talk a Good Game tells the players: “give the fans some confidence after a shaky start”

Ok we’re back to the Premier League and in this video the lads from Hammers Chat are taking a really keen look at the Sunday game against Bournemouth.

A major point to emerge is the ongoing worry over the full back position and Slaven Bilic is even told to “learn from his mistakes.”

Everybody is hoping against hope  the Hammers of last season suddenly emerge and that we start to show some real form.

This is becoming a must win game already given the immediate fixture at the Etihad before the international breakuture.

Give this a listen as Gozo saus it’s time to “give the fans confidence after a shaky start.”



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Video: Talk a Good Game tells the players: “give the fans some confidence after a shaky start”

  1. I can see this all ending badly.I mean come off it,how can we expect the team to give us some confidence.If they do & we win what are the moaners going to do until the following game.No i just can’t see it working out.

  2. We have some total f*cking hypocrites amongst our fans Bob.So quick to call us all on here Rabid Dogs,Ignorant Pigs when we wanted BFS out but now the same tw*ts sit there moaning about anything & everything about the club.Load of sh*tebags

  3. That would be the same fans who said we didn’t support West Ham because we didn’t support the manager Rads.Yeah that will be the same ones now who never stop moaning about the club & everything about it they can find to moan about lol

    • Rick it’s totally different though! Apparently the Slug saved us from the abyss, got us playing like Barcelona, defending like the great sides of old and the hidings by Forrest and City were all the players fault and never his.Slav is just riding the coat tails of the exalted ones fantastic work with the team spirit and his undying loyalty towards the youth academy and there development according to his disciples. They were ****ing idiots last year, the year before that and have started again.

      • It’s a joke GW.So you can attack everything about the club but remain a true supporter because you didn’t call Allardyce any of Hippo,BFS or Fat Sham.You can rip the manager to pieces,the transfer policy,the board & the club in general but thats fine because you never had a nickname for Sam.What a load of ****.True supporters..I think not.There again they have a different rule book for themselves lol

  4. Rick they’ve been lurking in the shadows for 12 months waiting to post their ********, they got their wish when the Dung beetle got the England job and kept Sunderland up telling everyone he was a ****ing defensive mastermind and he’s the messiah. They’ve been itching to have a go at Slav, the board and the club for 12 months, it frustrates them to death that Slav achieved more in 1 season than the Slug delivered in 3 and no doubt after the fat turd has destroyed England they’ll be wanting him back.. ****ers

  5. True enough mate.The same ones who thought the treatment of Allardyce & name calling was so bad but happily sit there taking cheap shots at DG,DS & Brady.Different rule book again GW.But we are the inarticulate chumps,always remember that lol

  6. That man caused so much division between fans which I could sort of understand but some of the remarks I have read recently with regard to the manager & board are bananas.I mean truly crackers.I have read fans slamming some of our new signings after one match or less.Some of these players that these same fans freely admit to have never having heard of or watched before but can judge after 90 minutes or less..It is crackers,absolutely.

    • Eddie they did it with Antonio last year and this year it’s Tore but you can’t say a bad word about Nobes or AC as they play better when the players are better apparently. Some of them are an embarrassment to themselves and the club.

  7. Shouldn’t we all be proud that the ex West Ham manager is now England manager? Ok I didn’t think that one through did I haha 😀

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