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Video: Gonzo talks West Brom

No Talk a Good Game yesterday but I’ve decided to review yesterdays result following a night’s sleep.

What certainly felt like a loss at the time due to the injury time goal was probably on reflection not the worst result in the world.

Here are my thoughts.


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  1. Yes we have needed a striker all season long. Why is it when we do go after a striker it turns into a soap opera. drags on for weeks if not months, the whole thing turns into desperation and we go and spend £20 million just before the window closes on Ayew, Who know knows if his a striker or midfielder. Compare this with Southampton. Who in the last transfer window quietly signs Gabbiadini, from Napoli, a Italian international for a mere £17 million. Who then score 3 amazing goals in his first 2 games. He looks one hell of a striker. Now that’s the way to do business.

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