Villa’s Agbonlahor back for Irons clash

gabby-agbonlahor-440392Aston Villa pacey hitman Gabby Agbonhlahor is expected to be back in Tim Sherwood’s team for the clash against the Irons at the weekend

He returned from injury this week and according to a tweet from the club “is back in training and available for the match with West Ham.”

Christian Benteke is currently in top form as the club has risen up the table and with an FA Cup Final appearance against Arsenal two weeks away the Irons can expect a tough examination.


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20 comments on “Villa’s Agbonlahor back for Irons clash

  1. The Boys are going to have a field day tracking Agbonlahor and Bentenke…respect the point?

  2. It has this strategy written all over it,go to ‘Respect The Point’,give up possesion for most the match & leave having lost 1-0.Sam will probably take positives from that in his negative world 😉

  3. respect the slow painful boring point i suppose or loss seeing how we’ve been playing lately….

  4. Honestly, (and I have said it before as have others) just go for it, guns blazing, never say die, would rather go down in flames than to have not have tried at all.

  5. Delph must be licking his lips playing against Nolan all that freedom,
    I don’t think Bentenke will be a problem Ginge will take him out if he gets away with his normal country led of mistakes,
    Our problem is going to be scoring with 11 people behind the ball let’s hope the Ref is feeling generous again.

  6. Navajo how can you go for it with Nolan and Cole in the team ,
    That’s like say go and fight the Taliban here’s your bow and arrow yes just one,
    We should play every game like that till the end of the season if we win one it’s better than drawing all three 0-0
    We will have to wait till next season,
    I hope they celebrate on the other site next season when Nolan scores that goal for Sunderland

    • You might be surprised what I could do with just a few simple tools like a bow and arrow…you are right, Cole and Nolan do not add the dimension that is needed up front. I appreciate Nolan for his leadership and goals a few seasons ago but he is now past it. Poor Cole, love him, but couldn’t hold up a gas station with bazooka.

  7. Absolutely Nav,i have always said i dont mind travelling to the away matches if we have a go,but i am sick of going to matches where we near as damn it lay down & surrender.I can take a defeat if we have had a real good crack at it.Nothing worse than losing when you never even gave it your all.Allardyce regularly sets up to not be beaten with no intention of taking the game to the opposition.Same will happen saturday,we will be defensive & try to respect the point.I can see it now 😉

  8. In My personal opinion there a many reasons why Allardyce has to go, but one of the most important is that he has divided fans into two parts. The manager seems to be more important than the team. This is not acceptable, he has to go asap, another year like this one would be unthinkable. I say this as foreign fan.

  9. Im sick of it Matte,its ok when you go to the games.Almost everyone is focused on the team & the game,not a rant about Allardyce,but it soons starts up again on social media & other places.I just get so fed up when i see people saying we should give Hippo another year or two year contract.I dont get it.Three wins in Eighteen & people think this is worthy of a new contract.Its nonsensical.He has reached his limit as to how far he can take us.It is immaterial anyway because he is history,but it still makes me wonder what the f*ck goes through peoples minds sometimes 😀

  10. I do not understand it either Rads it like having a dog that bites you and you give it another chance how long do you let it bite you before you get shot of it ,
    That does not mean you hate dogs because you would go and get another,
    But they seem to like being bitten weekly,and then they say but when he was a pup he never did bite anyone,

  11. I know rads, he has to go because of his pathetic football and for the good of the fans. This is a point of no return, in fact it’s getting worse by the week. And like it or not ge has to go, there’ no other solution.

  12. But i just dont get it.Any other fans would be crying out for the manager to go after such a poor run of form.But no,we have nutters saying give him a new contract,lol,i have got to the stage where i just sit & wonder where i can get some of the stuff they are smoking 😀

  13. Ahaha… This fact is really strange… It’s still a mistery… Probably Sam is like faith, be happy and don’t ask any more questions, you just have to believe in him… Lol


  14. Maybe they are just a bunch of pussies.The rest of their life is average,dull & boring so thats how they like their football 😉

  15. Good Point of view Tyson… Lol

  16. You have hit the nail on the head Tyson,
    They come here don’t conquer and go back there,
    But his week more are coming over here because they have had enough,
    Last week I felt like crap because it felt like BFS was staying but now like Rads I feel he has gone for sure,
    That is what they are feeling and are trying a last ditch attempt at rallying the troops,

  17. Yes, he has gone for sure bubs, if he doesn’t go I’m not going out with a girl for two years… I want to become a martyr… Lol


  18. Matte your stats cabinet will explode,
    You could end up like the Cookie Monster every thing in hand

  19. Ahahahah….

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