Wan-Bissaka: Defensive Upgrade or Risky Gamble?

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West Ham United‘s quest for defensive solidity has led them to Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Manchester United’s right-back. But is the 27-year-old the answer to the Hammers’ problems, or a risky investment?

With Vladimir Coufal nearing the end of his prime, West Ham desperately needs a right-back who can not only replace him but also improve the overall defensive unit.

Wan-Bissaka boasts a reputation for exceptional one-on-one defending, earning praise from fellow players like James Maddison. Statistical analysis backs this up, highlighting his impressive ball recoveries, clearances, and duels won.

At a reported £13 million, Wan-Bissaka stands out as a potentially cost-effective option compared to other defenders in the market. This affordability makes him a tempting target for the Hammers.

While Wan-Bissaka shines defensively, his limitations in attack pose a potential problem. West Ham’s system will rely heavily on attacking full-backs who contribute significantly in the final third and Wan-Bissaka might find it difficult to fit this mould

Also age is another factor. Nudging 28, Wan-Bissaka might not represent a long-term solution, especially considering West Ham’s focus on developing young talent.

So, the Irons face a tough decision. Wan-Bissaka’s defensive prowess and potential affordability are undeniable advantages. However, his shortcomings in attack and potential system mismatch raise concerns.

I think we should take a punt on him, it would be a fantastic piece of business and will add crucial depth to the defensive personnel ahead of next season.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    I’m a big fan of Coufal, but it’s got to be an upgrade just to have real competition for the position. And Coufal is approaching the end of his career so it’s best to be ahead of the game for once.

  • Ian says:

    Wan Bissaka immediately strengthens our starting line up. He’s better defensively and offensively than Coufal and has excellent pace. It’s a no brainer signing. Whether he’d come to us is another matter.

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    Wan-Bissaka is 26, Simon. U really don’t like to post accurate information at all do u? Maybe try getting your facts right, especially if u are going to use his age in part of your argument. If u can’t get basic facts right, then how are we expected to believe any other details in the articles u post. Very disconcerting that u just post these lazy articles without doing any proof reading, fact checking or research. No doubt copy and paste as usual! If u are going to continue to be a lazy armchair writer, u need to start doing better and putting in at.least some kind of effort as its just very painful reading!

    • Billy says:

      I bet it’s painful getting criticised and called a lazy journalist by someone who can’t even be bothered to write the word “you” properly but has to use the letter “u”

      • Iron_It_Out says:

        No, I wasn’t in my arm chair or being lazy at all. It was predictive text that amended it to “u” as I was on my phone out in the sun while reading and replying. And at no point did I ever call him a journalist! However, if that’s the extent of your critique or criticism, then I’m obviously doing a better job than the writer of this article. Also there was a space missed out and a full stop accidentally typed in its place as well, just in case you missed it! That was definitely my fault. However none of my misdemeanours were then used as part of an argument later in the article to suggest reasons not to buy the player.

      • My middle leg says:

        Haha it’s people like you that believe every piece of bs this site spews out then spits the dummy out when we sign a 30 year old has been wanting one last big pay day

    • Chas says:

      You not u. Two letters difference. Not that hard for you is it? Or are you just a lazy armchair writer?

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