War of words from Hammers target agent


BrotherMarko Arnautovic’s agent has accused Stoke of playing games claiming the club promised they would not stand in the players way when he wanted to move on. His agent who is also his brother claimed they had an agreement when he signed a new contract last year.

Speaking to The SunDaniel Arnautovic said: “Marko is very thankful to the Stoke City supporters for the past four years, and I know Marko has paid them back on the pitch. But now the time has come to say goodbye, and we want to do it in a nice way.

“When we re-signed last year the club promised that they will not stand in his way if he one day wanted to leave. That day is nowhere.”

We hope the club finally will understand how good the offer is and that they will remove and solve the final problem preventing any transfer,” Daniel Arnautovic added.

“What that exactly is I don’t want to say – at this moment – but obviously it is a big issue which is stopping us for now. The offer Stoke has revealed is not what has been reported in the media. The true level of the offer I will keep to myself – however Stoke is well aware of it.”

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  • markro says:

    …and so it goes on…

  • English says:

    He’s bang average, we could do better.

  • mooro66uk says:

    you can please some of the people etc etc

  • Radai Lama says:

    Im telling ya Mooro its mission impossible.Whoever we try to sign some will say they are shyte some will want them.Personally i think he is a good player & having spoken to my irons mates on the site im working at they were up for it as well 😉
    Each to their own i suppose 😀

  • markro says:

    Interestingly, he has “injured” his knee in the first pre-season match.
    I’m pretty sure that he’ll need physio until he’s got the move he wants.

    • JRS says:

      Ha made the same assumption on another post. Seems those happen all the time when a ayer wants a move so he stays fit. Good thing is he wants move here
      Biut as for who said he is Average maybe but has potential to be very good and were aren’t attracting the Mpabbes and Keitas of the world so we have to do with average to good or we have to go after young unfound gems which is not Bilics way. 11tj place we are avg. But Marko, Little Pea, & Antonio with Lanzini behind would be quiet a handful for defenders

    • JRS says:

      Looks as if he did fake the injury to not really get hurt and muck up move which he seems set on moving here. Good for us. Esp if we can throw snoddy in deal to cheapen fee

  • kevin says:

    If he brings an improvement to team then I am all for it . Not exactly what we wanted but an improvement is an improvement . Could turn out to be a smart signing if it happens , only time will tell . Some fans on here rate him so , I’ll go along with Thier opinions .

  • Edgey54321 says:

    I notice the comment if he wants to leave Stoke would not stand in his way, fair enough but even at WHU we expect to get our monies worth (Okay not with Payet) so the offer has to be realistic. Looking around at players that play as many matches as he does and his age, you are not going to buy him for a fee similar to Snodgrass. So West Ham either put up or shut up, dont do the same as last season drag things on and on until its to late then when the window closes say we tried. The money is (or should be) there so if you want as you say to improve the team and all at the club agree that the player is the right one, then stop trying to save a million here or there. Just buy the player you want.

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