Ward Prowse perfect for Moyesball


David Moyes has the look of a contented man, who’s very happy in his own skin. Gone is the pretence of a coach seemingly coerced into changing tactics unsuited to his ethos. And in James Ward Prowse, the manager has found an ally perfect for his ‘Moyesball’ tactics.

James Ward Prowse is perfect for Moyesball

The West Ham manager had chased the former Southampton captain for over 18 months. However, I suspect Moyes admiration for the player stretches back much further. Because JWP, plays exactly the way the managers tactics demand. In many respects, Ward-Prowse is the perfect embodiment of Moyes preferred attributes.

Perfect all-round midfielder

In terms of attitude, application, work-rate and team-work, the 28 year old is flawless. His set-piece prowess is well renowned, as are his leadership qualities. However his proficiency in the tackle and on the ball from open play have surprised me.

Ward Prowse has very quick feet, plays with is head up and has excellent spatialĀ  awareness. But it’s his propensity to move the ball forward quickly which has really caught my eye. Because JWP is always looking for a ball forward to prompt a counter attack. It’s this attribute beyond all others that makes him perfect for Moyes tactics.

There is no indulgence, no unnecessary traveling with the ball and no hesitation. If there is even a whiff of a long pass on to either Bowen, Benni or Antonio, Ward Prowse will make it.

Of course it’s not just the midfield that makes the difference. Alphonse Areola’s faster distribution plays it’s part as does an in-form Antonio.

But David Moyes must feel like a very vindicated man indeed. He had foresight enough to know how well Ward Prowse would fit into his system.

Moyes tried to change his style last season and abandoned it quickly. We have now unapologetically reverted back to traditional Moyesball . . . only this time Moyesie is doing it his way with HIS players.

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