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We have to help Sakho find his way back

SakhoSo we know from David Gold and David Sullivan that they have no intention of selling Diafra Sakho and plan to resist offers for him.

For that to happen West Ham supporters, andΒ for him to have a way back, we all need to accept he was most likely badly advised to skip training and travel to France in attempt to force a move.

If we are just going to demonise him, abuse him on social media or boo him when he plays we might as well let him go now is my personal opinion.

His personal problems are well known, he has a daughter from his previous partner in Metz with limited access and another daughter from another former girlfriend in the UK.

He has been arrested on an assault charge which was later dropped and he crashed his Lamborghini sports car in a wall. Β Last year he went AWOL just before a scheduled appearance at Lakeside shopping citing personal problems.

We all know his personal problems and this would be like his fifth chance but deep down he is still a great talent who deserves once last chance to repay our faith and loyalty in him in my book.

I for one won’t be joining the group of Sakho haters.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

31 comments on “We have to help Sakho find his way back

  1. I dont hate him.I think he is a cracking player but it dont mean i dont think he is a pain in the arse.We are allowed too think that are we 😁

  2. The Sakho situation is just the latest manifestation of the problem that is Bilic. He cannot manage talent. We saw it with Payet, we got a further taster earlier this week from Snodgrass and there have been others. The team is in danger of imploding. No-one worth their salt will join West Ham while the manager situation is unresolved and I think it is folly to wait for another 4 games

    • Well Hernandez joined because of Slav and Sakho’s problems go back before Slav. I’m sure constant talk of the need for better strikers by our chairman upset him too, bless. I’ve never booed a West Ham player and I will always support anyone wearing the shirt but I’d prefer to see the back of him. Oh yeah, and he is certainly a good player but great?? Come on Sean!

  3. Cant we have a Poll, see what the fans think?

    • What about a sat Nav sean ? I think he should be flogged and bath his wounds in salt !
      Fantastic player for me ! Damage done ! A poll means jack nigel ? Handful of C+H and some others proves nothing! 100,000 different ball game !
      What about a poll for both bilic and sakho and the board ?
      Just for the crack yes but on a serious note , that’s not getting behind anyone is it !
      We keep him he goes on a free , if sully wants him let him offer a new contract πŸ˜‰
      Its a mess ! Hope he stays just can’t see it !πŸ˜‰

  4. Lmao its funny how you all draw conclusions about Bilic now.I mean surely if you were so worldly wise you would have pointed this out during our successful season.I mean you must have spotted it back then with your analytical eye or were you all too busy singing Super Slaven Bilic?!?!

    • Lol yeah i remember when we beat all the big boys away the shouts were of how Slav had out tacticed Wenger, Pellegrino,Rodgers & others.Now fans have known all a long he was a poor clueless manager πŸ‚πŸ’©πŸ˜

    • These are very good points. We’ve had a great season and a poor season under Slaven Bilic. One was always gonna be the norm and one the anomally. Maybe Payet’s brilliance dazzled some of us and only served to paper over the cracks that we couldn’t see. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear to see now.

  5. I agree with you Sean but we have all sorts of problems at the club at the moment and we only want fully committed players. It doesn’t matter who is advising him if he isn’t 110% a West Ham player it’s best to let him go, however late it is in the transfer window. We couldn’t of done more for him, standing by him both while he was injured and while he had personal problems. There is no allegiance in football anymore look at how many players are ‘refusing’ to play for their club. It’s a disgrace but money talks especially when agents can see a big payday.

  6. Sorry No. This has lasted a year now and he has to go tomorrow. He doesn’t want to play for us regardless of his issues. For him personally, it would also be best he left probably to return to France. After trying to engineer the move he shouldt play for us again.

  7. If I owned him it might be interests to forgive and forget. But I don’t. I like him as a player. I understand that his advisors want to maximise their own earnings. But he wasn’t kidnapped. He made a decision. Decisions have consequences and so yes, I think I will have a bit of a boo. He has no future at our club other than the reserves. Having been paid through his injury he is ungrateful to do this. But most of us had probably worked out that as a person he was not all that.

  8. Btw Sean why this love in for Sakho article but no piece saying fans shouldn’t vilify & call Bilic all the names under the sun.
    Strange article actually when a player has just naffed off to France without permission but you come straight out with a dont hate him piece.Did you take a bung from Sak The Bak to write it 😁

    • And how come we shouldnt give up on Sak when you wrote a piece saying you had given up on Carroll.Poppodom is a nightmare but he aint done all this crap Sak The Bak has 😁

    • Or sully πŸ˜‰

    • Bilic has stopped the Dave’s giving c&h inside info about transfers so it suits their agenda for him to go radai 😜
      As for all this crawling up sakho’s backside it’s beyond a joke! They guy scored some goals in his first eight games and since then has been nothing but a poisonous little …nuisance. To me this season his looked completely disinterested too, during the southampton game Hernandez was busting a gut pushed out on the left chasing things down, sakho comes on with fresh legs chases nothing! Justs moans at people every time he doesn’t get the ball or pulls his stroppy face because things arnt going his way. Then same old same old I’m not going to bother earning my place I’m just going to leave because I’m not a guaranteed starter every time I manage to be fit.

      The only conclusion I can come to is c&h have got some strange voyerism/ cuckold fetish and like to see sakho constantly try to F@#k the club and the fans!

      Defending diafra sakho IS indefensible, y would u want such a scumbag at our club?!?!?

      • When Amalifitano had a bust up right at the start of Bilics reign the fan response was well eff him off out the door then.Now its oh it must be Bilic because other players who left have had a go about him.Well i aint seen many players who dont get regular game time be complimentary about their old manager.They normally find a reason to whinge,normally because they just wernt good enougj.I dont know why fans fall for this garbage and actually believe it to stoke their own imagination.

      • Well No 1: I have no idea why your post was deleted as I wasn’t on this section of the operation yesterday because I was writing stories from David Sullivan about the Sakho situation so I don’t quite understand your opening sentence. You will find him and DG quoted in them
        2/ I reply out of courtesy despite this being Sean’s post and neither he or I are worried whether yours is on the money or not. Just opiions. The blogs are here for people to comment. Up to you Mammal but if the language deteriorates we delete which wasn’t the case here. If you think the site is poor ok, your opinion. Cheers

        Must rush deadline day

  9. Roll on tomorrow for Christ sake ! Enough of this pointless crap!
    Let’s see who sully brings in from his phone and let it run its course ? Whatever happens were stuck with it until Jan on the playing front ? Manager is still bilic so let’s hope he can turn it around , if not there will be a change ! The world is still going round its dark outside and its bedtime ! πŸ˜‰

  10. A player has to ‘want’ to be at a club, Sean. With a serious long term injury and rehab Sakho has ‘had’ to be at the club. Regarding Sakho’s talents the jury is out. Prodigious or not is mere conjecture; he has not yet delivered sustained evidence of his ability in the PL. Simple evidence would convince: how simple? Well, scoring goals consistently, remaining fit, occupying defences to enable Hernandez to do what he is capable of as a goal poacher this season. Then an assessment can be made. Only Diafra Sakho can deliver this; if he wants to, and if he has the ability to.

    Being realistic, we are into a season with Hernandez, Sakho, Carroll and Martinez as our cutting edge striking options. One of these is ‘top drawer’ though he lacks pace. Two are injury prone, and the fourth, Martinez, is ‘one for the future’ as the cliche goes. These players have talent, no doubt. Now is the time for those talents to be demonstrated regularly, consistently and credibly. One way or another we do not have sufficient quantity or quality of strikers to sustain a top flight push. Two goals for and ten against point to our weaknesses. While the faithful will cry ”but we’ve had injuries!’, those of us who are loyal but also sceptical will be thinking that if a few injuries so early on in the season have stripped our options so close to the bone, then surely that raises questions about the effectiveness of our transfer dealings. Put bluntly, we need Sakho to deliver his very best when striking options are so thin on the ground. Perhaps we need Sakho more than he needs us. If so, forget sentiment or pride and be pragmatic: Sean has a point.

    As for the Slaven ‘demonisation’. Last season three key areas of deficit in the team were identified by fans and TV pundits alike. Centre backs, defensive/holding midfielder and strikers Preferably with pace: the squad is woefully one-paced, incapable of mixing things up and surprising the opposition. To make matters worse, we have one playmaker in Lanzini, and in principle another now in Arnautovic.

    So far in the transfer window the club, in the shape and form of the owners and Slaven, have failed to respond to what is widely held in the world of football punditry to be our areas of weakness. Hate isn’t an issue here: the crisis we face is symptomatic of poor club leadership. Slaven isn’t the devil in this piece. He’s actually the manager who has presided over a near disastrous second season at the club, and who is experiencing a horrible beginning to his third season. So the question that matters is this: when does the writing on the wall become visible? Why can’t Slaven see that his central defensive options are highly vulnerable. They were last season and they continue to be. Why does Slaven slip into denial in this matter? That is where my concerns about Slaven stem from. Practical and tactical: whether he’s a demon or hero is irrelevant. Slaven is simply getting it badly wrong in central defence.

    When your first team has to field an 18 year old defensive midfielder (no matter what a future prospect he’s considered to be) and a 34 year old gutsy and yet way off the pace centre back by game three of the new season, the clubs promises about ‘strength in depth’, and vying for a top 8-6 finish ring pretty hollow. There’s little wonder that even the most faithful Hammer will be getting edgy as the transfer window closes. Maybe this anxiety is premature; mind you, we have all been here before.

    As for Sakho, my sentiment is summed up in a plea: ‘please give us all a break, Diafra.’ We desperately need Sakho to play well. Maybe we need him to okay well more than he feels he needs to. As for the club: the owners need to show decisive and prudent leadership to ensure the most effective coaching is available to the team this season. How this is managed will be their call.

  11. The whole thing confirms what a bunch of amateurs we are as a club. Transfer policy this window is all over the place. Clearly WHU agreed a fee with Rennes and then, once Sakho had completed his medical, decided he was “integral” to the club’s squad. And now, on the last day, there’s as air of huge desperation as we get linked with all sorts, most of whom no-one has ever heard of. What a shambles. After 54 years supporting this club I am truly embarrassed.

  12. When all is said and done, the facts are:

    1. Slav rates AC above the Sak. Always bigs up AC and when both are fit, always picks AC ahead of Sak. Remember also how the Slug broke up his fruitful partnership with Valencia to accommodate the AC/Nolan partnership.

    2. Sak earns a pittance compared to the other players and he is not getting any younger. These are his best earning years and they are passing him by whilst he plays second fiddle to AC earning an under 17s allowance.

    3.On Bilic’s insistence SUGO allowed Payet to go after throwing a strop, thereby showing all the other players that its easy to get your way if you want out.

    Now what would l do in the circumstances if l was Sakho, be grateful and accept my pittance or try my best to get out?

  13. Actually, Sean, we don’t need to all accept anything. I don’t hate Sak but stop the “badly advised” crap. It is like a cancer in the modern world where no one wants to accept responsibility for their own actions, someone else should be to blame. Sak is not a kid, he’s a grown man and he took the decision to go to France, he should face any consequences, – not that there are likely to be any in a meaningful sense. I like him as a player but I am sick of his attitude and, although I wouldn’t do so myself, I can well understand why others may choose to make their feelings known if he decides to grace us with his presence. Why shouldn’t he know what his paying public think about him?

  14. Haha why did my post get DELETED too on the money?
    I guess that makes you another diafra sakho, don’t like what you hear so throw a wobbly and delete my posts. What’s the point of a comments section if you can’t handle the truth!
    Going severely downhill this site, no real inside info any more, constantly pushing your own agenda, deleting posts, hypocrisy about players and the constant adverts still p me off

  15. You deserve it mammal,you are too carnivorous in your wording.Try being herbivorous πŸ˜‚

  16. Cant believe i just said herbivorous.Is it even a word πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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