West Ham announcement this evening!

logoIn a cryptic message West Ham have announced they have a major announcement this evening regarding one of their first team players.

On the official club twitter account West Ham Official announced “BREAKING: We will have a major announcement regarding one of our first-team players this evening! Stay tuned to !”

As David Gold would say ‘Don’t go to bed!’


What can it be? Answers on a postcard please for those of you old enough to know what one of those is.



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91 comments on “West Ham announcement this evening!

  1. Unfortunately i can remember postscards.Nolan buggering off to Bolton in his bathchair i guess or maybe AC has had his ponytail cut off 😉

  2. I can’t see it being a transfer otherwise the other club would announce it.

    It’s probably one of our lot been arrested or something…..things have been going far to well for West Ham

  3. New Cresswell contract? KN going? Noble learns to read?(sorry) New tea lady? Who knows,all I know is sleep deprivation is getting to me thanks to DG lol

    • New tea lady would be a significant development as the present one is clearly the Boleyn Insider. Otherwise ‘Noble loses arm to a shark shocker’?

    • Shhh no one must know the ITK ID keep it on the QT lol
      Yep I saw the poor creature staring helplessly on the boat earlier,the shark didn’t look too good either

  4. They are trying to build interest so won’t be anything negative. It aint about Nolan . I have a feeling it will be an anti climax

  5. Realy am loosing the will to live with all the non transfers and roumors lol !! Maybe gold getting his boots out again?

  6. Contract extension/improvement seems likely then

  7. I think they are going to announce that C&H surpassed its comment quota for the day 😀

  8. Anyone know what news on Song?? that all seems to have gone quiet.

  9. Nope,i have heard nothing either.But i expect him to join us by the end of the week.Mystic Bradley told me in a dream 😀

  10. ahah… if the major announcement is about Nolan that leaves, I go to sleep now… lol

  11. Haha better get my Tarot cards out…..

  12. Carroll going home? Nobby going home? Downing going home? Miaga going home? Jarvis going somewhere else?

  13. Maybe a new sponsor for the east stand.. The Rampant Rabbit stand..?
    there have been enough ####s around the club in the last few years to appeal to..

  14. Maybe one of them is finally “coming out”?

  15. maybe Carroll is ok… it would be a big scoop…lol

  16. It will be something lame.Doesnt Rads know? Hasnt Mystic Brad contacted him yet.Rads where are you,go for a kip,see if Mystic comes to you in a dream with this news 😉

  17. I have a feeling it could be in reference to Song or Jenks, there wouldn’t be this much build up if a player was leaving.

  18. Haha the Radai Lama is becoming Radai Luther King “I have a dream….” Another man of peace it’s good to note lol

  19. I think it could be about Jenks or Song. Aren’t they technically still our player until June 30 when the loan period ends?

  20. Carlton Cole is coming home for third and final time 😉

  21. Joey O’Brien announces his candidacy to run as President of Ireland?

  22. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself

  23. Matt Jarvis announces he is really a women and underwent surgery before joining West Ham? 😉

  24. Bloody hell Sean have you been on the sauce this afternoon,lol 😀

  25. Haha Sean I hope you’re not repeating these wild rumours elsewhere,there wouldn’t be enough mops to go round lol

  26. Mind you the mind boggles at what they’d come up with about Irish politics and sex changes lol

  27. I am afraid the news will be much more mundane. I agree with Exwhuemployee’s guess that they will announce Andy Carroll will be fit for inclusion in the squad for Thursday.

    It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle

  28. Haha,wow,that will get everyone to the point of internal combustion,the joy & excitement will be heard across the country,lol.If the anouncement is only about that they have lost the plot.Dont they realize many fans are totally bored of the AC saga 😉

  29. Will be something totally mundane.Probably their latest trick to get the site viewing figures up.All the p*ssy pants will be clicking on it every 5secs to be the first to post the news 😉

  30. Borini joins from Liverpool
    Sorry those who don’t want him,

  31. Its an announcement about one of our first team players,but i guess if someone signed this afternoon then they are now one of our first team players.Bet it will be some lightweight trivial bs though.

  32. Nolan given a contract extension ?

  33. Allardyce taken a job as coach driver ? He is fond of parking the bus ?

  34. Well he has a bus drivers figure,its a possibility 😉

  35. Dunno about driving but he loves going on them https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4n1GvlEx2PQ

  36. Nice piece about Dicksy with great penalty footage http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/babb/11706163/.html

  37. Maybe Elliot Lee has lost his virginity

  38. Lol,nah,he was on loan at Luton,he would have lost it long ago there.If you cant score in Luton then give up 😉

  39. Lee is a man child, I am sure he has tasted a figa or two…

  40. Julian Dicks has been sacked is my guess 😀

  41. Hi was wondering if any one knows if the match against Lusitans is being broadcast

  42. BT sport have all the european footie this season.Aint seen it advertised on it yet though 😉

  43. It’s not listed anywhere but probably findable online

  44. Cat Stevens to be our new match day mascot promoting peace between all supporters

  45. Haha yeah and the CND badge to replace the hammers

    • And the building of a peace garden for our last season at the Boleyn ,where we can get together after matches converse with each other and find our inner peace and love

  46. I think the news will be – Adrian has got a new contract

  47. Ahah.. Hold on, I’ve just Read on wetpants a Rolfe’s comment, he’s a bulletproof source “Welcome Song”… He’s sure about it and if he’s sure I’m sure… Loool

    • Rolfe who? Is this a man who has the powers of Mystic Brad or does he have powers unrivalled by anyone? 😉

      • Ahah… He’s the divine stat man there… He’s the Genius who suggested Noble behind two forwards… Loool

        • Ahh,ok i dont know this wise man.Seems he is a man i could learn alot from with regards to tactics,lol 😉

    • Matte it was a tweet Rolfe was mentioning so its more likely to be a small bird singing a song in the garden ,apologies for the sarcasm in advance..

      • Ahah.. He’s one of My favourites there.. Loool

        • His a very wise man Matte a true statistical genius with the ability of forseeing the future if it wasn’t for him I would still be stuck in the past thinking 4 4 2 is the only formation so my heart felt thanks go out to him.

  48. Official Site is becoming a right bunch of drama queens.Announcements about announcements.That joke ITK that needs his head flushed down the kharsi.Just ****ing make an announcement,we dont need a build up to it like the ****ing Oscars!

    • Haha,yep you have a point.They have started kicking the ar*e out of trying to be dramatic.Think they need to realize many of us just want to read an announcement,not spend 5hrs dribbling down our legs with excitement 😉

  49. I love this peace Here.. I feel Like I’m in Woodstock… Where’s the bong?

  50. I know what the announcement is.It is that someone has written something that Fobyac hasnt disagreed with.That would definately be worthy of the West Ham Site.As well as being a fu*king miracle unlikely to be witnessed by any of us in our lifetimes!! 😀

    • I know it’s a major announcement but FOYBAC not disagreeing is less likely than Andy Carroll playing a whole season,the moon colliding with the sun or the hippo developing a addiction to slim fast and food that doesn’t contain puff pastry and gravy, my self imposed peace is beginning to be stretched…whoosha

  51. I was just heading to San Francisco to wear pretty flowers in my hair when my sarcasm and humour alarms went off. I get back to discover mystics,gurus and experts alike are being mercilessly ridiculed which is harsh as they are such sensitive souls. As John McEnroe used to say you cannot be serious! But serious is all we have time for. Peace & Love Peace & Love lol

  52. Cresswell signs five year deal.Well that was overkill on the site about announcements.Great news but it aint going to have me in orgasmic rapture like the wetpants theatrical group

  53. So in the end the announcement was an accouncement those who for hours speculated what the announcement could be were finally given the announcement but it wasnt the announcement that they thought the announcement was going to be… Guess there mystic powers have disappeared but good news is tomorrow Bradders will be giving us a new announcement

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