West Ham are 21st richest club in the world


deloitteWest Ham are the 21st Richest club in the world.

In it’s 18th edition Deloitte profiles the highest earning clubs in the world in the Football Money League.

1. Real Madrid – £459.5m

2. Manchester United – £433.2m

3. Bayern Munich – £407.7m

4. Barcelona – £405.2m

5. Paris Saint-Germain – £396.5m

6. Manchester City – £346.5m

7. Chelsea – £324.4m

8. Arsenal – £300.5m

9. Liverpool – £255.8m

10. Juventus – £233.6m

11. Borussia Dortmund – £218.7m

12. AC Milan – £208.8m

13. Tottenham – £180.5m

14. Schalke 04 – £178.9m

15. Atletico Madrid – £142.1m

16. Napoli £137.8m

17. Inter Milan – £137.1m

18. Galatasaray – £135.4m

19. Newcastle United – £129.7m

20. Everton £120.5m

21. West Ham United – £105.3m

22. Aston Villa – £101.9m

23. Marseille – £100m

24. Roma – £97.7m

25. Southampton – £97.3

The full report can be downloaded from the link report


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  • mattefumi69 says:

    Good news for West Ham, this is a great growth for the club! As I wrote some days ago, I’m Italian, I live near Milan. My favourite italian football team is AC Milan and I noticed is the 12th richest club in the world, but this doesn’t really matter if there’s no organization and a true leadership. Just look where Milan is ranked in Serie A…. The only team which has a private stadium and a focused investment plan is Juventus. It’s the only Italian club similar to English clubs regarding the organization. That’s why in the last four years Juventus dominate our championship which became boring and unattractive. I wish West Ham a continued economic rise, investing in young talents managed by a young, international and ambitious manager (just the opposite of BFS). In my opinion, this is the only way to win something.

  • bubs says:

    So the Italians hate BFS as well and there used to watching a lot defencive football,
    But they did give us Di Canio who is a god,
    I would still give him ago even though most would disagree,his record at Swindon was good and then he was rushed in to the Sunderland job and had to cope with a load of Man U has been who did not want to buckle down to real training and proper living,
    There that’s my choice BFS OUT and Di Canio IN.

  • eastendexile says:


    You must be joking. PDC was a brilliant player but his man management skills were non existant and he should not be let loose on any PL club.
    I agree BFS era must draw to a close now ,unless he sees the light and realises that playing AC all the time is not the answer as Sakho and Valencia must be given a good go as a pair and not mix and match one with Andy. Yes he has his place as an impact player but not to lead the line as a matter of course.
    But swapping BFS for PDC would be like swapping deck chairs on the Titanic!!

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Unfortunately bubs, Italian football is often considered a defensive football. Serie A lost appeal and there’s no money for great players. Some years ago I watched a film “Hooligans” and then I became interested in West Ham. Today, some years later, I don’t lose a West Ham match on TV and I I feel a real fan. English football style is fantastic, dynamic and the atmosphere of your stadiums is unique. Here in Italy Di Canio is a TV commentator for Premer League games and West Ham is always in his heart.

  • bubs says:

    You did not name BFS replacement as you want the back of him to,
    My other person has know management experience at all Teddy Sheringham,
    Most of the young good managers have got clubs and I personally don’t want another caveman,
    You have to take a risk when you offer newcomers into the job, I think DiCanio and Moyes were both treated badly by there directors,

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