West Ham away ticket demand grows


TicketofficeNo West Ham away game has gone on general sale this season as demand for away games tickets continues to grow.  All away allocations have been sold out this season.

With the exception of one match, all games have been sold out to bondholders and season ticket holders with priority points.

Only Newcastle briefly went on sale for Claret members.  The away game against Spurs is also expected to sell out today to season ticket holders with eight or more priority points.

West Ham Away Games

Manchester United  3,000 allocation   Sold out to season ticket holders with 3 or more priority points

Newcastle United  3,000 allocation   Sold out to Claret Members. Available to all season ticket holders

Cheltenham Town 1.050 allocation  Sold out to season ticket holders with priority points (exact number not published)

Southampton  3,200 allocation   Sold out to season ticket holders with 6 or more priority points

West Brom  2,700 allocation   Sold out to season ticket holders with 6 or more priority points

Burnley 2,550 allocation   Sold out to season ticket holders with 3 or more priority points

Crystal Palace 2,900 allocation   Sold out to season ticket holders with 11 or more priority points

Spurs League Cup 4,800 allocation   About to sell out to season ticket holders with 8 or more priority points

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I think it shows that a review needs to take place on away tickets, it is obviously great that we sell out every match but what about supporters who cannot afford a season ticket or may live a long way from London but want to support the team at matches they can get too, they are being forgotten by the club, I think a small percentage of those away allocations should be reserved for supporters that are registered with the club that they can feel included. Stadiums now should all be bigger to cope with demand that would be one thing, if we had 100k we would probably fill it more often than not.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Anyone else noticed the chat on this site is being used less and less, feels more like an echo chamber than a forum these days, Sean and Hugh I am sure you know the stats and reasons why, I know when I get that are you human rubbish sometimes I skip by without posting because I like it to be easy, also the Ads whilst needed for revenue make the site a nightmare if you connect via your phone and sometimes even on laptops.

      • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

        Totally agree, WHF32. The ads have become a joke – they destroy the site’s usability, and you often end up at the bottom of a page while ad after ad loads up. It also feels like they’re chasing the revenue now, with lots of meaningless airy stories – focusing on quantity rather than quality. I hope they review it, remember why they started the site and get the balance right, because it’ll become a ghost town before long if they’re not careful…

        • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

          Agree with the concern lads ! We need the banter to return as well ! But there’s a few who have been on knocking what people say with what I would call personal comments on their views which will put people off as well ! There’s a few who have been regulars on the site home and abroad who are keeping away who had a great sense of humor as well as serious banter ! Maybe they are waiting in the wings for the football to resume ? Let’s hope so , maybe tippex man has had an effect like quasemodos hump 😂 , but as you say it does appear to have become
          Repetative ? If that’s the word and there’s nothing worse than repeating the view expressed in the clicker before 😉 so it’s down to post or don’t post ! I’m sure they will be back on Saturday ? If we get beat , or if the golden child starts with poppodom up top etc etc 😎

  • Message received lads. I am having sharp words with ad partners. Sometimes we get rogue ads come in as a result of the site’s popularity but it’s not all down to that. Just let me know

    We can do nothing unless we know so don’t talk among yourselves…let us know. Cheers guys

  • I have taken a block of ads off that seem to have been causing the problem. All I have to do now is take off one or two users who seem intent on doing the same.:-) Not u 32

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