West Ham back in Barnes battle

Following reports of Newcastle’s interest in Harvey Barnes, many had all but given up on signing the player. Understandably, the North East club were seen as being in pole position to sign the Leicester winger. Given the Toon’s wealth and Champions League status it’s difficult for most clubs to compete. However it seems that the Irons may be back in the Barnes battle.

The West Ham grapevine had largely given up on Barnes and moved on to other targets. However, news reports late last night appeared to suggest that the deal was far from done. In fact two separate sources seemed to indicate that Eddie Howe’s team were unwilling to bid more than £25 million for Barnes.

Clearly this has nothing to do with an inability to fund the deal. As everyone knows, The Magpies are awash with Saudi oil money and officially the worlds richest club. However, much like ourselves, Newcastle are having to keep one eye on financial fair play.

West Ham are back in the Barnes battle

It should be pointed out that much of this is pure conjecture. Neither Newcastle or West Ham have made a bid for Barnes and the player is very much still for sale. West Ham’s reasons for stalling are well known. Without banking the Declan Rice transfer fee, it appears we have very little money to spend.

Barnes would have a battle for places on his hands

Newcastle’s delay is not quite so evident, but with five quality wide players on their books, their need is not so urgent. Joelinton, Saint-Maximin and Issak have all played on the left for Eddie Howe last season. With that in mind it’s clear to understand why they’d not break the bank for Harvey Barnes.

Whether West Ham are still in for the player is uncertain. However, I feel the story may still have some twists and turns if Leicester want their full valuation.


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5 comments on “West Ham back in Barnes battle

  1. Let’s start signing players , the Rice saga is going on fat too long !

  2. Barnes would end up sitting on the bench at Newcastle and besides is there any player that they do not want??

  3. Here is something I dont understand: If, like Hughie have stated, and history agrees with, the board is willing to spend some cash IF NEEDED; then why can’t they fork out a short-term low-interest loan to purchase players (like Barnes), whilst waiting for the Declan money?

    Unless, of course, the main issue is not liquidity…

    • Cos they wait to be told who is wanted rather than base decisions on media reports Lokfaen

      • Yes, thal makes sense! It is indeed not an issue og getting the Dec money, although that would of course be the best!

        I’m sure there is lots going on behond the curtains (not irony)!

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