West Ham board deliver on Premier League promise

goldsullivanpngWe appear to be days away from one of the most exciting West Ham signings in a long time when Javier Hernandez eventually becomes a Hammer.

After the failed experiment with foreign players such as Simone Zaza and Gokhan Tore the board promised to focus on players with Premier League experience and I think they have been true to their word and have delivered on that promise.

In June West Ham Chairman David Gold told Talk Sport:  “We have tried the route of going overseas to bring in players — that hasn’t worked. We had a very difficult season because players we brought in from Europe didn’t make the grade and we paid the price. We struggled.”

“We were actually flirting for some time with relegation because we couldn’t score goals. That is why we have got to bring in players with Premier League experience and that is what we are working on now. David Sullivan is working day and night in an effort to solve this problem.”

That new revolution started with the signing Robert Snodgrass from Hull City and Jose Fonte from Southampton in January this year. This summer that has been followed Pablo Zabaleta and Joe Hart from Manchester City and hopefully very soon they will be joined both Javier Hernandez formally from Manchester United and Marko Arnautović from Stoke City to complete the transfer window dealings.



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42 comments on “West Ham board deliver on Premier League promise

  1. Top top signing is Hernandez.
    Arnautovic is a decent signing as well.
    Hart and zabaleta are great signings.
    All is on the up for West Ham, let’s hope for a decent finish this season!

  2. Clap clap fair play to the board as well.
    In all fairness they may have messed up sometimes, but they have been loyal and they have been trying.
    They just needed a window like this last season for the first season of the Olympic stadium.

  3. I hope you are not counting our chickens Sean, I am optimistic that you are right but like most football fans we have seen this before where it appears a player is about to sign only at the last minute to sign for somebody else or not sign at all…

  4. Maybe Sean knows more than he is telling us about Arnie & Hernandez 32😉
    I wont believe it until they sign but i think they will.
    I guess if all these signings go through Goldfinger & Nick Nack cant get too much grief about the transfer window.It will stick it up the asses of the ‘we are a shambles,we will only sign loans at the last minute’ panic merchants.
    Guess they have enjoyed getting in a state for the last 3 months.Beats them moaning at ‘er indoors i suppose 😁

  5. If we don’t get Balde as well it will be an utter disaster for me 😉!! I can hear some fans saying that as they will never be satisfied. I looked at this line up earlier and for the first time in a while had a big smile on my face in connection to West Ham- Hart, Zabaletta, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell/Masuaku, Antonio, Kouyate, Lanzini, Obiang, Arnautovic, Hernandez

    • No room for Noble Jman.You will be in trouble for that 😁

    • Well said JMan. With or without the skipper who cares.

    • Sounds like a good team JMan, with Ayew, Feghouli, Cresswell/Masuaku, Adrian, Fonte, Collins, Byram, Noble, Fernandes plus the young players and the two sicknote strikers in reserve, argueably Cullen could get a few outings this season in Noble’s position if he doesn’t go on loan looks like a very strong squad with a lot of options, lets say we do pay £17m for Hernandez and £24m for Arnautovic that leaves quite a bit in reserve for the January window also or to add quality to our u23 squad.

  6. So the transfer fog begins to clear as we get our own little pea – super!

  7. After last summer i would snap your hand off for these four signings.Just goes too show it can be done.

    Really last summer was a one in four or five bad window.We had recruited well in previous summer windows before last year.

    I can guarantee it wont be enough for a few fans but the general consensus amongst my friends when nattering was that we would be more than satisfied to acquire these players and i think that will be the majority view.

  8. Talk about things you’d like to do.
    You gotta have a dream
    if you don’t have a dream
    How you gonna have a dream come true?

    Fair play Sir Sean Wetpants, that might be premature (wet pants?) but let’s do this early (and again when they sign) but if Hernandez and Arnie sign, then that’s a great window when you add Hart and Zabba to the mix. I’d say that’s approaching £50M inc loan and signing on fees. Will there be more? I have a hunch there will be. Maybe Gray from Burnley. Maybe a freebie or a loan.

    Those still moaning need to understand that just because these are not your picks that don’t make them no good. I’d like Messi instead of Hernedaz but guess what? You know it.

    I know I go on but please let’s get behind this fcking team. You never know we might all enjoy supporting them.

    Anyhow, remember this, last summer transfer window was the ONLY ****e transfer window in the past four. Think Payet, Lanzini, Cresswell, Kouyate, Obaing, Ayew(imo!) Reid, Ogboona etc.


  9. Never mind the signings what’s going on with the popcorn issue that has been swept under the carpet 😆😆 I’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear whether butter will replace margarine or sea salt will replace table salt 😀 Cmon DS and DG get your priorities sorted.

  10. I dont know why you bother posting here all you ever do is have a go at everyone and everything Ray.I think you will find most comments state IF we sign them.If you have a problem with the club or board knock yourself out but dont keep taking it out on other people for goodness sake.
    You dont seem too have a good word about anyone or anything and its tedious.

  11. I’m having a pop at the article not anyone reading/commenting. I know I upset you once in the past…but let it go.

  12. I didnt even know you had upset me in the past Ray so nothing to let go.Apoloigises if that dents your important me ego.

    • Only one with the ego seems to be you dictating what I should or shouldn’t be saying.

  13. Mmmm i think you have it bad when you are so concerend about an article on a website Ray.Most people just take it or leave it.Try taking more medication if it gets you so annoyed.

    • Mmmm i think you have it bad when you are so concerend about what a stranger comments on a website Tel.Most people just take it or leave it.Try taking more medication if it gets you so annoyed.

  14. Oh how witty!

  15. Seems you can’t question a blog post any more without upsetting the happy clappers in these parts. But if you want to lap up thinly disguised club propaganda, you’d be better off reading the official website. Sorry if an alternative opinion upsets.

  16. I dont give a shyt what you say Raymond you crack on, but quite frankly i couldnt give a flying whether Sean has his whole face up the boards backsides or not.All i know is IF Goldfinger & Nick Nack deliver on these players then there is little ammunition to shot them with when it comes to the transfer window
    I think most fans would have taken the 4 we might well get back in May.
    Anyway just saying before i get told to take meds as well.I dont need them actually,i self medicate with beer 😁

    • Grow up Ray. Just rejoice in what’s good for West Ham. If this happens good kin’ job, if not there will be someone else. Me? I think Chico and Arnie. Lighten up Ray.

    • Well i was actually saying i dont give a shyte because its your view so go for it as you can say what you want.
      But still seems i am going to get the verbals anyway even if i say go for it your opinion is valid.
      Nice one,you carry on going at everyone if it makes you happy.If you want to sound a total you are doing a top job.
      say what you want,even if someone dont criticise you you will still rip them a new one,well done.

      • Funny though,when Allardyce was in charge we & the site were called anti board with the articles,now its a mouthpiece.
        Someone outside the pink jelly walls needs to make their mind up.

        • Yeah, my bad. You don’t give a shyte…apologies. I didn’t touch a nerve either.

          Interesting the pack mentality here. I make a simple point about the post itself…and rabid PMT Hammerettes get all upset. And somehow I’m the w@nker.

          Fair enough.

        • Ffs how many times do i have to say i was saying say what you want as i think its fine too have a different opinion.
          If you only want to argue go for it,if you want to carry on giving me shyt go for it.It makes no difference too me.
          What dont you understand about ‘i dont give a shyt what you say’.
          Trouble is you took it the wrong way & you aint got the too admit it.You just want too carry on with the verbals.

        • Pack mentality.i think you will find regular contributors to any site tend to stick together when someone starts calling out the site they use or start calling the users daft names.What do you expect.
          Im sure you go back to your regular jelly mould site and do exactly the same once you have had your fun and games here.
          All rather sad.

  17. Well i welcome the articles on here.Do i agree with them all..eerr no.
    Do i feel the need to slag them off…eerr no.
    You are making yourself sound silly Ray.We all support the same club and these hammerette,pink jelly wall comments are with all due respect pathetic and childish.You dont like the site so it makes me draw the conclusion you are just mischief making.Feel free to give me a volley it will be water off a ducks back.

  18. I have seen people post anti/pro comments on here where the board is concerend.Yeah there are arguements but thats from fans who use the site and dont only come on when they want a b1tch at the place.
    One of the wetpants i imagine.They spend all their time blabbering about the owners and this sites articles.

  19. I’ve been here since the early days, before most came along, but seen a certain amount of hyperbole appearing over the last year or so. I don’t apologise for challenging that…we’re all allowed an opinion, but if some want to start getting personal fine, I don’t give a shyte about giving it back…and I given even less of a shyte about upsetting the cliques here. Careful though, using terms like “wet pants” may be considered mischief making and immature too…

  20. Anything happened tonight? Everyone happy 😆😆😆

  21. Sean, sean sean,
    That new revolution started with the signing Robert Snodgrass from Hull City and Jose Fonte from Southampton in January this year. This summer that has been followed Pablo Zabaleta and Joe Hart from Manchester City and hopefully very soon they will be joined both Javier Hernandez formally from Manchester United and Marko Arnautović from Stoke City to complete the transfer window dealings.
    Revolution? you taking the p1ss.
    shoddy, Fonte, start a revolution, you jest surely
    Hart Zab Chico, & Arnie all good but all ageing players as well, i bet not 1 will be with us in 4 seasons time, good window yes, but revolution, don’t think so.
    I’m guessing WHUFC will be pleased reading it though

    • Lmao there’s only one revolution and that’s the one Che Nigel has been trying to start for the past 5 years.

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