Irons centre back linked with Manchester interest

ogbItalian newspaper, Tuttosport reports that both Manchester United and Manchester City have been scouting West Ham’s Angelo Ogbonna with a view to a possible summer bid to strengthen their defences. 

West Ham completed the signing of Juventus centre back Angelo Ogbonna last year for an £8.5million fee on a four-year deal. He made an impressive 34 appearances last season and has been Slaven’s first choice centre back to partner Winston Reid ahead of James Tomkins and James Collins.

Ogbonna recently has told the club’s official website that is he really happy with his first year at the club.

“I’m really happy with my first season in England,” he told whufc.com.

“I’m really happy because I scored against Liverpool and that was an amazing moment for us. We have to be proud about this season and maybe next season we can do better.”



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30 comments on “Irons centre back linked with Manchester interest

  1. Hands off Manchester!

  2. Don’t worry, Italians prefer the tropical climate of London… lol 😉

  3. Youre country men are trying to cause trouble Matte lol.Does Italy have a Mystic Brad 🙂

  4. Matt wouldnt know.He only reads Tuttofiga 😀

    • Hahaha… My subscription to Tuttofiga just ran out Rick… actually I prefer Onlyfiga… lol 🙂

      • Lol,i dont know of this publication Onlyfiga I will have to Google it or look for clips on YouTube.Then I will tell you if I think it’s worth buying on a long term subscription lol 🙂

  5. Haha.. thanks Rick, let me know … 🙂

  6. So where are all the little sh#thead trolls from the weekend.Do they have homework to do now they are back at school 😉

    • They are back at the Queens palace Ty waiting for a Farley’s rusk, some hot milk and a pat on the head. They will be released back into cyberspace after their nap a change of underwear and a burping to give us their pearls of wisdom.

      • Well all they have done is tear the England squad to pieces for ages so what will they make of Sir Geoff Hurst saying it is the most exciting squad since ’66 & Deli Alli is a breath of fresh air.I expect they will put him in his place because they know far more than him,goes without ****ing saying.

        • They’ll be wanting Woy to blow it and waiting for their illustrious pie eating slug to take over after his resounding success at sport aid.

          • Sir Geoff is right Alli is a smashing player & an exciting youngster.I prefer to take my blinkers off TysonM & enjoy watching top talent no matter who they play for.I have never subscribed to the run them down because they play for a different club mentality.As football fans you want to watch the best players & best talent about.Running players down for the sake of it is silly & in most cases the reasoning behind the criticism of the player has no weight behind it anyway.
            That Socceraid match last night was farcical when Allardyce had Defoe in his ranks.I suppose he had to find some way of winning something.

          • Agree Teddy but Henderson is truly ****e and that’s without the blinkers. As for the Dung beetle least said the better.

          • Well yes I am not a big fan of Henderson I must say.There are plenty in the England squad that I don’t rate very highly but someone like Alli excites me & I don’t care who he plays for as a club man.
            Dung beetle lol I have never heard that one before.It seems rather fitting though

  7. They stayed up to long last night TY , they turned to stone at sun up ,
    They were w&nki#g to some mag called onlyfiga ??

  8. I expect their mummys have tucked them up in bed by now on a school day.Load of retards.They are probably under the bed sheets playing with the new app working out who they can be next when they come here to act like w@nkers.

  9. So this is the latest hot off the press story is it.Who will be off somewhere else tomorrow.Cresswell,Antonio,Kouyate lol.

  10. We beat the bin dippers three times last year ,finished above ’em yet they have 5 players in the England squad? How can anyone think that Henderson has done better than Drinkwater. This gives no encouragement whatsoever to players from any team other than what is percieved ,by Woy to be the Top Teams? Give me fu##ing strength. I’ve got to the stage where i am looking for a fabulous performance early just to keep me interested in the Euros. I might just go and be as bad at golf as they are a t football. I dearly hope they prove me totally wrong. Can’t see it though.

    • Main reason for me to watch Euros is for our players in other teams plus our transfer targets I couldn’t give a toss about England anymore we haven’t had a great team since 96 you could say the same about our managers, the more successful and popular they become the quicker the FA ship them out. I suppose there’s always the fun of watching owl face wringing his head in despair as we fail to make it out of the group stage haha

  11. Hiya lads looks like i’ve just joined an elite club been binned by wetpants for disagreeing with the queen mother.

    • Didn’t you know your not allowed to think for yourself then Mooro and that you must tell princess Tena that whatever she says must be met with a thank you or your wonderful?

    • What did u do? I’ve been on more the past few of days and didnt see anyone banned.

      • You really get very busy when it comes to here & Wetlands JustSaying.It is your main source of interest.There was me giving you the benefit of the doubt the other day as well lol.Just fess up you are a wetpant.I have a fair idea which one as well but thats not important 😉

        • Lol, not much is being posted that Im managing to keep up with most of it and didnt see anyone banned.Can u say theres much else to talk about? I’ve been here a few months but who do u think I am onthere?

  12. f**k the national team no West Ham players so I couldn’t give a monkeys come on France

  13. Sod France,there ain’t no way I would support France over England because there are no West Ham players in the England squad.Thats just messed up imo.You should have your passport stamped with ‘Traitor’ lol.
    I don’t think it’s an elite club Mooro but welcome to the club anyway.I am a fully paid up member.Banned after daring to disagree with her & stick up for someone else or maybe it was just coincidence,i dont think!

  14. You lot need sticking in the tower.Both my folks are Scottish but I was raised in London since I was a wee nipper.I will be supporting England in the Euros big time & all you proper Englishmen are jacking them in before the tournaments even started.So much for three lions & patriotism.**** me the jocks are far worse than us historically but at least they dont bin their national team.Certainly not just because there isn’t one of their club players in their national team.Thats pure bolloxs.And yeah for the record my dad hates the fact I count myself as English not Scottish lol but it serves him right for raising me in London from the age of two 😀

    • Agree Ty and I’ll be there on Saturday hoping that we can go on and win it just like I did in Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and South Africa, spent ****ing thousands on England ain’t stopping now but Jordan Henderson is total ****e lol.

  15. Im with you Tyson,i support our national team through thick & thin,it ain’t something I can switch off from.I can’t wait for the tournament to start & get down the pub cheering England on with my buddies.

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