West Ham chief has a month left to sort things


It’s always fun for those of us not involved to play the blame game!

And the lack of a single new face at West Ham is a very good reason for all of us to get involved but we do need a little perspective!

The discussion this season is a repeat of many at West Ham although this time around it is bizarre that we are involved in such a situation.

Those who support the manager will blame the board…those who don’t will blame the him. It’s par for the course but the reality surely is that it should not be happening this time around at all.

There were no complaints from anywhere and one would have assumed that the loss of Declan Rice – on the cards for a year – would have been addressed months ago.

Yet here we are with name after name being mentioned just a few days before the season opens at Bournemouth for the


Reports that we have bid £20 million for James Ward-Prowse may or may not be true but if that is the case it is far too low despite him certainly not being another Rice.

Conor Gallagher has made it clear he won’t be coming to the club as he wants to work under the new manager at Chelsea but we went in allegedly with a £37 million offer which wasn’t a bad starting point.

Harry Maguire doesn’t want to come to the club, nor does Scott McTominay and even if they were to £20 million is enough in the case of the centre back who has no sell on value.

So the conclusion is clear: Both Moyes and David Sullivan have to bear responsibility – the manager for wanting players who, frankly,  aren’t up to it with the possible exception of Gallagher, whilst the money being offered in this years offers is too low anyway!

In the meantime Tim Steidten doesn’t APPEAR to be getting a word in edgeways.

West Ham United – under David Sullivan have a month of the window left to sort this out and it would be very wrong of all of us not to believe there’s much that needs sorting!

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  • West Aussie Hammer 1 says:

    The board have to act now. That is to sack Moyes for no forward thinking or planning, no integration of any Youth players for at least 2 years, with having lost a lot of the dressing room and losing staff with evidence coming out.
    We have been playing backs to wall defensive football will balls kicked up the flanks.
    Yes we won a cup, but they were league one quality for most part.

  • Hammeroo says:

    It’s depressing. Nobody seems to want to join West Ham at the moment. And several players want to leave West Ham. Why? MOYES! Nobody wants to play for the guy. David Sullivan just can’t see the bleedin’ obvious. I wish we could get rid of both Davids!

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    The fact is, nobody wants to come to the club because we are set up to watch football rather than play it. That’s solely down to Moyes. Why would a creative player like Gallagher want to play under an old-school, one-dimensional manager when he could play under a forward-thinking one?

    Players have short careers, and want to play under the guidance of the best possible manager to help enhance their game and opportunities.

    Sadly, that’s not our manager. Only Sullivan can make that change, and he won’t. So it’s another season of struggle for us, and the sooner we get on board with that, the better.

  • Pessimist says:

    Moyes and Newman need to be sacked for trying to circumnavigate the Technical Director. Newman should go because he is surplus to requirements. Moyes is just trying to make problems by insisting only Premier League experienced Players be bought, meaning he gets old Players that he seems to favour. Which means the value of the Team will be next to nothing in another three years.

    The Board has no excuses they must deal with the problem immediately.

  • Clive says:

    As a fan I don’t really care who scouts the players or pays for them as long as we get them but it seems to me that when it comes to the blame game it’s those with the Moyes out agenda who wish to create the Moyes versus Steidten narrative and it’s those with the Moyes out agenda who wish to create the Moyes signings are rubbish Steidten signings would be better narrative. I don’t see why Moyes, Newman, Steidten, Sullivan and anyone else involved in the recruitment department can’t work together as a team. This is a team sport after all. They should all be pulling in the same direction and working towards the same cause.

    • We are simply reporting what we have been told. It’s not about whether we like or dislike the manager. Lea\rn the difference between a report and a blog

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Let’s face it we know we are in for another season of the Moyes way, six back and boot it up front somewhere – at best 30% possession every game. Recruitment is awful again, no young talented players on the horizon. Last year Moyes was obsessed with Lingard, this year it’s W-P and Maguire the awful. The life of Moyes. The fact his coaching staff all melted away says loads, how long will Tim stay?

  • Austrick says:

    Why haven’t WH spent any money?
    According to a Beeb (Klopp) report:
    “The Premier League leads the way with 1.37bn euro spent”

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