West Ham consider Injury-prone 48 goal option …Again!

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West Ham United‘s hunt for a striker has led them again to Newcastle’s Callum Wilson, according to a report by Ben Jacobs on 90min. The Hammers are scouring the market for a goalscorer ahead of the new season, with concerns about the ageing Michail Antonio and a potential Danny Ings exit.

Wilson’s track record is undeniable. Since joining Newcastle in 2020, he’s amassed a respectable tally of 48 goals and 11 assists in 108 appearances. This firepower is exactly what West Ham craves. However, a significant downside exists: injuries. Fitness issues have plagued Wilson throughout his Newcastle career.

With Wilson entering the final year of his contract, Newcastle seems open to parting ways with the 32-year-old striker for a fee between £15-20 million. This price tag makes him an attractive option for West Ham.

The dilemma for West Ham lies in Wilson’s potential as a short-term solution versus a long-term investment. While the price is right, his injury record raises concerns about his reliability. West Ham must decide if the immediate goal threat Wilson offers outweighs the risk of him spending significant time on the sidelines.

The Irons haven’t yet made a formal move for Wilson. Whether they choose to pursue the English striker will depend on their assessment of his injury risk and their desire for a quick attacking fix.

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  • Deathblow says:

    Give it a rest. You know who’ll be behind this if it’s true. The cretinous owner getting all wet over a ‘name’.
    Not a single one on the striker front has turned out ok when he’s playing his football manager game cos he can’t get a hard on.
    If it was free, and a pay as you play, zero bonuses, then it would still be a waste of money and another Wilshire just not as talented. And a big mouth. Imagine him and Antonio dishing the dirt on our dressing room all season – can’t see Jlo putting up with that.

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:


    “£15-20 million. This price tag makes him an attractive option for West Ham.”

    How is £15-20 million an attractive option for an injury prone 32 year old.

    Simon, start a go fund me page and see if you get more than £15-20 pounds donated. Or perhaps you have a spare £15-20 million laying around. Because if you say it fast enough it doesn’t sound a lot.

    • Clint hill says:

      Hardly the young energetic red bull blueprint player we were ment to be signing..I thought the days of signing an ageing injury prone player on stupid wages was long gone..

  • kcockayne says:

    No, 15-20 million is NOT an attractive price tag. It is, in fact way, way over the odds. Even West Ham can do better than this – surely !

  • Ian G says:

    Walk away. The last thing we need is another sickness striker.

  • Kevlar says:

    We don’t want Wilson and another sick note! We want Duran or boniface or David any of the three will do but hopefully two off them !!!

  • Dave says:


  • Bubbles says:

    You’d have to be mental to think this is a good idea

  • Chris M says:

    I can’t believe you’re wasting column inches on this dross. He’s 32, injury prone and asking price is between £15-20m, it’s a no brainer, absolutely NO! We should be looking at young strikers who are developing and Duran fits that profile, if he reaches his potential playing for us, you’re looking at a £75-80m player if we have to sell. That’s what we need to be looking at.

  • Whippethammer says:


  • Bradley crane says:

    Definitely not

  • Ian says:

    Now IF Moyes was still our boss I could sort of understand this link. But not now. You informed us recently that Steidten has full control of our transfer operations. If that’s so, do you honestly think that he would consider Wilson an acceptable addition? 32 and injury prone. No. Dream on. I wouldn’t even want him as a free agent let alone the crazy £15-£20m price tag being talked about. Complete waste of money.

  • Cueball says:

    Laughable (I sincerely hope).

    While we’re at it let’s see if we can get Haller back and give Andy Carroll a deal.

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Gold.plated sick note after a nice contract.

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