West Ham Defend Manager Search After Moyes Exit

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Speaking on The Sports Agents podcast, West Ham director Jack Sullivan has spoken out in response to criticism surrounding the club’s search for a new manager while David Moyes was still in charge.

The appointment of Julen Lopetegui as West Ham‘s new head coach followed the departure of David Moyes at the end of his contract. However, the public pursuit of Lopetegui while Moyes remained manager generated controversy.

Sullivan acknowledges internal regrets about the public nature of the search. He emphasised a preference for a more dignified approach that respects all parties involved.

Sullivan clarified that Moyes left upon the natural expiration of his contract, not through an early termination. He highlights the ownership’s past record of retaining managers whenever possible.

Ruben Amorim, manager of Sporting CP, also apologized to West Ham fans for the timing of his visit to London for talks with the club during Moyes’ time.

Despite the “controversy”, Lopetegui has expressed his ambition to make a significant contribution at West Ham. He has signed a two-year contract with the potential for a third year.

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  • Mark Fletcher says:

    It’ll be a happy day when Sullivan & Brady f#ck off, totally classless and run our club like a fruit & veg stall#boardout

  • danny pullen says:

    Marc I don’t wont a slagging match with fellow supporters but the truth of the matter is that with david moyes leaving his contract on his desk unsigned put the west ham owner’s at risk of having david moyes walking away at the end of the season with no replacment in place bering in mind we have an ageing squad with six to eight players to bring in
    West ham are quite within there rights to identify a perspective replacement and to do due diligence as a long time west ham supporter I would have been very disappointed had that not happened david moyes knew what his intentions were when he realised.that the contract he was being ask to sign had taken away his power of veto
    On bringing in new players which he employed much to the department of the squad so in retrospect I can’t say that the sullivans have been disrespectful towards david moyes.

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