West Ham Dig Their Heels In for Top Target

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West Ham United‘s pursuit of Wolves defender Max Kilman shows no signs of abating, despite a current impasse in negotiations. The Hammers are determined to land their number one target, but a hefty price tag and competition stand in their way.

Talks between the two clubs have reached a standstill. Wolves hold firm on their £45 million valuation, inflated by a 25% sell-on clause owed to Kilman’s former club Maidenhead. West Ham’s attempts to negotiate, with bids reaching £35 million and a player-swap proposal, have been met with rejection.

West Ham manager Julen Lopetegui, previously Kilman’s manager at Wolves, clearly sees him as a crucial addition to the squad. This urgency is fueled by fan frustration with the club’s underwhelming transfer window so far, with only two signings leaving the squad unprepared for the upcoming season.

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano suggests West Ham haven’t given up on Kilman. He warns that Wolves might be waiting for other clubs to join the bidding war, potentially driving up the price even further.

There is pressure on West Ham to act swiftly. Each passing day increases the risk of losing out to potential competitors and further unsettling the fanbase with a stagnant transfer window.

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  • Jeeps says:

    This is no longer of interest.
    Repeat after repeat of same storyline.
    Move on to something reliable.
    If he’s available at end of transfer season, and there’s room for him, make another bid.
    Until then concentrate on players who want to move.
    May not be what JLo wants but need to be realistic.

  • Jimbo says:

    Agree with Jeep. If Wolves won’t budge, and they don’t have to cos he is their player, then move on to other targets who offer value for money. And go with Tim’s model of focusing in on those players who retain a significant resale value at the end of their contracts. Kilman will be a thirty-something if we get him on a 3-4 year deal so £45m seems excessive.

    • JOHN A DAVIES says:

      How is it excessive for a player in his prime, a club captain being touted has a future England International, truth is you are a cheapskate club who “Finks” that everyone has to jump to your demands.
      Enjoy lopetegui the jumper because has soon as a bigger club ( and that won’t take much) come calling he will be gone, he uses clubs has a stepping stone until bigger things come along, we are glad to see him go because his football was terrible, yes he saved us from relegation, had he stayed we would probably have gone down.

  • Mike J says:

    This has all the hallmarks of every other summer window. Waste too much time being tight fisted and lowballing clubs for their best players. Time to knock this one on the head and look at O’Brien and greaves who would cost less combined than Kilman.

    • JOHN A DAVIES says:

      Cost less maybe, but are they as good, kilman missed Dawson and looked terrible and a liability, he was just average towards the end of the season, look how we tailed off and that was down to kilman.

      • Pongo says:

        So your saying kilman isn’t good enough but then you demand 45 million for a 25 million pound player, suggest you stay where you reside and that must be cloud cuckoo land.

  • Paul Davison says:

    Same old story when selling the player is top notch, when buying he is injury prone. Kilman is a very good CH.but far from 45m,35 tops

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