West Ham deny Nobes departure from new job


Stories that West Ham are looking for a sporting director with Mark Noble set yo leave the role are untrue.

This has been reported in various media outlets but according to a key and highly placed West Ham source that is inaccurate.

The reports appear to be confusing the role of sporting director and director of football – a position the club are aiming to fill this summer.

And it now appears that Lee Dykes and Tiago Pinto are the two main candidates on the club’s list of potential role holders.

Our source denied any change in the role of sporting director declaring: “There’s no truth in that at all. Mark is the sporting director and has been at the Portugal training camp with the squad.”

West Ham cult hero Noble came through the academy and was made Sporting Director when he returned to the club in the new year.

Now, however, the website Football Insider has reported that the 36-year-old is set to quit his role, leaving it vacant for a new face to join the behind-the-scenes team in east London. NOT TRUE!

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  • The Cat says:

    It is for THIS reason, that I now avoid the so called daily West Ham news reports, which are usually just opinions which then morph into chinese whispers and finally end up as ITK sources. You can usually tell just by the headlines … “Massive/Big/Huge Blow…..” including ALL of the nailed-on predictions, which ultimately turn out to be nonsense.
    The bottom line is that it is not genuinely about West Ham, but simply online clicks and hits.
    2023 was the year that I stopped reacting to all of this nonsense and foolishness.
    The official website is much more reliable.

    • Thank you. Presumably we don’t do this to earn a few bob for working plenty of hours each day and trying to bring real news whilst correcting incorrect reports! Maybe correcting the Noble rumour was the wrong thing to do

      • The Cat says:

        Sorry if I offended you Hugh, but my observations regarding much of the West Ham news that I read is factually correct. If I was to list the nonsense that I have read, saved or bookmarked, I would probably be here forever.
        But you shouldn’t be offended unless you feel that any of what I said applies to you.
        My post had everything to do with nonsense story put out there regarding Mark Noble but I also highlighted a bigger problem with false news which is put out there for no reason other than to create drama or offend.

        • Not offended Cat. Surprised was all as it was a story we were correcting for the reasons you mention and I have been in the biz so long that I always get stuff checked by two sources and as you know I do talk to highly placed people. We usually make it clear if the story is from elsewhere and thus not OURS. And no I don’t believe it applies to our own stories or us in general. Been in it too long to play fast and loose with stuff 🙂

          • The Cat says:

            I really think you have got it all wrong Hugh and you don’t seem to understand that tmy comment was related to the fact that your site had to CORRECT another false piece of reporting and that false rumours seem (to me) to be commonplace, something which I stand by.

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