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West Ham face a daunting transfer task to compete with ‘big boys’

Simon Leyland explains the daunting transfer task facing West Ham

Let’s face it, our beloved Irons are not a rich club, but more to the point we are not a poor one either.

According to recent financial reports across the Premier League, we are the third best supported club in the country, and according to the last 2021/2022 accounts the Club reported a net profit before tax of £12.3million, a notable improvement of £39.2m from the loss of £26.9m in 2020/21.

On the face of it, cause for optimism?

But sadly, we will never be able to compete with the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and now it appears Newcastle. We (thankfully) are not owned by a Sovereign state or by an oligarch or indeed one of those pernicious Hedge funds.

Trying to be the best of the rest is a tall task, but it is something we should aspire to, and I know we can do it.

It may not be glamorous, but we are potentially in a good place unlike Tottenham, Leeds, Leicester and Southampton.

West Ham the best of the rest? The hammers face a massive transfer task to compete financially. 

With the expected £105 Million on its way to the club coffers once the never ending Declan Rice transfer is completed, which incidentally is longer than a Frank Sinatra farewell tour (ask your Gran); you would have thought we would be looking for some serious marque signings.

Poor trading give Hammers a transfer task

We probably are, but it is difficult to keep track as almost every day, the Irons are being linked with someone or another.

Let us be honest here, our record when we do go large is pretty appalling. That is why the appointment of Tim Steidten will be a good thing. He comes to the London Stadium with a reputation of looking for value and if he feels that the price is not right, he will walk away.

It would be interesting to know how the dynamic is between Steidten and our Supremo, in who has the final say. If it was Moyes, we would no doubt have a team full of defenders !

Nevertheless, we have a very interesting few weeks ahead of us before the close of the Summer transfer window.


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