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West Ham Faces Double Whammy:

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West Ham United‘s troubles surrounding Lucas Paqueta deepen as the midfielder faces not only a potential FA suspension but also a possible lawsuit from the club itself, according to ESPN journalist Joao Castelo-Branco.

The FA has accused Paqueta of deliberately getting booked in four Premier League matches. If found guilty, the Brazilian could face a suspension, jeopardizing his playing career.

Branco suggests that West Ham could sue Paqueta for a breach of contract if he’s suspended. Paqueta’s importance to the team is highlighted, with his absence potentially impacting their performance. David Moyes’ struggles during Paqueta’s injury earlier this year serve as a reminder of his influence.

The ongoing investigation is likely to spill over into the next season, creating uncertainty both on and off the pitch for West Ham.

Despite all the media furore , he does have the right to a fair trial. His emotional response to the accusations suggests his intent to clear his name.

While acknowledging Paqueta’s right to a fair trial, it is still worrying that the FA likely wouldn’t press charges without substantial evidence.

With Paqueta’s response deadline set for June 3rd, the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty. West Ham could face a double blow – losing a key player and facing legal repercussions.

Typical West Ham !

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  • Eddie says:

    How do you prove it? with the way Refs have been getting all sorts wrong who is to say that the bookings were deliberate and they will also have to provide comparisons and considering the arguments on what is and what is not a yellow and why the ref did not issue one when others say they should of is that corruption? are the Refs being investigated?of course not because it is subjective so i find this very hard to see how the FA can prove this without any doubt and the chance of themselves getting sued by the player.

    • Julie Rendell says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Unless there is a communication trail it would be impossible to prove one way or the other.

      I can’t for the life of me understand why betting companies are even allowed to take bets on cards in the first place. Next we’ll be betting on which horse will finish last !

    • Harry says:

      If the FA want to rid corruption from the game they should start with their referees and var

  • Jellied Eel says:

    The key will be strong evidence that links Paqueta to the betters in Brazil. If there is phone or computer evidence, he’s gone. His actions on the field would not need to be ‘proven’. For the FA to go ahead suggests that they think they have some linking evidence.

    • Hammer_Rite says:

      Spot on
      I don’t think the FA would carry on with this charge unless they had strong evidence.

  • Magnum says:

    Innocent until proven guilty that should be paramount in this case but as usual social media has gone wild on the consequences and sentence of being found guilty. From bits I have pieced together the suspect bets appear to be on Lucas and another player in Spain but I haven’t seen anything on the other player and I believe this is driven by our FA because of criticism they have had over Man City etc who believe the 4 bookings in question look very deliberate. Get a grip! I’m sorry but Lucas is a Paul Scholes mark 2 when it comes to tackling and anyone who both studies and bets on games would have him as a favourite to get booked most games in a Moyes tracking back position. The money he earns there is absolutely no reason to do what he has been accused of, so in my view if he says he is innocent we should support him 100% and focus on the positive outcome of him being found not guilty and committing himself to West Ham for the rest of his career as a thank you for the support we have shown him #COYI

  • MartinT says:

    It is interesting-to say the least- to see how this will impact the new Head Coach and the transfer strategy. Without being alarmist I think Lopetegui walked away from Wolves because the money he’d been promised wasn’t forthcoming. If we cannot sell Paqueta to fund the majority of our rebuild- which i assume had already been allocated-where does the money come from to satisfy the Coach AND stay within rules of FFP. I think this could be, sadly, in the wrong way- massive. I hope I’m wrong!

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    The fa must feel they have a good case against Paqueta otherwise they would not have charged him hopefully they have got it wrong but until it’s all settled once and for all we can only guess it seems that it would be impossible for the fa to prove that he was involved in this betting scandal how do you prove he got booked deliberately that would require the referee to be involved as you can never tell what way a referee sees things some will book you for something and another will just wave play on can’t see how that could be determined as cheating unless they know something that we are not being told I can’t see how he can be found guilty let’s hope common sense wins the day

    • Mike Holt says:

      I am of the opinion as some one who has a little flutter on the horses, where favourites are expected to win but lots do not so you try to pick what you hope will do well on the day. So looking at who he will be marked by, you could have an idea that because of how he puts him self about its a fair bet he is going to pick up a few cards.Could be worth a few quid on the right games, does not mean he is a cheat.

  • Mike Usher says:

    He ain’t going nowhere this summer, it bugs me why it takes nearly a year to decide the outcome. I thought it was dead and buried. He is terrible at tackling I would bet on him to get booked and probably get a nice profit every other game. Let’s support him all the way be sad to lose from the world of football he is different class.

  • Teddy Salad says:

    Apparently they had to charge him otherwise his entourage were going to take out legal proceedings against them for ruining his Citeh move, As far as the FA are concerned I think it’s a case of Sunk Cost Fallacy.

  • Mike says:

    With refs getting things so so so wrong it’s impossible to believe that they are right and he’s playing games with var making things worse how can they prove it why can’t they employ x football players who no whats what i just dont get it

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