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West Ham Facing Potential Ownership Change?

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West Ham United‘s ownership saga continues, with agent Jon Smith predicting a possible sale within the next three years. While the current owners remain unpopular with a section of the fanbase, they’ve ensured financial stability for the club.

It appears that more than a few fans crave new ownership, hoping for increased investment. However, there’s a concern that new investors could disrupt the club’s current stability.

Smith, in an interview with Caught Offside, believes a sale is likely within the next 36 months. He cites several factors:

Shifting Power Dynamics: Tim Steidten’s growing influence in transfers might indicate a gradual withdrawal by Sullivan, potentially paving the way for a sale.
Gold’s Share Price on the Rise: The increasing value of the late David Gold’s stake suggests an eventual sale.
Kretinsky’s Change of Course: Daniel Kretinsky, previously interested in buying West Ham, seems to be looking at the Royal Mail instead

Smith views Steidten’s involvement in transfers as a necessary step for West Ham to become a more “modern club” and compete at a higher level.

Who the future buyer might be remains unclear. However, West Ham’s location in London, passionate fanbase, and a great deal on an impressive London Stadium make them an attractive proposition for potential investors.

A new owner could bring significant financial resources and ambition. However, securing the right buyer is crucial for the club’s long-term success.
The coming years could see a significant change in West Ham’s ownership structure. While the current ownership has its drawbacks, a sale presents both potential rewards and risks for the club’s future

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  • Anon says:

    Sooner Sullivan and part time Brady leave the better

    • HammerTrev says:

      Now this time, I really do think that we should be careful what we wish for.

    • Simon Lewis says:

      Maybe we could get some Icelandic investment. Some people who really care about the club ah. Mr. Sullivan and the late Mr. Gold are hammers fans from the heart. They’ve steered a sometimes very rocky path to where we are now. Personally I thank them. Yes they have made some errors as do we all, but mostly they’ve been great for WHU. COYI’s

      • S says:

        Exactly. Big back Egghead, eh?

        People who moan about “the board” really are crazy. Look at Everton or Forest or half the teams in the league who all need to sell this window just to stay out of FFP trouble. We can be buyers and are as stable as we’ve ever been. Yes, the stadium is rubbish but no owner on earth would’ve turned down the deal they got.

  • Peter Elliott says:

    Impressive London stadium ?, it’s not and never will be a football stadium it needs knocking down.

    • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

      I Agree with that assessment. But it’s exactly the reason the club why the club will end up with far richer owners. The land it’s on is ridiculously valuable.

    • Jones says:

      London Stadium is actially a very impressive deal business wise, a basically free taxpayer funded stadium.

      Who else has one?

      Is it fit for football is another matter, and I share an opinion about that with you.

  • D says:

    But we don’t own the ground or the land that it is on from what I know

  • Fred says:

    With all the financial limitations imposed on clubs, there is less chance of mega money buying clubs with a view to buying into Champions League.

  • Kevlar says:

    We need to eventually buy the stadium and redevelop it into a stadium that’s fit for football. Sullivan doesn’t look like selling up anytime soon,and although I would like him to loosen the purse strings.We should be grateful that we have a modern stadium for £4m a year.So let’s get behind Lopetegui and steinden and the rebuild.COYI

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