West Ham Fan Group Unhappy Over Seating

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West Ham United faces criticism from its own supporters’ group, Hammers United (HU), over a new ticketing policy that restricts concessionary season ticket options for young fans, elderly fans (over 66), and young adults (under 21).

HU claims the club has stopped offering concessionary season tickets (discounted tickets) for these groups in “all but a tiny number of seats.”
This effectively pushes these fans towards the back of the stadium with the worst views.

According to reports, only existing concessionary season ticket holders can renew their tickets at discounted rates in the better seating areas (bands one to four).
These discounted renewals are only valid if completed before the end of the renewal period and choosing to relocate to different seats will result in losing the concessionary discount.
The problem is that the discounted seats (bands five and six) are located at the very back of the stadium, making access difficult for those with mobility issues.

Terry Messenger, a member of HU, questioned the accessibility of these seats in the clouds for elderly fans, children, and people with mobility problems.
He expressed concerns about elderly fans struggling with stairs and young children having difficulty seeing the pitch from those sections.

HU’s criticism highlights a potential conflict between maximising revenue and catering to fans who might benefit from discounted tickets. The limited availability of concessionary seats in accessible areas raises questions about the club’s inclusivity.

Not a good look !

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  • Dave says:

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since 84, this has to the worst decision the club has made other than moving into the athletics stadium.
    This is an attack on the young and elderly and if they get away with this believe me you’re next.
    I got turfed out of my seat last year to put more corporate seats in, worse view and it went up anyway.
    These people do not care for the supporters and this proves it.
    They need to know.
    This was our club they’re killing.
    It’s an attack on the older traditional fans and coming to you next.

  • Allen Barber says:

    Have been going to games since 1968 , now i am coming up to 66 and get kicked in the teeth by the directors, thats loyalty returned to the loyal fans who have supported the club through good and mostly bad times ⚒🫧

  • Steve Clarke says:

    Sign the petition, it may not help knowing our board, but if we dont try thats even worse. and then search west ham concessions…….if I wasn’t so old I’d have copied n pasted the link 😉 tho tbh I would have expected this site to!!

  • Kevlar says:

    Sullivan,kretinsky and Brady should be ashamed off themselves for treating the old and vulnerable with blatant contempt! It’s disgraceful that they as wealthy individuals can treat their most loyal customers so poorly! It really does show that they are detached from the real supporters! And to make the older infirmed supporters with medical conditions suffer is inexcusable!!! They need to realize that they’ve made a big mistake with this decision and should act with some compassion now and reverse it !!!!

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