West Ham Fans Anger at Club Cash Grab

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Many match-going West Ham fans are on the cusp of revolt following a recent ticket policy switch by the club. The move could mean that fans who qualify for concession ticket rates may now be forced to watch from inaccessible areas of the stadium or pay full price.

West Ham’s new season ticket policy stipulates that no new concession ticket holders can purchase seats in bands 1-4.

What does that actually mean?

Concession ticket holders tend to be junior or OAP fans and are often the least mobile and most in need of accessible seating. West Ham’s new season ticket policy forces new concession fans to either navigate significant numbers of steep stairs or pay the full adult price for better seating.

It should be noted that the club does a lot for disabled fans. However, many elderly fans are not registered disabled but would still struggle to reach the top of the stadium.

The situation is more detailed and nuanced than described, but suffice it to say, it does not reflect well on a club that promised affordable football.

The London Stadium is a vast structure, and despite excellent transport links, the venue is a long walk from Stratford station. Fans are often shepherded into long queues for stop and search before having to scale two large and steep staircases to access the cheap seats in the top tier.

I am 50 years of age and not unfit, yet it is hard work to attend the games and takes its physical toll.

The back of the stadium is not an easy place to access for the elderly or those with toddlers. The new policy seems excessively cruel, particularly to those who have supported the club the longest.

There have also been reports that current concession ticket holders and even founding members who wish to move seats to a different band have been forced to pay the full adult price, in what seems like a cash grab from the club.

West Ham supporters group Hammers United has released a statement calling on Hammers fans to boycott all club merchandise, including the new home, away, and third kits, boycott all club sponsors, and sign a petition that will be launched on Thursday.

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  • Don Kittredge says:

    Typical Sullivan penny pinching I have had my seat in band 1 since we moved into the stadium. I reach the age of 66 before the start 25/26 I thought I would be classed as a pensioner this year but no I have to wait another year. It seems very unfair as I have some mobility issues.

  • Phillip says:

    I think I’ve said it before, but it does feel like the club are following the crowd in an effort to make more space available for on the day spectators – people who buy matchday tickets for individual games for God alone knows how much, then go and spend a fortune in the club store (you always see them hefting giant bags on match days) and then paying the exorbitant prices for food and drink when they’re inside. They’re probably also the ones that need the words to Bubbles projected on the big screen(!). The club knows they are able to make more from this group than they can from us as season ticket holders. What they can’t grasp is that the likes of Tottenham (as much as it pains me to say) are unlikely to be in danger of relegation any time soon, while we’re still in a place where a couple of bad seasons could see us ending up in the Championship. And where will all those individual matchday people be? Not watching us on a Tuesday night at home to Oxford or Plymouth (no disrespect intended to Oxford or Plymouth).

  • John Farley says:

    I will still buy the new home shirt, when it comes out but I do feel sorry for the other fans, who have to pay full price if they want to switch seats, to another part of the stadium.

  • Iron57 says:

    It’s a policy that reflects very badly on the club, and I really don’t understand why they’d do it. I understand there’s a concern over concession tickets that are little used, and I understand that. But tackle that problem (if it is one). I will fully support any supporter action. Even in business there has to be the notion of empathy. This is an odd sort of action for people that claimed to be the “custodians” of the club.

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Get that money in Sullivan. Wouldn’t be able to give Brady her 2 million a year, for doing what????? About time we had new BRITISH owners. Never happen though. Oh well, more revenue lost through doing what Sunak does, f..K pensioners off 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬⚒️🫧

  • Phil McDonald says:

    If there was ever any doubt, this is no longer a Family or Family-friendly club under the current ownership.

  • Jeff Parry says:

    I’m a 59 year old supporter with Chronic Kidney Disease. I have found it very difficult to attend matches, as I usually end up having to sit about 2/3rds of the way up the stand. If the walk from the station wasn’t tiring enough, then the walk to my seat is a killer. I am now very hesitant to attend games knowing the impact it will have on me.

  • kev says:

    i wanted to move seats for next season but if i do i will lose my over 66 concession.

  • Gary Wild says:

    Absolutely spot on

  • Roy Stables says:

    I have given up my seat, because of 41/2 years of moyes and the walk from the station and people around me who stand all the time. I’m 69 and have supported West Ham for 60 years, the club does not deserve loyal support any more. I just hope relegation doesn’t come any time soon!!

  • Hammeroo says:

    It’s sad to read of David Sullivan’s apparent contempt for seniors and pensioners who have followed the club loyally for years. And how old is Sullivan himself? He should show a bit more empathy but perhaps it’s hard to do that from his ivory tower.

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