West Ham hissy fit following HOTY award

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The partner of a West Ham player who missed out on Hammer of the Year had something of a fit after Jarrod Bowen claimed the award. Marion Areola, wife of West Ham goalkeeper Alphonse Areola, expressed her frustration on social media. Responding to her husband’s “Save of the Season,” she suggested a bias, saying, “We all know why” the West Ham keeper wasn’t named Player of the Season.

Ahead of West Ham’s Premier League game against Luton Town, she wrote, “Save of the season, ok, but it should have been Player of the Year. It won’t happen, and we all know why.”

Perhaps Mrs. Areola was hinting at some conspiracy, but since the award is voted for by Hammers fans, it’s clearly directed at the supporters.

Although Areola has performed well this season, with the club conceding a record number of goals, it was always going to be difficult for a defender or goalkeeper to win the award this year.

Jarrod Bowen is a deserving winner, and Mrs. Areola’s comments are unhelpful for team morale, leaving the goalkeeper with some explaining to do. It’s unlikely that Julen Lopetegui will appreciate his goalkeeper’s wife diminishing his top scorer’s achievement.

I’m sure it will all get sorted out eventually but the lap of honour must have been interesting with family members allowed onto the pitch after the game.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    Easily fixed. Just make a new award for ‘Goalkeeper Of The Year’. Areola will win it (I think)!

  • Wayne says:

    Aerola had a decent season but Bowen was our player of the season by a country mile. NOBODY came close, not even Aerola.

  • Danielson79 says:

    I personally though for consistency Emerson had a chance but you cannot deny Jarrod Bowen is phenomenal!

    • Jack says:

      I agree I voted for Emerson but I cannot understand anyone denying that Bowen did not earn the reward.
      WAGs should keep their views on such matters privateI.

  • Sensible says:

    “We all know why” she said.

    Do we??? I would love for her to spell it out for me as I haven’t a clue.

  • Ian Salisbury says:

    It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt

  • Breville says:

    We all have women in our lives that do stuff like this and as men we just wonder why….

  • Tim says:

    Engage brain before opening gob

  • Paul says:

    She’s French 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Mr Areola says:

    We all know why…Bowen deserved it

  • Mik says:

    Areola has been outstanding this season , but Bowen and Kudus are a country mile ahead for HOTY.. what is Mrs Areola alluding to? Because I’m pretty sure we don’t all know why.

  • Steve says:

    Bowen is west ham through and through ! Areola was not even playing a handful of games (and he was exceptional this year )
    But it’s Bowen forever blowing bubbles COYI ⚒️

  • Mike MacGregor says:

    Fab , Green , Hislop , Ludo , Parkes and all the way back to that rarity a good Scottish keeper Lawrie Leslie fellow Hammers have recognised excellence in goalies!!!

    • Benny The Aussie says:

      Great point, Bowen was great this year and say followed by Emerson.
      She was eluding to I think, what the Western world is being tarnished with, which is getting tiresome

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