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West Ham is not for sale!

West Ham United is not for sale! SIMPLE

Claret and Hugh understand that majority shareholders David Sullivan and David Gold have no intention of selling their shares to Pai Capital under any circumstances as they do not think it would be for the good of the club and its supporters.

PAI Capital released a statement today saying they had entered talks with the LLDC for a long lease of the London Stadium and wider Olympic Park but a condition of any potential lease relies on buying a controlling interest of West Ham United.

We understand that the club remains reluctant to release its own statement as it would only give more oxygen to the takeover move played out in the media and would prefer to remain silent for now.

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Club sources insist no proof of funds were provided at the time of their last approach some months ago and there has been no direct contact since.

Even if proof of funds were provided the owners would reject any formal offer for the club as they consider this approach a property motivated deal.

Given the emphasis of the Pai statement is all about getting hold of the stadium and the park that seems to confirm what David Sullivan himself said on Day One of this affair.

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

21 comments on “West Ham is not for sale!

  1. GSB out.

    • “ like Sullivan said since day one” 😂 like he’s the person to trust here . I’m sure if pai capital offered 700 million Sullivan would take it . None of this care about the club boll***s .

  2. surprise surprise

  3. Please, anyone, explain to me why West Ham have such difficulty in signing new players, when other clubs have no problems. I presume this window is because of lack of funds (which doesn’t seem to affect other clubs), is it because GSB are so disliked, is it because GSB have no interest in the club and have no ambition, is it because we don’t have our own ground, is it because the continual flow of lies spouted by GSB. Whatever the reason someone needs to put it right and thats not GSB?

    • Just need to look at Sullivan Steve, if it isn’t a loan to buy then it’s an insulting low ball offer or on the never never.GSB are a prime example of how not to run a club, they screwed Birmingham and doing a good job of taking us backwards.

      • You still didn’t answer my point, which you clearly have read. Does it not suit your rhetoric? Here it is again… “6th place, solid acquisitions in the last 18 months and in Europe. Explain to me what backwards means to you”

  4. Gold and Sullivan wanted Birmingham Council to build them a stadium…council refused, the owners sold up soon after and sold to a criminal.

    The press conference announcing their takeover of West Ham, it was all about getting the Olympic Stadium.

    It was a property deal for them!

  5. GSB are not good for this club and we are a far poorer club under their tenureship, sooner they are gone the better.

  6. Rumours are going around that we are interested in Vestergard now because he is a cheaper option than milenkovic – if this is true this is the reason these owners needs to get out of the club. Purchases are made based on football decision, Milenkovic is a top CB, he is 23 and has a serious resale value in the future,Vestigard who i much prefer over Zouma is 29 but has no resale value. If the owners are making bids based on what they can afford then they need to go. The next few weeks will tell all – I have still some hope left.

    • 29 and no resale value? What, like Danny Ings you mean? Strange how yesterday you were creating because we hadn’t bought Ings. Double standards again.

  7. The PAI Capital statement is a lot of froth. It offers no vision or promise of getting to the next level; improving our standing in the transfer market to regularly be a top six side. They just talk about the public’s experience of moving from station to seat without enjoying the park. They’re just buttering-up the local council.

  8. I am not one of the traditional GSB out they did save the club when it mattered. However the lack of signings, low ball offerers and not backing Moyes is not good for our club . I’m not sure if this mob are the right ones to sell to. However if a serious buyer can be found I think it’s time for them to sell up. As long as the investment is in the team and facilities . Ok it’s a business too but sell up for the good of the club ⚒

  9. Sean, slightly misleading article. PAI do not have a potential agreement for the stadium AND the park. It is solely the stadium. Lyn Garner, Chief executive of LLDC has made the following statement “We have been approached by PAI Capital who we understand are putting together a serious offer to purchase the controlling interest at West Ham United. On this basis we have entered into discussions with PAI Capital on a set of principles that, if adopted, would see PAI Capital owning the stadium on a long leasehold should they reach agreement with the current owners of West Ham United and take a controlling interest in the club. LLDC has always been open to discussions with potentially interested parties, including the current owners of West Ham United, as well as any credible possible investors into the Park, and this remains the case.”
    An odd use of “owning” when it would still be a long lease which the club already has. All PAI and Lyn Garner’s statements say to me is that PAI will have a long lease (club already has 99 year lease) probably on about the same terms as the club has today. No mention of any agreement on the wider Park.

  10. “ David Sullivan and David Gold have no intention of selling their shares to Pai Capital under any circumstances as they do not think it would be for the good of the club and its supporters”

    You can’t even see the irony, yet this site constantly digs people out for one eyed views

    Good for a laugh, though

  11. The way I see it
    The biscuit man wasted the Iceland bankers money the likes of Luis bois morte ,Kieran dyer etc THEN mortgaged Boleyn up to the hilt so we never had a ground when Sullivan and co came in.
    Terry Brown was going to go for Olympic stadium years prior GSB coming in its business!
    We have just finished 6th(didn’t have legs for 4th) which is good for us, only times I recall 6th early 70s, 3rd in 86, 5th 99, were mainly low to mid table normally ie:- we play Millwall every 10/12 years on average.
    YesSullivan and co lied or exaggerated with retractable seating and sightlines way off the mark, and don’t seem to have the debt reduced because of perhaps sticking his nose in transfer deals (how many strikers they bought) and then getting Pellagrini and Co to get us in more arrears.
    However I would hold fire with this consortium going public telling us what they are going and not going to do, reminds of Mr Michael Knighton a Carlisle Utd director when he went the pitch at Old Trafford with a array of ball juggling to impress the United fans with his proposed take-over.
    That never got the ground and I fear PAI Capital won’t either.

  12. So a hostile takeover? Sell the commodities (ie: players) to recoup the investment , allow the club to drift into oblivion and find a renter willing to pay more.
    There’s a plan!

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