West Ham kit leaked

Sorry it is the end of weary end season so we couldn’t help but share this picture which made us laugh when we saw it under the caption ‘West Ham kit leaked’

Some have suggested it is James Collins modelling it with pink socks.




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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

30 comments on “West Ham kit leaked

  1. Haha,love it.Great look 😉

  2. Its not Barking Beefburger when he came over for the match is it.He has a bit of a lederhosen look going on!!lol,Only Joking H 😀

  3. Where were you going on holiday Sean,
    I hope Nolan leads the team out to morrow looking like that,

  4. Ahah… Not many men can pull off that look. Sam is one of those.

  5. You stopped taking your tablets Hugh?

  6. Ahah… On the other site everyone agrees on tomorrow’s result: 3-1 Irons. They won me over, I bet everything I have on that result: Nolan (10′), Nolan (26′), Nolan (53′) – OG Nolan (74′). Referee: Carroll. lol

  7. Look at the cap and the cord holding the glasSes on – plus the braces Looooooooooooool Oh God SO FUNNY

  8. Ahaha… This is the perfect look of the true fans… Lol

  9. Oi Tyson, easy now! Let me assure I am half as old and twice as heavy as the geezer on that pic!

  10. Lmao,thats what you got love about Germans,their great sense of humour & ability to take a harmless joke,lol

  11. I am just as old and 3,times the size Hamburg but I like the braces just not with the shorts,
    Matte I will have a tenner on 1-3 Nolan to score 3 OGs and Adrien to score our goal in the 95 min going up for a corner,
    We get 7 yellow cards and 2 red ones and miss out on Europe by 1 point
    BFS tell us we were lucky to escape not having to play in Europe
    Thanks Houdini
    Sorry I said thanks ( I would like to retract that )

    • Ahah… 3 og of Little Kev no, please… it will be the last day of his dad on our bench, his last chewing gum, his last nap… Lol

  12. According to foreign sources us Germans have no hunour at all. Yes, we do laugh occasionally. But only at specially designated times. Not in public. And preferably in a room on our own with the doors locked. There are very rare exceptions obviously…

    • Haha,funny H,well let me tell you,i worked in Holland bricklaying for about 3 yrs,there wasnt a day went by when the locals brickies didnt ask me where my bowler hat & briefcase was.Oh & ofc my umbrella.I thought it was fantastic,great fun,nothing to get ****ed off about 😀

    • Are all Germans like that bird on ITV4 German Football Highlights?? Reminds me of the wally with the brolly in Holland….. i cant help but laugh at her… lol

  13. What a load of utter boll@cks. Claret & Hugh, the comedians of the West Ham United cyberspace. I prefer BFS taking them p!ss out of us by talking cr@p.

  14. Another lunatic escaped the asylum.Must of been on the brave juice tonight,either that or he is just full of sh*t..

  15. Life is very serious lads,you must remember this.No time to have a bit of banter.Concentrate on the deadly serious issue of The Irons.It is the only thing that should occupy your waking thoughts.Too many miserable ********s on forums.When has supporting West Ham suddenly become so serious ffs!!!

  16. Ahaha… Ehi Doughball… Did you born dic*head or did you have to cultivate it? Lol

  17. Is the problem with the internet im afraid 66.Is all too easy to push a few keys on a laptop & say what ever rubbish you want,clear in the safety of knowing it has no comebacks.I find it all pretty pathetic actually.Banters is great but idiots do idiot things,thats life.Forrest Gumps take over web.Back in my day it was done face to face & you just mullered the *******s,llol 😉

  18. Just a melt from another site anyway.I think it is a funny pic actually 😉

  19. Glad i aint the only one then Ray,i was only thinking the other day since when has supporting west ham suddenly become such a serious deal.Go to the pub or games everyone has the crack,come on a forum & everyone is expected to behave like bloody politicians discussing a nuclear war.Its ridiculous,takes the fun out of being on the forums theses days!

  20. Totally agree mate.I use my sons account to log on here,but its getting to the stage where you cant even have some banter without some two bob bit pitching up from somewhere else to spill a load of **** on the article,either to be the big hard man or cause a ruck.Ffs,what a brave f*cker they are to do that sat behind a screen.Bunch of mugs 😉

  21. Yes Usain, I’ve always said as many Here that football isn’t a matter of life and death. I Like this site because you can have a bit fun… But every once in a while some idiot pops up out of nowhere saying that football is the most important and serious thing of the world…. Lol… Well temporary fool, tell that to all the kids that are starving in Africa… Pfff… Poor little man…

  22. Some people have no perspectives in life,they dont give a damn about important things but get all sh*tty on a forum about a picture & some chat.Sad folk about in life im afraid to say.Get all their priorities mixed up.**** ’em lads!!

  23. This is far too serious a conversation,remember you are rabid moronic dogs.You are not ment to have the brain cells to enter into heavy duty discussions.Well so i read somewhere anyway 😀

  24. You can see where it’s ‘leaked’ from

  25. I agree totally Stingray in the day people like Doughboy were the ones that saw a Millwall scarf and stand and pics thereselves then run as fat as they could then tell there mates in the pub that night how they stood toe to toe to defend there turf,
    Not saying those days should come back but these people are gutless,
    But thay are happy sitting with mummy and Daddy every week clapping BFS as he lays there chewing,
    Where have there self pride gone defending this gutless manager with delusional views,
    Hope none of you have to sit next to the Doughboy family today
    That was probably his dad filling up on the way to the game I could imagine the doughboys in a Kia with Dick on board on the back window
    Just talking crp doughboy

  26. No fun allowed!No banter!No chatting like mates! This is the new breed ‘Weast Ham Way’ fans.Serious,serious,serious only,thankyou!! 😀

  27. F*ck them Nolan.Aint know mug coming here going to stop me having some banter with me fellow Irons supporters.If they dont like it they can jog on somewhere else.Maybe they can take Sam with them.Im sure the whole ground will be singing Allardyces name today because we want him to stay & know the board are making a fatal error.Thats what normally happens when fans want to keep the boss but the board dont.Ok,i was having a horrible nightmare where 34k of fans were all united singing his name,ofc it wont happen,lol 😉

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