West Ham legend returns as coach

dicksbilicWest Ham legend Julian Dicks has joined Slaven Bilic’s backroom team.

WHUFC.com revealed “West Ham United are delighted to announce that Julian Dicks has joined Slaven Bilic’s backroom staff as a full-time coaching assistant.The Hammers legend started his new role at Chadwell Heath on Monday morning and will join a group of senior players heading to the Club’s pre-season training camp in Ireland on Tuesday.”

The 46-year-old told whufc.com he cannot wait to join forces with former Hammers teammate Bilic and start work with the Club’s first-team squad on a daily basis.

“To be joining the first-team coaching staff at my Club is fantastic news for me,” the four-time Hammer of the Year began. “I was with the Ladies last year and I thoroughly enjoyed that, but to get the opportunity to work with Slaven, his coaching staff and the first-team players is a dream come true.

“This is a Premier League club with some very good players already in the squad and some more very good players set to come in this summer. It is exciting times for me and exciting times for West Ham.

“I met up with Slaven last week and, although we had not met in person for a few years, it was like we had never been apart. We had a hug and a kiss and sat down and talked all about West Ham and all about football.

“We had a great relationship when we played together in the same team here and I am sure we will work well together again as manager and coach.”



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35 comments on “West Ham legend returns as coach

  1. Get in there my son.Happy days,love it 😀

  2. What a magic move.

    This will be brilliant for Cresswell

    • Good point DG,can only help him improve his defending,which certainly needs some improvement.Dicksy will sort him out 😉

  3. Lol,we are going to have some hard looking b*stards on the touchline this coming season.Bet Mourinho,Wenger & the rest will think twice before starting a row 😉

  4. I think that a “BIG” thank you should go out to the two David`s, for what they have achieved so far and hopefully achieve in the future! Let`s hope that we can now see some attractive football being played at our beloved club, with results following.


  5. This just gets better and better,all I need now is Frankie Mc back as morale and team bonding guru and it’d be perfect,the way things are going even that wouldn’t surprise me lol

  6. He did a good job with the Ladies team so he’s obviously got a bit of coaching skill.

    I’ve got no problem with former players returning to the coaching staff as long as they can actually coach.

  7. Great choice,
    Now who is willing to take the job with the ladies and prove they want to be part of our club
    No not you Matte

  8. Blimey,doesnt take long for some people to find reasons to p*ss on this appointment.Some on another unmentionable site already having a moan up about it.F*ck me he has come in as a coach,he aint manager or going to be running the finances of the club.Really dont get why some folk have to take things so seriously like it is life or death,lol

    • Hmm when I saw his appointment I went straight out for a full medical just to be on the safe side lol

    • I haven’t seen anyone moan anywhere to be honest, I think this is one appointment that 100% of fans will back.

      • Well i use many sites,without rakeing up old ground i have seen a few on whtid complaining about it.A lady was in particular.Even i can read & be correct sometimes,though my wife would disagree i suspect,lol

        • Yeah I read that too, but in fairness I don’t think she was complaining about the appointment, it was more to do with how the ladies team are treated.

          • Dont mess with Iron Liddy,she holds the keys to the drawbridge of Fortress Wetpants,if you disagree with her you might as well voluntarily walk to the guillotine & pull the switch yourself,lol.Thats if her minnions dont get you first,lol.Im joking btw before i get abuse from the sensitive folk on here who has banned such banter 😉

          • Rule No.1 in life.Never disagree with a lady unless you are willing to take the heat 😉

  9. I’ve seen a couple pass it off as purely PR,others not keen and the lady for feeling it undermines the ladies team to which she may have a point but I remain 100% happy about it.

  10. Ok he is leaving the womens team,but lets be honest here,which one of us would turn down a position coaching the mens team to remain with the womens team,apart from Matte of course,lol.He is a feel good factor appointment maybe,but im sure he will bring more than that.But if people aint happy good luck to them.I am pleased about it 😉

  11. What an appalling decision. Dicks told Frank Lampard senior to F*** off during a training session and Harry said, in his book, that Dicks just didn’t want to train. What an example to our younger players. Might as well bring Jimmy Greaves back to teach the youngsters how to drink alcohol.

  12. Thanks for that Victor Meldrew.Im sure he was the first & last player ever to tell a coach to **** off.I have told many of my managers to **** off.I still have a beer with them in the evening though.

    • Haha Spoonie you have the same work ethic as me,I wouldn’t drink with most of them though lol

  13. So because someone does something 20 or so years ago that’s their lot? Slav smoked and still does do we get shot as a bad influence maybe? Our owners made fortunes from an industry that many find distasteful should they leave? I bet everyone connected to the club has done something that others would see as wrong,immoral and even criminal so maybe we should just shut up shop.
    I loved Dicksy as a player and if he can pass on his spirit and determination to the players then excellent. My only regret was that he didn’t tell Harry to f@ck off lol

  14. My semtiments exactly Quick.Just thinking the same.Is a man not allowed to learn from his mistakes in life or do foolish things in his younger years.I must be a bad man still then if i shall remain forever unforgiven for past misdemeanours,lol

    • Haha yep we all have to learn otherwise we’d still be wearing nappies and……no I must resist the urge,peace & love,peace & love lol

  15. THink that should be Silly Oldgit, what a banker

  16. ahah.. now his position is available, I think it’s my turn now… I have studied the womens team very carefully… lol

  17. Much talent? ha ha

  18. Matte I have heard from the many psychics,mystics and gurus that your name is in the frame but fans favourite Frank McAvennie is strongly tipped to take over the figa….I mean ladies team lol

  19. I am familiar with Frank, we worked out a little deal of our own… he voluntarily stepped down… lol

  20. Matte in charge of the womens team would be like putting a fox in a chicken coop,lol,i bet the first thing he does is bring back one of the old school big baths for them to get in post match 😉

    • ahaha… that’s for sure Bing… I would be very particular about my players… lol

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